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Carbohydrates and Rapid Heart Beat
Posted by Sheila (Crewkerne, Somerset UK) on 03/13/2009
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Indigestion and rapid heart beat:

Hi, this is my second posting - funny how you remember other points just when you send your posting off!! Anyhow - does anyone get problems with very rapid heart rate after a carbohydrate meal. I haved been dragged off to hospital with this many times. The only solution they could suggest if the electrical proceedure. No thanks, as my heart rate is very normal other times. Only increases when I eat a meal of carbos. and then get up to walk or something. Coffee with a nice cake is a definite NO NO for me - the two seem to tighten my chest and rob me of all energy. OK Im allgeric to wheat. But why? This only happened to me after being given masses of drugs to "cure my nu pmonia apologies for dreadful spelling) After each carbo. meal in hospital (I had no choiced) then back would come the reflux and rapid heart rate. Any comments welcomed.