Tuberculosis Remedies

| Modified on Aug 22, 2018
Tuberculosis of the Lungs
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra) on 08/16/2016 189 posts

Hi Bill/ Any body can give the feed back on Lung TB

Need your opinion and guidance in connection with Tuberculosis of the lungs. Around 79 yrs old man has been diagnosed with TB of the lungs and during the CT Scan of the chest also found fluid in the lungs. Reading under Tuberculosis garlic oil is suggested, but is not clear whether it is to be taken internally or it is to be rubbed on the chest. Also can DMSO and Lugol iodine be of any help or any other protocol you would like to suggest. Thanks


Tuberculosis of the Lungs
Posted by M (Ny) on 01/12/2017

Hi, I was wondering what is the best way to get rid of the tb bacteria in your body? A few days ago I tested positive and thought maybe black seed or oregano oil would be the best for this. But how much should I take and can I take the two together 50/50? Thank you so much.

Tuberculosis of the Lungs
Posted by Theresa (Ca) on 07/01/2017

Studies show 10,000 iu's of vitamin D has a 100% cure rate for TB.

Tuberculosis of the Lungs
Posted by John (Ca) on 08/21/2018

Mama to Many,

What's the correct dosage for oregano oil and garlic? Thanks.