Stretch Mark Remedies

Diet, Essential Oils
Posted by Samd24 (New York) on 04/14/2012

After a lost of research into stretch marks, how you get them and how to heal them, I have successfully eradicated over 80% of my marks with a combination of nutrition and topical application. Nutritionally I drink a lot of long-cooked chicken and beef broth from pastured animals, raw egg yolks, coconut oil. Topically, I found that a lot of essential oils can help regenerate skin such as rosehipseed, helichrysum, gotu kola and others. I found a natural stretch mark product that contains these oils along with other plant oils that I used, not sure if I am allowed to mention the name, but it is avishi organics intensive repair oil for stretch marks. So, yes I believe that stretch marks can be healed, I am living proof, our bodies are capable of healing anything in the right environment!