Splinter Remedies

Drawing Salve
Posted by Bonnie (Riverside, California) on 01/14/2012

A year ago I was working on my mother yard. I foolishly picked up a wooden rake under some bushes and began raking my mothers yard. I felt stinging horrible pain in my hands! What I didn't realize is that the wood on the rake had splintered! I had gotten about 300 splinters in my hands!

I could hardly wash dishes after that and had to use gloves to wash dishes with all the splinters in my hands. This was extremely painful!

I read that you can buy drawing salves such as Prid at pharmacies. There are other brands as well. A Salve I used for drawing boils out worked just as well.

In the dark while watching TV I rubbed the drawing salve in my hands and within minutes I felt something weird in my hands! When I opened the light my hands were full of splinters that the drawing salve had worked out of my skin!

Try the drawing salves for splinters---this really works. My doctor didn't know about this.

In early spring be sure to sand any wooden yard tools and oil the wood or wrap tape around the wood so that you don't have to go through what I went through!