Cure Your Tongue Issues

Posted by Becca (Swansea, Ma) on 12/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a white tongue for about 6 years now. It happened after I had my youngest son who was born at 28 weeks by emergency c-section. The doctors had me on an I. V. Antibiotic every 4 hours for 4 days. It was to the point where they had me on so much I couldn't even eat anything. Anyways, since then I have tried countless ways of clearing it up with no success. I mean every way on this page did pretty much nothing except for the glycerine! I am AMAZED at how fast and how pink my tongue is again! While I have only been using it 24 hours, the whiteness is almost gone. It still has a small whiteish tint but like I said, it has only been 24 hours. I hope with continued use, and drinking more water my tongue will be back to itself again in no time!! I ordered a 16oz bottle on amazon for $8 (huge I know since I only use a couple drops on my tongue scraper). The stores in my area wanted $7 for half that size so I went with the better deal. You can also use vegetable glycerine for hair and skin as well. Haven't tried that yet, but youtube users seemed to be pleased with the outcome for that use as well. I also read that glycerine has over 1500 uses so there is always something to do with it! For anyone with this problem, start with the glycerine first and don't waste time and money like I did :)