Esophageal Spasms - Editor's Choice

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Posted by Julie (Tn) on 10/18/2016 4 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I occasionally have esophageal spasms associated with acid reflux. Anyone who has experienced their esophagus suddenly going into spasms knows what an incredibly painful phenomenon it is; it also can be scary since it somewhat mimics cardiac chest pain. I have found no pattern as to when it happens, no particular foods to blame. (In fact, sometimes it happens on an empty stomach.)

So, cayenne pepper: I have found that cayenne pepper shuts this down - completely, and usually within a matter of seconds. I place a pinch of cayenne - sometimes even half a teaspoon or so - on the back of my tongue, let it sit there for a second and swallow very gradually. (Hard to explain but I hope that's clear! ) I just let it slowly go down my throat. Of course, this will make you cough like crazy, so have something to drink handy.

I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV (for those old enough to get that joke) and there may well be a number of different causes for esophageal spasm, so I can't vouch for this cure for everyone. But for me, it's so effective, simple, and cheap that I wanted to share with others who suffer this very painful condition and might be on the prescription drug pinwheel, trying one thing after another that may not work or may cause side effects. Gather your courage and give this a shot!