Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies

| Modified on Oct 10, 2023

Sweating is the body’s natural response to several situations and serves as the body’s attempt to regulate temperature; however, when that natural response moves into overdrive and causes sweating when the body is not hot, a medical condition may be the cause. Excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, is sweating that occurs even when the temperature is not hot and when the body is not exercising. The condition can affect any part of the body, particularly the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and underarms. The excess sweating associated with the condition is often to such an extreme it disrupts typical daily activities and causes anxiety or even embarrassment.

It is normal for the body to sweat when exercising or during exertion. Likewise, the body sweats when exposed to a hot environment, a high-stress situation, or anxiety; however, excessive sweating exceeds these normal situations. Sweating that is characterized as excessive typically involves sweating of the hands, feet, underarms, or face and not the entire body. Such sweat may soak through clothing or even drip off the hands. Likewise, episodes typically occur at least once a week with no obvious cause or reason.

The underlying cause of extreme sweating and excessive underarm sweating is the over-activity of the nerves that trigger the sweat glands. The nerves become overstimulated and trigger the sweat glands to produce an excessive amount of sweat. This response may be triggered by medication, menopausal hot flashes, low blood sugar, overactive thyroid, cancer, heart attack or infectious disease.

Natural Remedies for Excessive Sweating

As embarrassing as a problem as excessive sweating can be, effective treatments are crucial. Many natural options offer immediate relief from the issue and manage the associated concerns as well – odor, etc. Activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, and honey taken orally decrease sweat production and can help diminish issues.

Likewise, sea salt applied to the area decrease sweat production and reduces odor. Additional options include castor oil, formalin, iodine, liquid chlorophyll, sage fluid extract, and magnesium.

Continue reading below for recommendations from our readers as to what home remedies and supplements helped their hyperhidrosis.

Make sure to read the post from Greg (Los Angeles) about the extremely dangerous side effects of surgery called ETS Surgery or Sympathectomy.

Activated Charcoal

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Posted by Jeanne (Atl, Georgia) on 06/10/2008

I had a large container of activated charcoal sitting in my cupboard the last 2 years that I rarely touch. I decided to give it a shot for body odor after reading about it on Earth Clinic. Yes, it works! You need to give it 2 days to get into your system before you notice the difference, then you need to maintain a dosage every day.

I do have a few side effects to note: Activated charcoal is best taken on an empty stomach, but I do not suggest taking it first thing in the morning. I drank my heaping tablespoon in 8 oz of water 2 days ago, then oil pulled. I ended up gagging up acid after 2 minutes of oil pulling. Yuck. This was interesting because I read that charcoal is actually a remedy for Acid Reflux! Well, then I changed to taking my charcoal in the middle of the day, before lunch. That seems to work. However, it does give me a slight stomach ache. You might also try taking it at night, several hours after dinner.

One benefit to the charcoal besides not having to use deodorant or baking soda (that irritates my skin, I must admit) is that I seem to sweat less when I have this in my system. It may be a remedy for excessive sweaters, I don't know... worth a shot. And it is a general detoxer, so that's a good thing in this hot and humid weather. Question for regular users of charcoal. Do you take it every day or is it something you need to stop every so often? Thanks!

Replied by Nita
(Geraldton, Western Australia)

Hello, Yep got the excessive sweating problem but can't take ACV as have low pressure. At present rubbing salt under armpits.. Slight reduction in amount and smell. Will try charcoal tablets and keep you posted.

Have kidney disease so need to watch what goes and on the body. I got my husband to use charcoal tablets for food poisoning the other day... Amazing results. Pain and diarrhea stopped within 30mins. Brilliant stuff.

Replied by Pam E.
(Riverside County, California, USA)
127 posts

Activated Charcoal is known for adsorbing a lot of different harmful substances from the body, but most only recognize it helping if the substance is in the gut... .

However, when my cat presented with a missing toenail (had ripped out & gotten infected), the only thing that took care of his infection was a dose of Activated Charcoal, mixed with water & with his food. (I read that people who've had part of their intestines removed & have to wear a bag, use A.C. to take care of the odor & take it with every meal, but don't appear to have any trouble with the A.C. causing any nutritional insufficiencies.)* Anyway, it only required one dose of A.C. for the cat, & the next day the infection in his toe & foot was gone, & t began healing nicely!

What I started out to say is that by adsorbing harmful things from our gut, perhaps it is also able to adsorb things from our blood as it comes to the intestines to pick up nutrients through its membrane ... and, by liberating the body of having to deal with all those negative things, the body become strong enough to deal with problems that are farther afield than the digestive tract, when they were too weak or otherwise busy to do so, before.

ALSO, it is also known that sweating is one of the methods the body has to get rid of toxins from our bodies, so maybe that is a reason (at least in part) for some cases of Hyperhidrosis ... but after or while taking A.C., it takes over getting rid of a lot of the toxins ... thus allowing the lessening of sweating to occur.

That's just my two cents ... but I know A.C. has helped me with a few infections when nothing else I tried had done anything for it, so in my opinion, it works surprisingly well!

*Activated Charcoal FAQ* #3


Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Darian (Berkley, MA) on 05/27/2009

I started to take the Apple Cider Vinegar supplement for my excessive sweating ive had for 3years and sadly it did not help get rid of it. However, Apple cider vinegar is usefull for a lot of things such as boosting metabolism and helping regulate cholesterol!

