Stomach Cancer - Editor's Choice

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 10/15/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I am writing this article for EC about and event that changed my way of looking at the world and the hope it will help someone with similar problem.

It was 1990 and I was visiting a friend across town when his neighbor came over. He was in his late 30's and had been diagnosis with stomach cancer. He had no health insurance. His aunt was a “mennonite” and she suggested he drink “a cap-full” (the cap from the bottle) of hydrogen peroxide 3% brown bottle in a full glass of water everyday. About a month and a half had pasted before I saw him again. I asked him how his peroxide tea was going and he said he had got his labs back from the Dr. and he was cured.

Now, before all you brown bottle haters jump in on my post, this was 1990. We had never heard of food grade HP. To us, peroxide was, well peroxide. It was all we had available to us.