Ted's Cancer Remedies

| Modified on Dec 31, 2022
Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/21/2022

Ted's post above... very interesting.. new to me is using DMSO... I read about DMSO being applied onto the skin... but what about internal tumors / growths... after diagnosis of metastasided prostate cancer but NOT in bones as suggested?? but experiencing big weight gain, not from food, around waist.... tried one minute cure... nil effect, wheat grass, iodine,????? Edema legs, hands and breathing difficult....???

Ted's Kidney Cancer Remedies
Posted by Joe (Here) on 10/16/2022

I don't see anything about canned peaches in this article.

Is that something your oncologist was recommending?

EC: Perhaps the poster mentions this because canned peaches in heavy syrup (and the like) are often served in hospitals to patients for dessert.

Ted's Kidney Cancer Remedies
Posted by Bob R. (Wisconsin) on 07/11/2019

I have a question regarding Cancer. In one of Ted's posts he stated that controlling your blood sugar level was one of the keys to defeating cancer. He stated that blood sugar below 90 mg/dl had a survival rate of 97% and those patients above this mark survival rate was only 3%. In short, a high blood sugar feeds the cancer cells and accelerates the disease. My question is why canned peaches in heavy syrup would be recommended to a patient? Isn't this counter productive? Shouldn't they be on a low sugar and carb diet?