EC: ACV tablets and pills aren't nearly as effective as the liquid!

Replied by Cynthia
(Jacksonville, Alabama)

I just wanted to thank all and any, plus your site profoundly for the knowledge shared here. It has truly helped me so much~
I found out about using lime on here for deodorant and not only has it helped my arm pits, but candida smells under boobs, belly button, and body odor in my 'crack' front to back... te hee, tmi I know, but honestly this is a godsend~ God bless you all, I am so utterly grateful~ With love, hey~ namaste mahalo-c

Replied by Eisha
(Los Angeles , Ca)

So all u tryed is lime and place it under the armpits?

Replied by Dorey
(Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)

question: I am a senior who started taking blood pressure medication and diabetes (Metformin) and since have had unnatural sweating to my head and upper body ever since when I do any physical work. My doctor has no comment. would anyone who has shared this issue - I would appreciate any feedback - Just knowing someone else shares this issue would help

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, La Union)

Hi Dorey... Ted's advice on how to cure fibroids is to alkalize the body daily using his ACV or lemon/lime with baking soda remedies twice a day as well as footpainting with iodine. I would further recommend that perhaps you supplement 4 - 8 drops a day(26 - 50 mgs) of 5% Lugol's Iodine or simply take 2-4 Iodoral tablets(available on the internet) daily. Research from The Iodine Project seems to conclusively prove that iodine supplementation will reduce cysts both in the uterus and fibrocytic breast disease within a few months. Here is some research on iodines many benefits:


If you supplement lugol's iodine, you will also find that your skin, hair and nails will also improve. Iodine also improves your energy levels. A little known secret of iodine is also that it removes fatty liver deposits, so you will also lose weight if you have a pot belly(I can also attest that this is true -- and that it works -- from my personal experience with taking iodine -- I now have a flat belly). Also little known is that iodine is a marvellous anti-histamine -- it interferes and down regulates histidine conversion to histamines preventing inflammation. This is why iodine was so successful when used in large dose against asthma in the pre-WW2 period.

In part of their historic research, the Iodine Project has found that the Japanese ingest an overage of about 4.6 gms of kelp a day. This gives their bodies an average of about 12.5 mgs intake of iodine/iodide per day. This dosage is approx 100 times more than the RDA of 150 micrograms per day. Because of their iodine intake through eating large amounts of seaweed per day, the Japanese as a population have a very low incidence of uterine fibroids, breast cysts and cancer. For years, researchers couldn't understand why the Japanese, as a population, had such a low incidence of lung cancer -- despite their population being one of the heaviest cigarette smoking groups in Asia -- until they found out the iodine connection. Both iodine and the T3 and T4 hormones tend to accumulate in the lungs -- iodine is anti-cancer as well as anti-mutagenic.

Finally and in anticipation, many people seem very afraid of taking lugol's iodine in such large amounts. If you speak to your doctor, he will warn you against the so-called dangers of taking such large amounts of iodine. But this belies and contradicts the research facts and if you look back to the historic pre-WW2 use of iodine for emphysema, bronchitis and asthma, the doctors at the time recommended iodine dosages of between 1000 -- 2000 mgs per day. That's 150 - 300 drops a day of lugols iodine. And doctors recommended this and these treatments were usually quite successful -- otherwise they would have stopped recommending lugol's at the time. For the real illicit reasons why lugol's has been so de-emphasised by medical research -- see this link:


Apart from avoiding processed food, my own regimen just consists of taking dessicated liver as a baseline for all my necessary vitamin, amino acid and mineral intake. As well, I continually alkalize and supplement larger dose iodine, magnesum and vitamin C in my diet -- these are always lacking in our western diets. I also take brewer's yeast regularly for the B vitamins, selenium CoQ10 etc, as well as supplement Humic/Fulvic acid as concentrated drops in order to provide a continual detox from my body of pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals and other toxic dietary poisons. I also use Chanca piedra decoction regularly to clear out the excess calcium from my body and also to protect my intestines, kidneys, liver and blood. Iodine also helps to remove cadmium, lead, mercury and aluminium from the body and also removes bromine and chlorine..

My own view of taking just kelp tablets for the iodine is not a good one. I bought some European-made kelp 3 years ago. Each tablet contained 125 MICROgrams of iodine. Therefore to get the needed 12.5 mgs of iodine per day as just a daily maintaince dose would have meant me taking 100 tablets of this kelp per day!! I forgot all about Codex Alimentrius. A Kelp tablet therefore might just about satisfy the whole body needs of a mouse, but will have very little effect, in my own opinion, against significant problems like cystic fibrosis or uterine firbroids.

Lugol's Iodine, as part of my own weekly regimen, is one of my essential supplements now and has been for about the last 4 years.

Replied by Pauline
(New York, New York)

Bill, Can you take Lugol on daily basis for health maintenace?

Replied by Cory
(Milwauk,ee, Wi)

Bill, Have you heard of Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine and what are your opinions of this product to support the body's iodine needs?

Replied by Mark
(Chicago, Illinois)

I've been suffering from excessive sweating since I was a teen. I also have fought depression most of my life and have taken a number of different medications... maybe the meds have triggered this problem, I'm not sure.

