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  • Spermatocele Remedies

    | Modified on Jun 22, 2014
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    While typically benign, a spermatocele or testicular cyst may cause an affected individual slight discomfort or at the very least concern. Natural remedies can be applied to treat the condition and avoid the common surgical route of treatment. Many natural remedies have been shown effective including dietary changes, supplements and topical applications.

    What is a Spermatocele?

    An abnormal sac typically filled with milky or clear fluid that contains sperm, a spermatocele most often forms on the epididymis. The condition often causes no signs or symptoms; however, if the growth becomes large enough an individual may experience pain in the affected testicle, a feeling of heaviness in the testicle with the growth and swelling above or behind the testicle. The cause of the condition is unknown, but contributing factors may include blockage, trauma and inflammation.

    Natural Remedies for Testicular Cysts

    Treating testicular cysts naturally is much less invasive than the mainstream treatment option. Adopting a whole food diet focused on anti-inflammatory foods is one method for treating cysts and regaining a high level of overall health. Additionally, supplements and topical applications can also be used, including iodine, magnesium and chromium chloride.


    Iodine is an effective combination treatment. Cysts often manifest as the result of an iodine deficiency, so supplementing the diet with iodine is an effective treatment option. Iodine can also be applied topically to the cyst to allow it to penetrate and reduce the size of the cyst.


    Magnesium is also successful at treating cysts as it agitates calcium and works to naturally dissolve the growth. Cysts often form as the result of calcium buildup and a magnesium supplement functions to regulate the amount of calcium in the body to eliminate and prevent further buildup.

    Chromium Chloride

    Chromium chloride also functions to regulate calcium buildup. Cysts often form when the blood sugar is high and the solubility of calcium in the bones and tissues is increased; however, chromium chloride regulates this imbalance and prevents buildup. Avoiding sugar and drinking plenty of water is also helpful for increasing the efficacy of this treatment option.

    Spermatoceles are typically painless and noncancerous; however, the growths can be cause for discomfort and concern. As such, many individuals opt for an effective treatment method to eliminate the growth. Natural remedies, including topical applications and supplements, eliminate growths safely and effectively.