Natural Cures for Dandruff

Red Wine Vinegar
Posted by Maler23 (Chicago, Il, USA) on 09/14/2009

Stats: 30 yr old male; Short hair (might make a difference for some of you)

Started getting noticeable dandruff this last winter. My skin dries out really easily and winters in Chicago can definitely dry me out. Was noticing it most on the pillow when I woke up but, the more I tried to "treat" it with different conditioners and shampoos, the worse it seemed to get.

Finally, I found the best and least stinky way: Red Wine Vinegar.

Tried a couple of variations using Trader Joes products(Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree Conditioner). Tried Shampoo first and then followed up with the solution. Nope. For a while, I also tried the solution and then followed up with the Conditioner. It was ok(the tea tree/peppermint was nice and cooling), but I still noticed flakes.

The best solution I've come up with is no shampoo and no conditioner. I simply use the following solution once every couple of days:

I just use:

-1/2 Red Wine Vinegar
-1/2 Water
-Mix and put into a spray bottle.
-Wet hair, spray, let soak for 30 seconds-ish and then rinse twice.

It's actually pretty amazing. I was worried my hair would get too greasy or that my scalp would freak out, but I simply use that solution every other day(or so. on off days I just rinse with water), but the solution de-greases my hair while still leaving it conditioned and my scalp is very happy. It also passes the girlfriend test for smell. If I'm feeling paranoid or I run out of Red Wine Vinegar and have to switch to Apple Cider, I simply spritz some essential oil or cologne on my hand and run it through my hair.

Good luck!