Here's my question and I hope a Dr. sees this post to possibly help me understand.

I took an MAO Inhibitor for the treatment of depression called Parnate for approx. 4 years. After I started taking Parnate, my excessive sweating went completely away. Even spending two weeks in the warm humid tropics, absolutely no sweat. Ony time I broke a sweat was during aerobic exercise which I see as being "normal".

Does anyone understand or know why an MAOI would remove this problem from my life...?

Stopped taking it and I sweat all of the time so I will defininetly try the ACV with raw honey concoction.

Replied by Linda
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

Well, back in ww2 time they could have more iodine etc. They didn't eat so much processed foods as today, something to take into consideration. Much common sense needed before taking someone's advice including doctors.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Blaise (Wilmington, DE) on 01/08/2008

I tried the apple cider vinegar to cure my eXXXcessive sweating. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and it hasn't changed my sweating one bit. I like taking the stuff though, and figure it's good for something.

Replied by G.T.

Same for me. I also hoped the ACE would help me lose weight, but Its good for my acid problem

Replied by Jenn
(Vancouver. Bc)

I've had hyperhydrosis since puberty and it has seriously impacted my life in a negative way. I have been willing to try anything to lessen the embarrassing, ever prevalent drops of sweat pouring out of my body. I tried ACV, just a couple teaspoons in warm water with honey, and just once. A chain of events began from there, starting with severe constipation for 6 days. I won't go in to how this eventually led to problems with my period, but the end result was that I stopped taking the pill as a precaution. Since about 3 months after I'd stopped taking birth control pills, I also stopped sweating excessively; It's been 7 months of normal, situational appropriate sweating only!!! Before this, there wasn't one single day of my adult life where I wasn't constantly wiping sweat from my face, even when sitting still. No more night sweats either! My body smells different, like when I was younger; I got my libido back; and I no longer have issues with vaginal dryness. All that and I get to avoid the unacceptably high increase in risk of stroke!

After begging multiple doctors for close to 20 years for some solution, they all acted like it was an obvious and logical result of hormone changes. Then why on earth did they never once bring up hormones, the pill, or any other useful info?

Warning to people with highly sensitive bodies; Apple Cider Vinegar taken only once in a small dose put me in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort. I'm not saying it will do that to you, just thought I should let people on this site know as it's pretty easy to start to hope ACV is gonna fix you based on what you read. Good luck to all!

Replied by Skp

Hi I have the same issue as you with the excessive sweating on my face. Not a day goes by where I'm not dripping wet on my face and and it's so hard to go places and have my face dripping sweat and people looking at me like I am on something. My doctors don't say anything except oh well maybe you need to lose weight but I have lost weight. I lost a lot of weight and it has nothing to do with that. I have tried Botox on my forehead and that has never worked. I was wondering what it was you're saying about your period, because I have not had my period in 3 years now I was not on the pill but I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes infertility and have had constant constipation for a few years now. I was wondering what you were talking about when you said that the constipation and your period and the birth control has something to do with you're sweating. Thank you in advance. By the way I've also tried the ACV and honey and it didn't work either.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Skp,

Hi there. Sounds like you have multiple things in the body that are out of balance - sweating, menstrual cycles and constipation.

I am guessing they are all related. Making some dietary changes and including some key supplements may improve multiple symptoms.

Here are a few pages to study to think about what may apply to your current health situation.

Lugol's Iodine

Top Ten Wellness Tips

Ted's Alkalizing Formulas

There is a lot of information on this site. It can take some trial and error, but I think you will be able to find things to help you improve all of the concerns you listed.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ray (Springdale, UT) on 05/18/2007

Glad to have found our site. Grateful for all the tips and help with so many things. Came across the excessive sweating category which I've had for many years. Tried the ACV and Raw Honey for 2 weeks and unfortunately, it hasn't slowed or tapered at all. Is there any other advice you can give me. It would MUCH appreciated. Thanks

Replied by WiWi
(Cheras, Malaysia)

go and try sage leaf capsulse, it will really help you....

Replied by Steve
(Pomona, Ca)

how did you take it? i've had to deal with excessive sweating my whole life.

Replied by Jill
(Frederick, Md.,usa)

Sage for sweating! It is a beautiful plant, very easy to dry, and put it in scrambled eggs, spaghetti sause, gravy for roasts anything. It makes an excellent soap also! And it stops sweat.

Replied by Lily
(Toronto, Ontario)

I have an issue with hyperhidrosis under my armpits and at the soles of my feet. I tried using ACV for my pits and it worked for about a half hour. After that I went right back to sweating up a storm and with that eventually came the stink storm. I found that removing meat and diary from my diet has helped a lot, far more than the vinegar ever has.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rhythm (Indianapolis, IN) on 07/15/2006

After giving birth to my little girl 7 years ago, I developed a sweating disorder. I sweat constantly, even in the winter. I tried everything I even went to the dermatologist and got a prescription; but after discussing all of the possible side effects I preferred the sweat over possible kidney damage. I decided to try the creator's method and surf the net for natural remedies for excessive sweating. I found this wonderful site. ACV WORKS. I am more confident and happy that my land of lakes has finally dried up. Thank you earthclinic. I will keep this site as reference.

