Natural Remedies for Torn Rotator Cuffs

Apple Cider Vinegar, Bone Broth
Posted by sumner (sewickley, pa.) on 01/07/2023

As someone who was always athletic what surprised me most about my bad shoulders was how simple things like getting a night's sleep or my robe from my closet were so impacted. A good night's sleep seemed impossible. I would roll over and it seemed there was a broken off piece in one shoulder that would catch suddenly and the pain would be enormous. My shoulders seemed loose and broken, like an old, old car with hundreds of miles on the ball joints.

On a financial site I read an article on bone broth. After a time, my favorite recipe emerged, drumsticks with the all important apple cider vinegar, an Earth Clinic favorite. The ACV dissolves the cartilage from each end of the drumstick and eventually the bone itself.

This is the all-important elixir that allows for the correct rebuilding of the damaged parts and, in my case, the dissolving and replacing of the broken off piece. I wore out one crockpot and replaced it. It stayed on for over a year. I only cleaned it when the old bone fragments in the bottom became too deep to allow room for new chicken legs. Yes it might be viewed as somewhat monotonous drinking so much bone broth but with the right spices and nutritional yeast added for a cheesy flavor, I always relished drinking it, and today, at 64 my shoulders feel as they did when I was young. No longer do feel broken down or old. I love my workouts and weight training again. The old proverb has been proven true, "bone broth will raise the dead". Today I am headed of over 30 things that were all 5,10, or 15 year problems.