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Flowers of Sulfur

Posted by Don (Az) on 07/03/2021

I contracted Valley Fever in 2002 and I was sick, (mostly like pneumonia, but it wasn't), for 2 years. My doctor kept prescribing me penicillin, but it never worked for very long. Finally, he decided to test me for V.F. This came back positive and his cure was a med that he himself said he wouldn't advise.

I then began to search the internet for a cure and I came across a website from a pharmacist from Bakersfield, Ca. He was retired, but back in the 40's, 50's, 60's, he had a lot of people asking him for a cure of which he had none. He finally took the time to look into it, and knowing that it was a fungus, he figured that since they use sulfur on plants to kill fungus, why wouldn't it work on humans.

Well, the fungus they use on plants is poisonous to humans, but there is a type of sulfur that humans CAN digest. He figured out a dosage for it and began to give it to his customers. He had great success!

I decided to see if I could obtain some, and I found that all the pharmacies had removed it from their shelves. I finally went to the web and found some. That was about 2004. It is called "Flowers of sulfur". I bought a bottle, it was about 32oz of dry powder. Then I bought some large gel capsules. (I don't remember the size but they were approximately 3/4" long and 1/4" in diameter.)

This whole buying spree cost me about $15.00. The Flowers of Sulfur is probably a bit more expensive if it's still available. (I believe that "big pharma" may have played a part in getting it removed from stores because it's cheap and it works! I only used 1/4 of that bottle and still have the remainder. The pharmacist died a while back, and his son took over the web-site. The last time I looked for it, His son had a warning on it that he had been strongly advised to stop giving out this remedy and the dosage, so it was unavailable anymore. Gotta love those Pharms! )

I don't remember the exact dosage, but I believe that I took 3 capsules of flower of sulfur twice a day until I had consumed 60 capsules. That was the last time I had any symptoms! There were no side effects, except some people have a little trouble with gas. Also, this is not to be used by anyone that is allergic to sulfur!

One other thing that I know...This fungus is in the dirt of arid areas of the Southwest. The fungus gets in your lungs and then, in some people, it will begin to grow in the lungs. I contracted it while I was stuccoing a new house in Scottsdale, Az, because the workers had been driving their trucks over the dirt for weeks, and the contractor wasn't wetting the ground down periodically. It was like 4" deep moon-dust flying through the air! Within a few days, I was sick...but no more!