Remedies to Treat Spleen Issues

| Modified on Oct 01, 2021

The spleen is the organ located above the stomach and under the ribs, which is responsible for fighting infection and balancing the fluids in the body. A number of conditions can affect the spleen and, in turn, diminish overall health. Several natural supplements support spleen health and alleviate general health conditions associated with the spleen.

What are Spleen Issues?

A component of the lymphatic system, the spleen contains white blood cells that fight germs and infection. This organ also regulates the amount of blood in the body and destroys old or damaged cells. Several diseases can affect the spleen causing swelling, pain, fever and other symptoms. Common diseases that affect spleen health include mono, toxoplasmosis, Gaucher’s disease, Felty syndrome and several others.

Natural Remedies for Issues of the Lymphatic System

Treatments for spleen conditions involve elimination of infection and reduction of inflammation in the body. Several factors contribute to lymphatic health and maintaining general health but nutritional supplements are often the most effective. Blackstrap molasses, ginger and vitamin C are among the most common treatment options.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of the sugar refining process that contains a wide range of healthful substances. This molasses is a nutrient dense syrup that contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and a range of antioxidants. Taken daily, this substance helps restore and maintain the health of the spleen and the entire lymphatic system.


Ginger is considered a virtual “medicine chest” by many as it has so many healthful benefits. In treating issues of the spleen, ginger improves the absorption of essential nutrients in the body, restoring health. The compound also relieves inflammation and can reduce the size of an enlarged spleen.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and immune-booster. Taken daily vitamin C eliminates free radicals and other toxins in the system that may be contributing to spleen conditions. The vitamin also improves immune health, which helps restore the lymphatic system and replenish general health.

The spleen is an important organ for supporting the body’s ability to fight infection. Restoring health to the spleen by way of natural supplements is vital when a spleen issue arises.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Robert (Kampala, Uganda) on 04/13/2008


I used raw vinegar for my enlarged spleen but it just reduced in size for a short period and now its like it used to be. what should i do?

Replied by Odysseia
(Toronto, Canada)

ACV is too yin and is not the solution to everything. Only the great father of medicine-Hippocrates- knew how and when to use this great remedy..

Replied by Margaret

Re enlarged spleen, have you been tested for Spherocytosis ? Otherwise if you caught the very common Parvovirus your haemoglobin could drop from 10-14 to 3-4 in days which can cause serious long term medical problems or even death. Obviously, if you were this sick you'd see a doctor and if needs be have a transfusion ( and then be fine! :-) but if you have an enlarged spleen there's a reason and it should be diagnosed.

Replied by Sandip
(Sangli Maharashatra)

How used the Apple vinegar in spleen problem? Please help me urgent.. please sir. I waiting for your suggestions

Replied by Zep
(Kansas City, Mo)

Enlarged spleen Looking to find out how to use Apple Cider Vinegar to help the situtation.... Thankyou!!!!

(Tyler, TX)

I believe coconut oil would help in this case, not ACV.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Alice (Tiro, Ohio) on 11/07/2008

My brother -n- law had to have his speen taken out and the doctor told him to take 1 TBLS. of black molassa's a day. He is doing that and seems to be ok and recovery went fast.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Alice (Tiro, Ohio) on 11/07/2008

My brother -n- law had to have his speen taken out and the doctor told him to take 1 TBLS. of black molassa's a day. He is doing that and seems to be ok and recovery went fast.

Blackstrap Molasses, Ginger

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Posted by Dardenel (Us) on 11/14/2018 50 posts

Spleen Inflamation

I am drinking Ginger tea every day, fresh grated, and I fill a pitcher and usually just 2 cups per day in between Breakfast and lunch, then between Lunch and dinner. I have been doing this for over a month and have definitely seen steady improvement from cramp feeling, and even some pain that would wake me at night. I do try to eat smaller meals, and suggested foods. I also use Blackstrap Molasses in my tea both to sweeten it a bit, and BSM also is known to help Spleen issues. I will try to let you know of my progress. I am only feeling a fullness in that area now, and it doesn't hurt anymore when I cough. I did have an upper GI, and an Ultra-sound, which neither that or the bloodwork showed any abnormalities, but I feel it, so I turned to alternative medicine to help me. Thank you Earthclinic.

Blackstrap Molasses, Ginger
Posted by Denise (Crescent City, Ca) on 10/01/2018

I don't have a cure yet;) but I am very hopeful. I've started the Blackstrap Molasses as well as fresh, ground ginger (so far, just in tea with the ginger). I don't mind just taking the molasses on it's own. I like the taste enough even though it is pretty rich as many of you know.