Replied by Emily
(Hamilton, Ontario)

How much do you take daily to curb excessive sweating?

Replied by Ann
(Manassas, Virginia)

I have had excessive sweating my whole life. I am now 41 and it has gotten really bad. It is at the point now where it really affects not only my social life, but also my job. I constantly have to worry about whether or not I will have a cool room to be in, or if Iwill have to do something that will cause me to sweat. I need a cool off period before going places. It is terrible. Absolutely debilitating. I am so embarrased and self-conscious of it. I tried the organic ACV and organic (thick) honey and it made no difference at all. I will now try the magnesium. I am not sure what the dosage should be or what type of magnesium pills to use. Any advice will be appreciated!

Replied by Ethnie

How was the apple cider vinegar used. I have a sweating problem also. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anonymous (NYC, NY)

I cannot even begin to tell you what a God-send the concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar and raw, organic honey have been!! I had a surgery called a sympathectomy which left me with debilitating compensatory sweating (a common side-effect from this operation). I started taking 2 teaspoons of the vinegar along with 2 teaspoons of the honey 3X a day on an empty stomach (about half an hour away from meals or at bedtime) and within about a week my profuse sweating went away. I have also noticed the added benefit of it speeding up my metabolism. I feel like a normal person again! This stuff is just miraculous!

Replied by Ckn1234
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I had the ETS surgery too and have started to sweat profusely on my chest and back. Do you still take the same dosage 3X a day to combat the sweating? Have the results maintained their effectiveness?

Replied by Ckn1234
(Nyc, Ny)

I live in NYC too. What brands of ACV and Honey do you use and where can I get them too?? THANKS!

Replied by Anonymous
(New York, Ny)

Hi - I wanted to reply to the 2 people who wrote to my post about the apple cider vinegar honey drink helping my sweating... definitely try it, esp. if you have had ETS surgery (horrible surgery with horrible complications! Don't ever get it if you have hyperhidrosis (or anything else for that matter) - the debilitating side effects and sweating in other areas of your body will be even worse!!)

You have to get a certain type of Apple Cider vinegar - I cannot mention brands on this website but if you go to any health food store and ask for the non-acidic type of apple cider vinegar that is a brownish color with a yellow label on it they should know what you are talking about. Other vinegars can be harmful to you -they are too acidic!

The honey has to be a thick, coagulated honey that you have to scoop out. The best place to get this honey is at a health food store. Most supermarkets carry the thin, syrupy kind of honey and that type of honey mixed with apple cider vinegar did not work for me for some reason. Manuka honey is a thicker honey that also worked for me, although I think the thick, coagulated lighter colored honey worked best. If you decide to try the Manuka honey, get 1 with a low UMF# because the higher ones are too powerful (in terms of killing bacteria) for everyday use.

I hope you guys have success with the drink!

Replied by Bb
(Los Angeles, Ca)


I started taking drink after your first post, but before I read your second post, and like you said, it didn't work with the syrupy style honey. I'm now onto the thick, raw, organic honey and just started this morning. Do you have a specific way of making this concoction that you could share?

I had this surgery in early 2005 and my life hasn't been the same since. I'd give almost anything to take the sweating away and feel 'normal' again.

Thanks so much!

Replied by Anonymous
(New York, Ny)

Hi Bb - It's good that you got the right kind of honey. I make the apple cider vinegar honey drink 3X a day on an empty stomach - about a half hour or so away from meals. The third drink I have at the end of the night before I go to bed - it stops the night sweats).

I don't know how much it matters to have it on an empty stomach but I had read somewhere that it did.

I drink it with a straw - the vinegar can wear away at the enamel on teeth so it is important to so this. Sorry if I forgt to mention this before. I also try to brush my teeth right afterwards.

I hope these suggestions help!

Replied by Issa
(Haverhill, Ma, Ma)

Thanks for the information, as I am a suffer of Hyperhidrosis since the as of 5 and I'm in my mid thirtys and have tried every under the sun. My question is: Do you add purified water with the ACV and honey. If so how much?

Thanks a bunch!!

Replied by Gwelge
(Nyc, Ny)

Had the ETS clipping and suffer from Compensatory sweating....This really works? And does it work when the weather is above 70 degrees? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Dan
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

I had ETS surgery many years ago for excessive facial blushing and sweating and suffer from compensatory sweating on my back and chest as a side affect of the surgery. Although I have gotten used to theses affects they still do make life a little difficult at times and it can be quite uncomfortable when the weather is humid.

I have tried many different methods from antiperspirants, sage, magnesium and an e-book about loofahs and avoiding soaps. I did find some minor relief from the sage though, but still not effective enough in high humidity. Since finding this post I am delighted to give this remedy a try. I have purchase the organic vinegar and raw honey (which is the thick almost solid type of honey) which I am starting today.

I have one question as to how do you mix these 2 ingredients together as the honey is very thick.

Can you use hot water to break down the honey when mixing or will this reduce the effectiveness of the honey?
(Knowing the difference between raw and normal honey being heated and filtered)

All feedback will be appreciated.

I will post again a later date to determine how effective this treatment has been for me.

Good luck!

Replied by Jermaine
(Tallahassee, Florida)

Did the apple cider and honey work for you yet?

