Stretch Mark Remedies

Posted by Natalie (Washington Dc) on 05/29/2014

I, as well attest to the wonders that the derma roller has done on the stretchmarks I've had all along my buttocks and hips since puberty. I remember desperately wanting them eradicated back when I was still in college and managed to fade them up to 60 percent, they are barely noticeable now and I can wear a bathing suit without being embarrassed about them. I am going to go back to rolling since it was the only thing that came close to completely erasing them, this time I will be more committed to getting them eliminated, if I managed to erase more than half when I was a college student with little time I am sure I can reach my goal now with a much more flexible schedule. Be sure to use a cream that will help you produce collagen prior to rolling, A good one is Coconut oil or even Vitamin E capsules once you start rolling the cream will go deep into your skin attempting to plump the areas of stretchmarks where collagen was lost. I will keep you posted once I start derma rolling again.