Spinal Virus Remedies

| Modified on Aug 08, 2016
Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gwen (Boulder, Colorado) on 01/31/2010

Dear EC or Ted,

I am just getting myself through a very bad abscessed tooth. I will post my results in that section.....it was in my upper jaw. From what I've read, upper jaw can cause brain fever.

I am in my 3rd day of treatment/recovery & woke up with a headache. I have spinal meningitis about 6-7 years ago which I was hospitalized for. With no insurance, they simply pumped me full of antibiotics for a day or 2 & sent me home......I spent 2 years in bed.

I am now looking for a detox for my spinal/brain fluids. I am doing garlic cloves infused in olive oil & Tumeric infused in tomato juice with black pepper. I am also using Epsom salt to flush toxins out.

Is there other things I can do to detox spinal fluids? Will essential oils rubbed in the neck region of the spine be sufficient? Can't reach my spine, I live alone. Any feed back or suggestions are appreciated. I'm not experiencing SM symptoms, but detoxing body & feel detox of spinal/brain fluid appropriate & way over due.

Many Thanks & May the Blessings of the ONE Be With Us ALL!