Food Addiction Remedies

| Modified on Jul 06, 2018
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Just like an addiction to drugs, food addictions are very real and difficult to cure. The consumption of food creates glucose spike and a chemical reaction, which stimulates the "feel good" section of the brain. A food addiction builds on itself, resulting in the need to eat more to satisfy the body with each food binge.

When a person is addicted to food, they tend to eat quickly or frantically and overeat to the point that they are uncomfortably past feeling full. Some who are addicted to food will not overeat in one meal, but they will graze continuously throughout the day. That makes calories add up very quickly. Food addiction can lead to obesity, but not all those who are overweight or obese have a food addiction.

Food Addiction Remedies

Again, like any other addiction, there are food addiction cures. Drinking plenty of no-calorie beverages throughout the day will help knock the need to eat. One or two glasses of cold water before any meal or snack helps the body feel full more quickly. That will create a weaning effect that will teach the brain to be happy with less food again. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is ideal, but black coffee or unsweetened herbal tea are low-calorie alternatives to sugar-filled soda pop or juice.

Eating protein with every meal or snack helps balance glucose levels to keep the chemicals in the brain balanced. Combine that technique with only eating during an eight-hour period every day, and freedom from food addiction will come quickly.

Continue reading to learn which remedies helped our readers with their various food addictions.

8-Hour Window

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Posted by Stephanie (Napa Valley, Ca) on 10/10/2013

Cure Food Addiction/Compulsive Overeating

8-Hour Window

Good news, there's an easy fix! The easiest way to cure Food Addiction is to create an 8-hour window each day in which to eat. This is much easier than it sounds, as you will see when you try it. The problem with eating often is, each time you eat, your body responds with spikes in glucose, requesting more spikes in glucose, becoming a cyclical hunger signal, making you want to eat more, creating the cycle characterized as "food addiction" or "compulsive over-eating".

The key is getting back in touch with your body's natural rhythms and ability to burn fat, which is what your body will do quickly, by just following a few simple guidelines.

If you are eating in a constant state, your body will be forced to remain in a constant state of digestion, and never burn fat. The feeling of burning fat is what your body and brain are missing out on, which is the most energizing and calming feeling your body can experience in a sedentary state. This can be done easily every day, by putting off your first meal of the day, and eating your last meal as early as possible, thus, the 8-hour eating window.

The 11am-7pm timeframe is the best way to do this. If you can eat dinner before 7pm each night, and hold off on eating breakfast until 10:30 or 11am, you will allow your body to flow into a state of "autophagy", which means "eating itself", referring to burning stored fat for energy. If you have never tried this, you will be shocked within a few days at how much better you feel by letting your body "catch up" with the extra calories you have consumed over the years, and the weight will start falling off almost instantaneously.

Try to eat at least 3 meals in the 8-hour period. And if you want to lose weight, in addition to feeling amazing, just calculate calories by multiplying 10 x (your weight). So if your weight is 200lb, you would eat 2, 000 calories, if you weigh 160, it would be 1600 calories, etc. By the way, mental clarity is another side-effect of eating within an 8-hour window, so get ready to solve all your problems!

The key is to drink non-calorie beverages and water outside of the 8-hour window. Black coffee, blueberry iced-tea(unsweetened), and enjoy 3-5 glasses of water to keep the engine runnin' and help your system continue to burn stored fat.

Remember, no matter what shape your body is in, your body is INCREDIBLE. It is aslo the most valuabe instrument you will ever own, and if you just tweak a few things in your eating patterns, you will see just how quickly your body will respond to curing itself.

Remember to enjoy yourself while you cure yourself-- feel free to have ice cream during your 8-hour window, this is not a diet, it's an awesome lifestyle that will change your life forever!

Side note: If you decide to try this, DON'T tell anyone (other than your doctor). Believe it or not, people will try to sabotage you (maybe even the person sitting next to you right now), so keep this as a gift for yourself. Make something up like "I don't feel good" or "I'm just don't feel like it" if people start harrassing you to eat. Then go do something nice for yourself like take a bath, or listen to favorite music, or go on a bike ride, but DON'T explain yourself to ANYONE. (Learning that you don't need to "explain yourself" to someone is another amazing gift for you! ) If people ask why, "I don't know" is always a good, easy, vague response. Either way, you need to fire your eating partner, even if it's just you.

P.S. I lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks with this, and I still ate plenty of ice cream!

Replied by Amanda

Yes the 8 hour eating window works. I started losing weight Oct 14, 2013. I started with eating around 80 bites a day, then went to 8 hour eating windrow and 3 meals a day. The weight started melting off of me. Then I went to a 5 hour eating window for several weeks . As of today Feb 9, 2014 I have lost 65.4 lbs in almost 17 weeks! From 218.2 lbs To 152.8 lbs. 5 feet 6 inch female 31 years old! I counted my bites instead of calories! I hope to return to an 8 hour eating window tommarow God willing! I was very addicted to food and the eating window helps keep one on track better and its good for your health too!!

