Natural Treatment for Tardive Dyskinesia (TD)

Manganese, BCAA, B6
Posted by Joseph (Stockton, CA) on 06/26/2021 75 posts
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Tardive Dyskinesia:

I strongly suggest, if just starting on Antipsychotic meds, that you also take manganese 15mg 3X daily.

There was a study of hundreds of Drs and thousands of patients for approx., 10yrs and 0.5 contracted Tardive Dyskinesia, I think it was a Dr Dawkins study. If you have TD this formula worked significantly for my son.

Week 1:

  • Take 1,000mg of BCAA (branch chain amino acid) 3X daily.
  • Take B6 100mg once daily.

Week 2:

  • Take 2,000mg BCAA 3Xdaily.
  • Take B6 100mg 3X Daily.

Once you feel significantly better, take that same dosage of pills for 3 months, this helped with no relapse.

Unfortunately, 2.5 yrs later the same formula doesn't work. There is another protocol where you start with Vit E 400iu and titration to 1600iu under doctor supervision. I haven't tried that yet. I myself am now searching to reduce Tardive Dyskinesia again, to no avail.