Replied by Dan
(Brisbane, Qld Australia)

As the weather is starting to cool down here in Australia I'm not totally convinced of whether this works. I have done some exercise during this period and would have to say the amount of sweat is still rather excessive. I would also like to add that i have been mixing this drink using hot water to dissolve the honey so I'm not sure if this affects the efficacy of the honey as stated in my first post. I will post again at a later date. I wish I had found this earlier so I could have tried it in the middle of summer here, which is very humid.

Replied by Sophh
(Perth, Australia)

when you mix the apple cider vinegar and honey, do you mix it in like a bowl or do you add water? im not sure how to take this as i raed that you should dilute apple cider vinegar before using? :D

Replied by Brandon
(Mooresville, Nc)

Everyone mentions using non-acidic apple cider vinegar but I cannot find any products that say that specifically. All I see is an organic vinegar that contains the "mother". Anyone have ideas on specific brands or where to buy this product?

Replied by Renate385
(Terre Haute, In)

In regards to brushing your teeth right after drinking the mixture, because the acidity wears away at your teeth it is better not to brush right after drinking. Instead drink something like milk or rinse with a ph balancing rinse to balance the ph in your mouth. Brushing right after is going to wear away at your enamel worse.

Replied by Angela
(Seattle, Wa)

Reply to the thread on ACV and honey for sweating:

I have seen an improvement since using this therapy. Recently my feet had started sweating, which is very abnormal for me. For years I have been able to wear women's dress shoes with no odor or sweating. Since using this ACV honey I have seen an improvement and less sweating.

In addition, I am taking ACV for my seasonal allergies which are almost nonexistanct while I keep taking it.

For those of you who don't like the taste of ACV, I will offer this encourgement. I used to HATE the taste of it, really couldn't stand it. However, when I know something is good for me and makes me feel good I am able to build up a taste for it. Now I truly love the taste of it because I associate my improved digestion and allergy relief with it. Give it a try, and see if you can trick your brain into loving it too.

Replied by Sweating In The South
(Okc, Okla)

The health food store I contacted acted like I was crazy when I asked about "non-acidic apple cider vinegar" they told me that was the point of any vinegar is the acid. So I need help finding this brand of ACV that is brownish in color with a yellow label. I am ready to try anything for relief. Thanks

Replied by Trey
(Jaxn, Wy)

I think you are looking for Organic apple cider vinegar with "Mother" - that is what makes the liquid look brownish and milky - it is not filtered and clear to look through. The "mother" is what makes it so healthy. I was pleasantly surprised to find it mixed in woth all the other vinegars at my local Smith's grocery store. The yellow label is for the "_____" organic brand. You could ask for it by name and find it pretty easily I am guessing. Good luck. Be sure to locate "organic with mother" aka, not filtered.

Replied by Mikola
(Cincinnati, Oh)

You can usually find it in the organic section of the major grocery stores (Krogers, Stop and Shop). I don't like to brag, but the brand most recommended is another word for "boasts".

Replied by Blanche
(Iberia Parish, Louisiana)

You may have thrown them off when you said non-acidic apple cider vinegar, but surely they could have guessed what you meant - organic non-filtered apple cider vinegar. The brand name starts with a B.

Replied by Footsweater
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I'm on day three of ACV with thick honey. My sweating is out of control. Sugar (honey) has always made me sweat and 4-6 teaspoons a day is WAY more than I usually eat. Yet, I was still hoping this was going to be the perfect cure. Did it get better before it got worse for anyone? Should I keep going for a week? Help :(

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Footsweater: try Apple Cider Vinegar without any honey. maybe with a pinch of baking soda or even without it.

Replied by Footsweater
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I will try that!

Replied by Al...needs Help
(Laurel, Md)

I just found this site today. I have excessive sweating that leads to odor. I tried the baking soda which works when it is not too hot, but my armpits are darken and sore. I was at a baseball game and I was so sweaty and stinky too.

The site mentions magnesium for excessive sweating and ACV and baking soda for odor. I will go get some magnesium in the morning. Check out some of the other postings.

What can I do about the baking soda rash?

Replied by Lanos
(Socalif, Usa)



Replied by B
(Lakeview, Oregon)

Just had my first drink of the ACV and honey, not crazy about the taste and made my stomach a little upset. Is there any way to help with stomach upset or taste of mixture?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

B from Lakeview, and others who just can't get around the taste - try adding a dash of cinnamon or stevia to your ACV. It will taste much more palatable then. I think it is yum.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

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Posted by Dancejunkie35 (Enid, Ok ) on 05/25/2011 1 posts

I never leave feedback on these sites but after two days of trying organic apple cider vinegar & raw organic honey I swear my excessive facial & head sweating is WAY better! I am a dance instructor & getting ready for our big show & tonight for the first time in rehearsal I wasn't soaking wet and spraying everyone with my wet head! I have been drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar & water and it's also helped my dancers feet! I have tried prescription steroid creams & every other over the counter ointment to relieve the athletes foot/eczema I get from sweating & dancing! I haven't put this on my feet I drank it & noticed 6 days later my feet r smooth & pretty again! It's a flat out miracle! It may b all in my head but I swear it works! I drink 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar & 2 teaspoons of raw organic honey the thick kind in 8oz of room temp bottled water about 2-3 times a day! I have been drinking 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar & 1/4th tsp of bs 2-3 times a day & I swear it has helped me a TON!