My spleen has bothered me for about 4 months now, and my doctor sort of put it off (having a cat-scan or whatever) because I also had Acid Reflux, and blood workup showed a borderline hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, and high cholestrol. I'm doing this on my own because I truly feel confident the natural remedies will be much better.

It's hard to keep the faith, I won't lie, when I feel that lump pressing against my left, lower rib. My doc had me on synthroid and Lipitor but I only took them the last, 2 weeks. I felt worse than before I took them, and my body felt fatigued and muscles were stiff. I also was have odd pains in especially my left hand, but in other areas as well.

I walk 2 miles about 4-6 days a week, and I do strength training (light, free-weights) and I know the difference between my bod is feeling tired from exercise and not enough nourishment, and something "foreign" effecting me negatively.

I will do my best to keep up on this thread so we can see the progress I make with the spleen issue:)

Replied by Denise
(Crescent City)

I like the taste of Blackstrap, a little strong, so not too much:) But I like to put it in my home-made (from Ginger root) Ginger tea. I think it's good, and I know it's good for me so I am getting used to it daily. Only 1-2 cups at this point, and both remedies are for a spleen that feels enlarged. No pain except every once in awhile, it will feel full even after small amounts of food, and, a little pain if I accidentally roll over on the area during sleep.

I have poor health-care in my area, and neither doctor I've seen has seemed to think there is an issue, seriously, so right now I am trying to find another doctor that will look into it for me, order tests whatever.

General Feedback

Posted by Prioris (Florida) on 01/02/2015

I have had spleen pain for many decades due to ME/CFIDS. In the last years, it was getting worse and worse. The pain was worst during sleep. Lying on that side also added to the pain. I tried different things like lymphatic massages and liver cleanse. I have been stumped as to what I could do.

This past month I went to a Chinese doctor who also does research. She gave me some herb mixture that literally took the spleen pain away. I drank this mixture in hot water in her office. I wasn't sure if it worked but when I woke up the next day, I could clearly see that the pain was gone.

Her father and grandfather were chinese medicine doctors also so she has had a lot of information passed down to her. She doesn't speak english well either.

I can't tell you exactly what she gave me but she says it can be gotten from central mountains of Okinawa.

I can give you her website but the product doesn't seem to be listed on it. This is the only info I have. She practices in Florida. Her research specialty is the kidneys so maybe some one to consult for that.

Here is the info I have on her

hsui chen


I usually don't list website and phone info but since I don't know where else to get the herb mixture, this is the only thing I can do.

The packet she gave me to take cost $3. You only take it when you need it. In my own case, I found I need to take it every 4 days. She has given it to many people for a long time and it works usually quickly in people. I was surprised it worked so effectively. I need to learn more about it myself.

For those with chronic spleen pain, I am optimistic that you can finally find relief.

I'd call her up or email her and ask if you can order the herb mixture for spleen pain. Maybe order 3-5 packages and try it out. You will know pretty quick within a day or so whether you are getting better. I don't know how she would handle your request but give her a call and see if she will send it.

I just happen to find out about her from word of mouth and decided to just see if she could do something for my spleen pain because I was becoming a little desperate. I didn't see any solutions on internet or earth clinic. As it turns out, she did have a remedy.

I hope this can help provide relief for people suffering from spleen pain.

Replied by Monda

Thank you so much I plan on contacting her, my daughter has an enlarged spleen due to Leukemia and is in a lot of pain I hope this can help, thank you again for sharing.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Interesting thing about ME/CFIDS is that the immune profile has similarity to chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Also my blood coagulates so need to take nattokinase and serrapeptase every day.

I haven't used the herb mixture for over 9 days so apparently I can go longer.

Replied by David

I wouldn't be handing out her name on the web. You will have the FDA breathing down her neck in no time. O_o


If you read about Dr. Chen, you'll be surprised to find out that one of her kidney remedies was approved by FDA. So, they must be well aware of her already.


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Posted by Fran (Face, GA) on 02/12/2007

Ginger root is good for the spleen... Also figs are good to rid the body of gallstones... Also, ginger work s to rid the body of blood clots... God Bless you

Replied by Julie
(Seattle, Wa)

I had tremendous pain under my left ribcage over the weekend; like the soreness after a surgery combined with a horse kicking you. Difficult to take a deep breath without severe pain. Considered going to the ER, but it was the weekend and I wasn't sure it wasn't just something minor. Researched a lot (including here) and assumed it was inflamed spleen.

