Natural Remedies for Chronic Viruses

Posted by Renee (NC) on 08/11/2023

Thanks to all the good people who posted about using BHT for Covid. And I thank God for helping me find this remedy and already having it on hand, just in case. I got Covid about 6-7 days ago. I tried all my usual virus remedies, but I just kept getting worse. I finally came across the BHT info but, in the fog of Covid, I didn't realize how much I might need to take. So a couple of days with about 2 or 3 180mg doses, and I was still feeling miserable. I would get a little relief, but then the virus would pick up steam again and get worse. Then I started getting unrelenting kidney pain on both sides. I was getting scared at this point. I remembered reading somewhere here that someone took 900mg and kidney pain subsided. Prayed and kept taking it until finally the kidney pain just stopped. It took about 6 doses or 1080mg-- but some of these doses were taken with oil, so they weren't very effective. It does work better without oil (thanks to those who explained this). All doses were taken on an empty stomach. I opened the capsules and put it right on my tongue. Tonight, I still have a lingering headache, slight sore throat, some sinus congestion, and my fever came down from 101.5 to 99.5. I will continue with the BHT until I'm 100% and then I will be taking milk thistle every day for awhile to make sure my liver is fine.

I also took 2 Quercetin and 2 Zinc 30mg each today, and I inhaled diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide a few times a day throughout. But BHT was what seemed to pull me out of this.

I'm wondering how far apart I need to take milk thistle from BHT. Is several hours apart sufficient?