Replied by Stacey
(Atlanta, Ga)

Does anyone know if you can apply this to problem areas.. Such as hands and feet or is it just for drinking? Can you do both?

Replied by S
(Thousand Oaks, Ca)

I know everyone mentions raw honey but I wonder, would raw organic Agave Nectar work too?

Replied by Ann
(Seattle, Wa)

Hi DanceJunkie - Thanks so much for your post! Glad this amazing remedy is helping you! You say:

I have been drinking 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar & 1/4th tsp of bs 2-3 times a day & I swear it has helped me a TON!

^ does bs stand for baking soda? I am just wondering if you added baking soda also or tried it w/out the honey?? I know your post was a while ago - if you do happen to see it, I'd love to hear your response! Thanks again!

EC: Yes, bs stands for baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey
Posted by Tom (Chicago, Illionois) on 08/27/2009

I just wanted to write in and say that the apple cider vinegar honey remedy does work for excessive sweating. The key is that you have to try it WITH a certain kind of honey. And the honey has to be that thick, clumpy kind. I tried the remedy without any honey (didn't work) and then with that watery, thin kind of honey and it didn't work - then iI tried it with the thick kind - and lo and behold my excessive sweating is gone!!!

Please give this remedy a chance using the right kind of honey!

Replied by Benny
(Hong Kong, China)

I had rhinitis and the doctor prescribed Celestamine a couple of times last year. One of the side effects is exessive sweating. I think I would like to try this apple cider vinegar with the thick honey. But would you be able to name what type of ''thick'' honey, such as lavender, eucalyptus or which type of bee honey ? Thanks.

Replied by Tom
(Chicago, Illinois)

I just used a regular thick kind of honey - no herbs or anything in it.

Replied by Cindy
(Atlanta, Ga)

I purchased the vinegar and honey yesterday and started taking them last night. Do you just mix the two and drink or do you add water as the bottle suggest? 2 tsp of each/3x per day? Thanks!

Replied by Tania
(Boston, Ma)

I tried the apple cider vinegar honey remedy. I do notice it helps for sweating A LOT - THANK YOU!! I think the original poster left out important info though! You have to mix the the 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons thick honey with 8 OUNCES OF WATER. I wouldn't heat the water up or anything, though. I would just leave it at room tempertature. Not all of the honey is going to dissolve, but you can still slurp it up with a straw! I found the recipe on line. Apparently, this is a famous recipe and the brand who makes the apple cider vinegar wrote about it in a book. Do this three times a day and see if your sweat reduces significantly!

Replied by Aj
(Beach Haven, New Jersey)

I was just curious as to how soon you see a difference? or is it different for everyone?

Replied by Duncan
(Mackay, Australia)

Hi just wanted a reply from Dan from Brisbane and Tania from Boston. Dan has this worked for you and Tania can you send me some info on the type of ACV you used and type of honey and details like how may times a day, if it was on an empty stomach, did you add hot water. Anything that may be important. Contact me at dwatt78 [at] gmail[dot]com thanks.

Replied by Ann
(Manassas, Virginia)

Honestly, I tried the thick, organic honey and organic ACV with the mother. I bought them both at a health food store. I found no difference at all in my sweating, so I stopped taking it. Perhaps it works in some people and not in others. I so desperatley wanted this to work and I am really disappointed.

Replied by Connie
(Charlotte, Nc)

I would like to say that this works wonders! I had the ETS surgery in 2005 and since then had compensatory sweating everywhere that could possibly sweat other than my hands and underarms. I saw a huge difference 2 weeks after using this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was able to enjoy Miami with no problems!!! Won't he do it! I bought Trader Joes's organic raw honey and Hines Organic raw with mother Apple cider vinegar! It is definitely worth a try...less than $10!!! I hope this helps someone!

Black Tea Soak

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Posted by Erin (Raleigh, Nc) on 06/07/2015

A few months ago my feet started sweating excessively, whether hot or cold, when wearing shoes. It didn't smell that bad but the wetness was very uncomfortable.

I read somewhere about a black tea soak remedy and it worked.

Brew strong black tea (cheap stuff you make iced tea from is fine) and when it's cool enough soak your feet in it for 30 minutes. I did this once a day for 10 days and my sweating pretty much went away. After about 2 months the sweating started again, so I just started soaking my feet again, and it's already getting better after 4 or 5 days of soaking.

Replied by Pay It Forward

I heard this too and tried it. Been so long trying to remember but I think it made a real difference. Think it was a 30 minute soak daily for 7 days, then with a maintenance of weekly thereafter. Easy to do while you read of watch TV. I used about 4 tea bags per quart of water. I also read to add some salt, which I've not tried but will this time. Don't know how much but will start with 1 Tbsp of Pink Himilayan or other mineral salt like Redmonds.

