Tonsillitis Remedies

Oil of Oregano
Posted by Lila (Las Vegas) on 12/19/2022

Oil of Oregano for Infected Tonsils

Oil of Oregano kills bacteria. Liquid tincture of 1 drop, (it is very potent), added to around 1 Tablespoon Coconut oil. Swish around mouth, hold for as long as you can. Spit out as it can draw out bacteria from mouth. More than 1 drop may burn, also must use carrier oil to dilute.

Also, I have added a few drops to face steam bowl with water and inhale when I had sinus issues. Be sure to cover your eyes with a towel, so they don't burn. I would let the steam fill the room and occasionally lean in to inhale the steam. Potent and powerful, sometimes I will just ingest 1 drop to 1 Tbl Coconut oil to kill any virus coming on. I would do these remedies only sparingly, because of their potency.