Spinal Virus Remedies

| Modified on Aug 08, 2016

Home treatments of spinal virus diseases rely on utilizing the antiviral properties of colloidal silver, herbal treatments and essential oils. Natural cures focus on attacking the viruses while supporting the immune system. Since many diseases can also be caused by bacteria or fungus, alternative treatments that are effective against all of these are preferable.

What are Spinal Viruses?

Viral infections of the spinal cord cause diseases such as viral meningitis, poliomyelitis and myelitis. Many of the spinal diseases caused by viruses can also be caused by bacteria or fungus, complicating diagnosis and treatment. Meningitis, for example, can be caused by either a virus or bacteria; most people recover from viral meningitis, but bacterial meningitis can quickly become deadly, especially to children. Encephalitis is caused by several different viruses, including Herpes and mosquito-borne viruses (which can result in West Nile and other diseases). Obtaining the correct diagnosis is critical to the treatment of spinal cord diseases.

Natural Remedies for Spinal Viruses

Alternative remedies for spinal viruses use the antiviral properties of herbal cures, particularly black elderberry and olive leaf extract.  Lavender and clove oils have numerous health benefits, including antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal silver is a safe and effective home cure against many viruses and bacteria.

Colloidal Silver 

Colloidal silver has long been used as a safe home remedy for viral meningitis, shingles and many other viral diseases. In addition to colloidal silver’s use as an antiviral, it has also been used for many years as an antibiotic and disinfectant. Many make their own colloidal silver at home so that they are confident the CS is fully effective.

Herbal Remedies

Natural treatments for spinal virus disease can be found in antiviral herbs.  Black elderberry contains sambucol, an effective home cure against flu virus and believed to activate the immune system. Olive leaf extract is a potent antiviral and antibacterial as well as beneficial to the immune system.  An extract made at home from fresh leaves is best, if possible. Cranberries are both antiviral and antifungal, offering many health benefits.

Essential Oils

Lavender and clove oils are natural antivirals used as a home treatment for spinal viruses. Multiple applications are applied gently to the skin over the spinal column. Lavender has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Clove oil is both an antibacterial and antiviral, but can be irritating to sensitive skin, so test first.

Spinal virus diseases range from mild to deadly and require proper diagnosis. Natural treatments are used to destroy the viruses and support the immune system. Because there are so many possible causes for spinal inflammations, it may be necessary to try more than one alternative cure to determine the most effective home remedy.

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Gwen (Boulder, Colorado) on 01/31/2010

Dear EC or Ted,

I am just getting myself through a very bad abscessed tooth. I will post my results in that section.....it was in my upper jaw. From what I've read, upper jaw can cause brain fever.

I am in my 3rd day of treatment/recovery & woke up with a headache. I have spinal meningitis about 6-7 years ago which I was hospitalized for. With no insurance, they simply pumped me full of antibiotics for a day or 2 & sent me home......I spent 2 years in bed.

I am now looking for a detox for my spinal/brain fluids. I am doing garlic cloves infused in olive oil & Tumeric infused in tomato juice with black pepper. I am also using Epsom salt to flush toxins out.

Is there other things I can do to detox spinal fluids? Will essential oils rubbed in the neck region of the spine be sufficient? Can't reach my spine, I live alone. Any feed back or suggestions are appreciated. I'm not experiencing SM symptoms, but detoxing body & feel detox of spinal/brain fluid appropriate & way over due.

Many Thanks & May the Blessings of the ONE Be With Us ALL!

Replied by Shawn
(Lafayette, La)

Olive leaf extract is a natural ANTI, viral, fungal, protozon, antiseptic an all that good stuff, which is actually a detoxificatrion naturally.... Before using please read revelations 22:3 in the holy book on the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the body. Please take the time to study upon Olive Leaf Extract an may u b HEALED in Jesus Name....

Replied by Jonny

To detox look into Loelite with Humic acid and a liquid Fulvic complete mineral supplement. Also Apple Cider Vinegar. No animal proteins no gluten. Lots of raw organic fruit berries and green vegetable juices. Lots of Hi PH water, lemon water. Takes a while to remove toxins from bone, you may feel worse at first when releasing toxins especially if loosing weight where toxins are stored in fat. Get a good organic vegetable protien powder. Anti inflammatory and anti viral oils and herbs. Lots of sleep.

Replied by Haytham
(Saudi Arabia)

Hello; Have you tried mms yet?

I have myelomlacia in spinal cord from T-9 to T-11, almost lost feeling in my both legs.

After about one year of taking mms protocol 1000, I have better feeling in my legs of course not 100% but much better.

I am also taking DMSO but not in regular because of it's odor.

Remember this takes time. I will start MSM and Turmeric in few weeks and see how things go.

I hope you will heal soon. I wish you the best.