Tachycardia Remedies and Natural Cures

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Gee sangha (Ontario ) on 03/10/2021
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I have had no serious health issues all my life approx 59 now

But recently I started getting abnormal heart palpitations to the point where I was getting them even when in bed. I thought eating was the cause as usually, it started after eating. Tried magnesium glycinate with little effect.

Then I remembered I had magnesium calm is what it is called and so after a meal, I took half a teaspoon. I found my symptoms were lessened. That evening I took another half teaspoon I slept without issue and no palpitations.

It works for me the stuff is magnesium carbonate in ionic format. I think you need a larger amount of magnesium in the form your body handles best.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Joanne (Az) on 03/12/2016
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Yes a deficiency in magnesium can make your heart rate higher. I had that internal shakiness The feeling went way and my heart rate went down after taking magnesium ultra 200 mg a day. Also upped my potassium by drinking low sodium tomato juice and coconut water.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Sonya (Dfw, Tx) on 12/16/2013
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I have been increasingly stressed at work lately, such that when I log off the computer (when working from home) I go upstairs and lay down in my bed to 'hide' from it. I have been having tight chest, mild- to medium anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and most recently, tachycardia.

This weekend it was the worst. I just couldn't catch my breath all weekend, and finally I decided to take my pulse. 108 bpm! Crazy, it's never that hight and all the symptoms going with it are very unusual for me -- until about a month or two ago, this kind of thing was something I only thought happened to other people since I have always been 'text book' in the pulse / blood pressure / etc departments.

Anyways, for some reason I had a flash of an idea -- I am a regular taker of potassium and magnesium, mostly due to muscle stiffness and soreness, but I had run out of potassium several months back, and continued on with the magnesium until about 5 weeks ago when I ran out of that too. I was doing ok, so I figured I would buy some when I got to the vitamin shop. Well - I kept forgetting. I mentioned to my husband to look up magnesium in conjunction with heart rate -- and the second article he found said that heart rate is governed by magnesium (foremost) and potassium (secondly). Then he asked if I had any put away in the emergency box. And I knew I did.

I took 400 mg magnsium, and 198mcg Potassium and within 20 minutes I was down to 86 bpm. Another 20 minutes after that, I was down to 76 bpm. I am normally around 70 bpm, resting, so I was reassured.

I had to take more when I woke up in the morning as I was back up to almost 90bpm, but I know that both potassium and magnesium are cumulative, and I figure I must have been seriously depleted.

Now the interesting conundrum -- was I really as stressed at work as I thought I was? Or was my 'stress' actually a result of depleted Magnesium and Potassium stores? I feel much better today, but only time will tell, I suspect.