Slept, ate mostly cooked vegetables (potato soup) and a dozen tangerines, drank peppermint tea and chewed on ginger for the last three days. Am 95% better today and continuing with the ginger (making tea and then eating the ginger) and citrus. Thanks for the recommendation - not only for my health, but for my pocketbook.

Replied by Denise
(Crescent City, Ca)

Julie, are you still around the site? I would love to know how you are doing these days with your spleen enlargement? I have it, and now it is beginning to hurt when I breathe deep, or bend over to tie my shoe. Generally uncomfortable, and if you can believe this, my doctor doesn't seem to be concerned and has had me just do blood workup, and Upper GI as I have had Acid Reflux, and about 2-3 Esophogea Spasms per week.

I stop the ES with room, temp water, about 8 ounces or I feel the spasm subsiding. Usually within seconds of drinking the water. I don't know the cause though and will be looking into that here on Earth Clinic.

I am not eating after 6 at night, and I leave out the foods they say cause AR. I think I also have Silent Reflux.

I am MOST concerned with this new thing with my spleen, going on 3 months, but for years, I would turn to the left to reach for something and it would hurt, like a cramp is all.

Hope to hear from you, or someone on this.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Emilia (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/10/2013

I've had a nasty virus or flu. I was totally lacking energy like feeling I would just drop dead! I took some iron thinking it would help with my energy issues but then my spleen became enlarged. Very scary as I don't have health insurance. I read the article on Oil Pulling and remember trying it before and decided to give it a try! Used some VCO, was able to maintain the swishing for about 12 minutes and to my surprise the swelling was completely gone. Not only that but the rest of my abdominal area went flat. It's only been just once but I think this is a winner! By the way a chiropractor I went to yesterday gave me an adjustment with applied kinesiology and recommended high doses of Vit D, which really helped and got me over the energy issue. Here's to getting better!

Replied by Sree

What is Virgin Coconut Oil? Which oil did you use for oil pulling?

Replied by Mohit

You need to use sunflower or sesame oil

Onion and Lemon Juice

Posted by Chela (Peru) on 11/19/2015

I want to know if anyone has tried onion juice (6ml) with lemon juice (10ml). I've been searching in google and found that is very effective, but want to make sure it is. My father has portal hypertension, cirrhosis splenomegaly and esophageal varices caused by chemo treatment (for colon cancer with liver metastases, but now his almost cured of it).

I've also read that papaya, dandelion tea are great for enlarged spleen.

Vitamin C, Alkalize the pH

Posted by Sonia (Barbados) on 12/02/2006

I would like to know if there is a cure / remedy for a spleen that is not working correctly or which appears to be enlarged. Also what would have caused this and if it would affect the size of your stomach.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Often the cause of enlarge spleen is due to accident or physical injury. But in many cases it is bad diets from too much sugar, too much fat, eat foods too high in iron, alcohol, and cigarettes. All these activities lowers the body's immune condition causing enlargement of the spleen.

The spleen is an organ that kills off excess dying blood cells and fights of infections. Sometimes the amount of red blood cells get overwhelmed and infections are beyond and the spleen gets enlarged.

Since the spleen is unusually sensitive to free radical heavy metals, often reducing this can help. Often if I think this is at risk, I add 1/4 teaspoon of disodium EDTA in one liter of water and use this as a drinking water and drink for a whole week.

If the EDTA is not handy, often just taking vitamin C sodium ascorbate will manage the problem iron issue, but the body needs some zinc supplements (usually 25 mg/day taken for about 5 days a week for about a month) and also I find it necessary to take one whole lime (or lemon your choice) and add baking soda until the fizz stops (exactness is not necessary) and then add water to 1/2 glass. This will lower the body's infections and reduce free radicals metals at the same time. This will reduce the spleen load and help its conditions.

It is still necessary to avoid sweet foods, fried foods or foods rich in iron. In many cases, oil pulling with a drop of peppermint oil will help reduce the iron burden in the spleen. I have noticed people telling me that the feces went from black to brown after doing the oil pulling for about 2-3 weeks. Black color might mean less blood are infected and dying less and that the body heavy metal burden is reduced. However if you can do the oil pulling without the peppermint oil this is o.k. too, but some people cannot stand doing it too long. Often this problem is a sign of excess body acid, and apple cider vinegar baking soda will also help too in buffering it.

Replied by Alla
(New York, Ny)

Ted, but vit C intake HELPS absorption of iron...

Replied by Nhart
(Perth, Western Australia)

Big thanks Ted from Barbados for your advice.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Thanks for the info, Ted. I love your remedies. Keep them coming and God Bless.