Tachycardia Remedies and Natural Cures

Posted by Patricia (South Bend, In) on 12/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had several bouts with tachycardia, two of which sent me to the emergency room as they lasted hours, rate was over 200. Chocolate will set it off...but then so does other things that set off Gerd. Comes when I bloat up....so milk products are out. When I start to get one, you can feel it, I take GAS-X and water. I have a theory that it's the acid reflux affecting the Vegus nerve. Last bad episode was in May....belched big after three hours and heart slowed down. It's pressure in there. BTW, may also be hyperthyroid a bit.

At 5'8" I can't keep weight on, always weighed 120 since high school but weight has dropped to under 110. UGH! Trying to keep it on without overeating is hard.