Replied by Hermiticwonderer
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Just want to say - that is SO awesome & congratulations to you! We really and truly can be the people we want to be :D

I struggled with eating issues since a young girl. I have to say that having a "cut off" time for eating in the day/evening helps not only my weight but also my sleeping, my ability to calm down, the "mental shatter" while your falling asleep and definitely helps with the mornings! I do not miss the "food hangover"!!

Just to add - (and since your on earth clinic you probably already know this) if you cut out processed foods, junk foods, processed breads, pastas, etc and replace it with raw veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts you will also begin training yourself to crave the health stuff first. It is much easier to binge on Doritos then cauliflower :)

Some things that helped me - adding a green drink a day + psyllium husk powder, adding a ACV + raw honey tea in the mornings, drinking room temp water all day, drinking fresh root ginger tea all day. <3

Replied by Prioris

I have been intuitively using an 8 hour window for solid food most of the time. Gives the digestion more rest time and maybe heal. I will say this. If there is something broken internally with metabolism or whatever, weight loss will be a struggle or impossible. when whatever is broken on the inside is fixed then weight loss becomes easy. we don't necessarily know what is broken so experimenting with different things is what we must do. This adds one more thing.

We use the term - weight loss - but that should not be the goal. the goal is having the right amount of fat on your body for a given weight. also important is moving the fat from where we usually don't want it to where we want it. so you can technically weigh a lot more but look very trim.If something is working, it will be doing that.

If I had an ideal weight scale, it would measure fat - not muscle. the cheapest and more accurate weight tester I found is grabbing the fat on your body with your hand and seeing how many inches it is.

The worst thing the weight loss propaganda does to people is makes them concentrate on calories and exercise. this leads to large scale failure over the long term.

About two-thirds of the weight loss problem in US is related to the introduction of processed foods and their resulting damage. You ever look at other people's shopping carts at the supermarket - they are mostly dominated by processed food. Those diet foods are very unhealthy also. Soy (unfermented) and corn (both GMO) should be minimized also. The assault on the food supplies just continues and gets worse and most people just don't have any awareness of what is happening.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)


Great observations about the term "weight loss." Thanks!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Alice
(Aspen, Co)

I am a relatively healthy/fit person: 135lbs 5'7", but my food addiction at nighttime - mostly sugar and salty things-- eatting has been really out of control. I will try the eight hour window method. I do drink a lot of black coffee (4 cups- strong) every morning and usually am never hungry until after 12PM....Water is easy to forget - but I know when I drink a lot of it I don't have these crazy cravings. I am wondering if I don't have this Candida fungus mentioned on this site?

Replied by Timh
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Looks like you would very much benefit from Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV improves metabolism, digestion, elimination, kills candida, etc. the list goes on. One of the most beneficial nutrients one can consume. Tablet form is available at the health food store if you prefer not the liquid, although there are some tasty recipes for adding ACV.

Replied by Eugenia
(Rayville, Louisana)

Thank you and God bless you my sister/ brother.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Ice Cube Addiction

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Posted by Brenda (Atlanta, GA) on 12/30/2006

Ice was to me what crack is to a crack head. Sometimesby the biggest bowls i could find for breakfast, lunch and dinner especially close to that time of the month. My Icemaker could not make it fast enough for me. Doctor said fibroids, anemia, pica I heard a DJ talking to a doctor about ACV so I went out and bought it for other reasons they discussed. I had recomended dose on bottle late Christmas Eve. I later noticed I was not hungry so I went to bed. On Christmas Day I had it 3x as recommended. I realized that I had been home all day long and I had no cravings for ice, not one ice cube. Unheard of. As of today 6 days and no ice cravings I am dumbfounded. A few days on ACV and a nasty habit of the last 2-3yrs gone. Would not have believe had I not experience this for myself. I have added the Blackstrap molasses and I am curious to see what will happen as my cycle approaches as I am heavy bleeder and have to change every 2 hours for at least 2 of the 4 days. I don't remember how I found this site but I am glad I did.

Caffeine Addiction Remedies

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Posted by Gokhals (Ca) on 01/02/2015 36 posts

Coffee addiction breaker. I took below tea and a basic sublingual B12/B6/Folic Acid the day I did not drink my daily cup of coffee. I had no withdrawal symptoms to speak of.

The tea recipe is below:

  • 1 tbsp Organic Blackstrap Molasses
  • 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp fresh organic butter
  • 1 cm crushed ginger
  • Add 1 cup hot water. Substitute for morning caffeinated beverage.

I never developed a headache, stiffness in the neck or foggy head from a sudden stoppage of caffeine.