Tonsillitis Remedies

Vitamin C, Zinc, Fish Oil
Posted by Samuel (Sugar Land Tx) on 03/30/2017

A million thanks to earth clinic and the Op. I had a magnificent case of tonsillitis. Nothing was helping and coconut oil seemed to be making it worse. I tried vitamin c, zinc and fish oil just like the Op and in two days I got my voice back and I can swallow comfortably. Simply amazing!

Vitamin C, Zinc, Fish Oil
Posted by Chocolategeek (Manila, Philippines) on 04/03/2012

I always had tonsillitis as a child but never underwent a tonsillectomy. Now, as an adult, I hardly have it because I've become conscious of supplementing my diet with Vitamin C and zinc, which helps strengthen my immune system.

Lately, though, I've run out of both Vit. C and zinc, and in my laziness did not replenish my supply. A few weeks later and I have severe tonsillitis. I am a voice over artist and was mad at myself because I couldn't work for several weeks while I was ill. Swallowing my own saliva felt like a hundred tiny daggers slashing at my throat.

I tried warm water gargles with salt, sipping ginger brew, gargling and drinking green tea (which I drink 2 liters of every single day anyway, but it wasn't enough to cure my tonsillitis), warm water and vinegar gargles, eating raw garlic (this ALWAYS stops the start of flu-like symptoms and makes me instantly better the next day, but this time it only burned my tonsils! Eeek! ). Nothing worked and if anything, the pain and swelling even increased.

I did not want to take antibiotics. So finally, I had a brilliant idea and bought me some Vit. C and zinc again, but this time, I added fish oil capsules to the mix. I read that it's very good for pain and inflammation. Each day for seven days, I took 1 gram Vit. C (500 g after breakfast and 500 g after dinner), 30 grams zinc (15 g per dose, taken with the Vit. C), and a 1000 mg capsule of fish oil with the evening supplements.

Within two day, my tonsils were getting progressively smaller and the pain was only slightly uncomfortable. By the time I'd completed one week of taking the supplements, I was working again and feeling a LOT better. The week after that, I pared it down to 500 g Vit. C and 15 g zinc daily, and 1000 mg fish oil every other day. It has helped maintain my immune system's powers. HTH!