Castor Oil

Posted by Tracy (Barking Essex, England) on 06/13/2013

hi just found this site tonight and wow what an amazing array of remedies especially for skin for older women. Can anyone help me with a solution for excessive sweating of my hands and feet, I have tried every imaginable remedy sage tea, mint, vitamins of all shapes and sizes, gp visits alternative treatments nothing have ever worked ever. Its called hyperhidrosis and there is no known cure or in fact no explanation as to why this problem exists. Has anyone else had any relief from using castor oil packs or anyother remedy. Has anyone ever heard of this problem would be grateful as to hear from people using this site there seems to be a lot of knowledge. thank you tracy

Replied by Timothy
(San Antonio, Texas)

Yes, I have heard of hyperhydrosis and there is a surgery recommended for it called ETS Surgery or a Sympathectomy that will completely destroy your body. You with wind up with a symptomology called Ccorposcindosis. You will never sweat - ever again - from your face, head, or neck, and you will sweat profusely on your stomach and back through your clothes, and your heart rate will lower, making it is struggle to do any physical activity at all.


Replied by Jag
(Orlando Florida)

I had a sympothetomy about 20 years ago. I would not suggest anyone getting it. You solve a problem and create another. Yes, your heart rate does slow a bit, but it does not make you struggle to be physically activity. I am extremely physically active. That is total misinformation. If anything, it's the only benefit you receive from the procedure, a slightly slower heart rate is a good thing. Also, I see people talking about non-acidic Apple Cider Vinegar, there is no such thing. These kinds of misinformations really confuse people looking for a remedy. I've found, a good brand sage tea, just before leaving to an event and powdered magnesium has helped my compensatory sweating.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Jenny (Philadelphia) on 05/31/2018

VCO cured my hyperhidrosis! I do not sweat anywhere on my body accept.....the dreaded crotch area. After I shower I dry off completely and put a small amount of VCO in the nether region. I no longer need to use any sprays deodorants or panty-liners! Also, since I use VCO as an allover moisturizer my feet do not get funky from my black work-shoes.

Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Amina (Norway, Oslo) on 04/29/2014

Hi! I am searching for info about Diatomaceous earth, and find it difficult..

I read that it is very fine structured and should not be inhalated.. My question: is the Diatomaceous earth also clogging skin pores? I am asking because I am making my own deodorant, and want to use Diatomaceous earth, but not if it is clogging sweat glands like antiperspirant does.. sweating is healthy! The odor is the thing I want to get rid of!

Thank you so much, I hope you will find tie to answer this :) Amina

Dietary Changes, Turmeric

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Posted by Rocky R. (Manila, Philippines) on 02/12/2017

I removed coffee & soda on my diet and replaced by organic turmeric sliced and boiled with 1/16 teaspoon of black pepper.and prior to that, I've done colon cleansing using a colon detox product and epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) as laxative. My general hyperhidrosis has decreased by 50-60%.

ETS Surgery/Sympathectomy

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Posted by Greg (Los Angeles) on 12/26/2013


WARNING! Do NOT let yourself out of desperation be swayed by or charmed by psychopathic surgeons with no conscience who will mutilate your body for cash. These surgeons will tell you a small list of slight side effects, but will not mention to you the suicides that have occurred oncce popele realize that they can no longer wear shirts that aren't black to hide the sweat. Your heart rate will be low, in some cases too low to ever work out as you used to. Because you will no longer sweat from your head, your scalp will be dry, even bleed, and you will lose your hair. My hands are so dry in winter that they crack and bleed. I know people who are left with Horner's Syndrome, a disastrous case where one eye is semi shut. ETS Surgery/Sympathectomy will disfigure your body. It will leave you a handicapped victim. A cripple. I know, because I am one thanks to a psychopathic ETS surgeon. I would die for a little sweat on my hands and feet, or perspiration on my face. Look for natural cures - not surgery. Don't put the body God gave you in a psychopathic killer's hands. Yes, some of these surgeons have killed their patients - they died on the table. They just pay people and it all goes away. Take care of yourselves and od bless. I know this was a disturbing read.


http://www.truthaboutets.com/Pages/CS.html and etsandreversals.yuku.com.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Greg: Thanx for the "warning", maybe it will help anyone reading it. The medical problem is not just the isolated incident you posted, but a general "one size fits all" business model w/ plenty of political and financial backup. And if you're like me and have the wisdom to not submit to radical, irreversible treatments and procedures, and say "no", you get blacklisted and shunned by many in the med community for yrs or the remainder of your life.

I feel somewhat confident that you may find a good deal of relief from natural cures if you persist. CoQ10 & L-Carnitine will help w/ the heart. As for the dry parts that got slashed, does any kind of moisturizer lotion help? Let me pitch you a path to search. One method of providing oxygen to the cancer cells (because the aerobic metabolic pathway isn't able to deliver the O2) is supplementing MSM/DMSO as these natural compounds oxygenate at the cellular level. Well, same principle may work w/ hydration. A complete Ionic Trace Mineral supplement will prove beneficial for stimulating electrolyte production. Lecithin may also help as it is both a fat & water soluble nutrient; may work well w/ ionized water.

Replied by Greg
(Los Angeles, California)

Hi Tim,

Thanks so very much for the reply. I have tried MSM/DMSO and I was wondering about the Ionic Trace Mineral supplement you mentioned? Which one? And how would the lecithin help? Thank you again. I need all the help I can get!

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Greg: As for the Ionic Trace Minerals whatever you find affordable. I use tablets orally and the liquid in a bath; but do also supplement the amino acid Taurine to further aid in bringing those minerals thru the cell walls.

To help prevent the damage and bleeding of the skin I would recommend a Carotinoid complex as well as full spectrum Vit-E.

Lecithin is bipolar (hydrolipic/hydrophilic) molecule which is ideal for delivering nutrients throughout the body achieved most notably thru Liposomal Encapsulation Technoloy (LET). This method will delver nutrition throughout the body directly to the cells independent of your severed nervous system.

I hope this info helps; do update so as to bring some validation. Stay positive and continue to find anything to alleviate the bad side effects and regain some semblance or normalcy.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Greg: Browsing thru skin care products I found Argan Oil and Ceramides to be promising for topical application. You may want to check the skin care section at your local health food store for a lotion w/ many nutrients. Dietary consumption of omega 3 fatty acids like flax, krill, fish, and walnut oil will help.

Also, there may be in your area a naturopath or homeopath or chiropractor that may help.

Replied by Daniel
(Chicago, Il)


I know someone who killed himself after having ETS surgery. BEWARE!! This surgery will destroy your life and health!! These doctors who perform it lie and are out for money. Better to live with sweating! ETS surgery will leave you a cripple.

Replied by Renee

Hi Greg - Thank you for sharing your story. I went on the links you sent and, scarily enough, they've been taken down and one of them even links right to 1 of these ETS surgeons. He must have deliberately bought the domain to lead right to his site. How disturbing and creepy!

If you google "corposcindosis" and "split body syndrome, " you will see all the risks and side effects of this surgery. They are terrifying.

I also found a message board of people who are victims of this surgery. Their lives have been destroyed and are suing their doctors. They were never told the truth about all the side effects before they had it. It was devastating to read. I am afraid to post the link here, for fear that the link will be taken down. From what they are saying, these doctors are willing to knowingly make their patients disabled and cover up the side effects because this surgery is an easy money maker for them. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath?! Thank you for posting, Greg. I believe your post will save people's lives.

Excessive Night Sweat Remedies

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Posted by Jane (US) on 04/26/2020

I am over 70 years of age, on three pharmaceuticals; my blood pressure, heart and thyroid (removal of thyroid/now suffer hypothyoidism). Nifedipine 30mg, carvedilol 25mg, Synthroid 112mcg in that order. Plus vitamin supplements (CQ10, Serrapeptase, Policosanol , Vitamin E, D3, ,etc and I weigh 199 lbs. at 5'6”. I have an irregular heartbeat sometimes but otherwise I'm in great shape. Right now, I am having reoccurring excessive night sweating while sleeping. This has been going on for the past week. I wake up during the night and my bed clothing is drenched in sweat, making it necessary to change clothing before I can go back to sleep. I have suffered with this condition before but it only lasted a day or two but I had a cold. I have not been exercising and I am staying in the house. I am trying to keep my blood vessels open heart in good condition. I know I need to lose fifty to sixty pounds But this sweating is getting to be a bit much. Looking for advice. Thank you.

Replied by Margaret

hi Jane,

When not hormonally related, I've read that the body sweats at night to get rid of toxins. Try exercising a few times per week to a really good sweat, then you may not sweat at night. Rebounding to improve lymph node circulation might be helpful. Also, you didn't mention magnesium or potassium in your list of supps. Your meds may have caused a depletion in one or both, so try supplementing those. Please keep us updated!

Replied by Abdel Fassi-Fihri
(Casablanca, Morocco)

It sounds like you might be in Hyper, you should test your thyroid and adjust the dosages!

Replied by Karen
(EC's Facebook Page)

I have this problem. I will awaken several times a night just soaked in sweat. I am also 70. It has helped greatly to cut back on carbs during the day and absolutely no sweets, whether it be an apple or chocolate, that helps a bit..

(United States)

Abdel, Thank you. I thought about my thyroid levels and my last test, I was told every thing was normal at 0.634. Waiting to talk to Dr..

Replied by Steve East
(EC's Facebook Page)

Cut out wheat, fake dairy and added sugar! Sweating is usually a result of a deep seated infection. Sit and think what that might be. Kidneys, ( uti ? ) liver? Drink lots of water, preferably fully filtered ( no fluoride). If you ever had fluoride based antibiotics, then supplement with vitamin k2 and boron and start a course of Liposomal Vitamin C every two hours increasing the dose as you go! If you get headache, nausea ( herxheimer ) just back off the vitamin cdose a little! Now I am NOT treating as we simply have not enough information. An informed guess for you to consider! That thyroid though .... just stay away from mainstream? If you wish, find us on fb ... curezone group.

(United States)

Steve, I don't do facebook, but thanks for suggestion.

Replied by John Kirby
(EC's Facebook Page)

Side effects from the very first drug I looked up nifedipine Although this medication is effective in preventing chest pain (angina), some people who already have severe heart disease may rarely develop worsening chest pain or a heart attack after starting this medication or increasing the dose. Get medical help right away if you experience: worsening chest pain, symptoms of a heart attack (such as chest/jaw/left arm pain, shortness of breath, unusual sweating).

Replied by James Wallace

My night sweats stopped when I started taking 400 mg of magnesium every evening. I'm a male with chronic fatigue syndrome. Night sweats are a symptom of CFS. Magnesium also helps me sleep great. Also it's good for irregular heart beats. Get magnesium in 100 mg capsules, to start with, because too much causes loose stools. You have to figure out how much you can take.

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