Spasmodic Torticollis (Cervical Dystonia) Remedies

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Posted by Fletcher246 (Atl, Georgia, United States) on 02/12/2014
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I had the botox last year and it did not help relax the area but did make it extremely hard to raise my chin up. I was very hopeful for botox but it has not been a compatible working option for me. I had surgery when I was 6 years old but my mother and I do not speak often and she can not recall what the details are... she also never took me to rehab for full and extended recovery.. I believe that is why for 30 something years I have had pain with ST, my right ear pulls down and my chin points up and to the left. Over the years I noticed through pictures that my face grew slightly less symmetrical which is likely due to the ST always pulling.. I have shoulder and hip trouble too.. I have been on pain and muscle relaxers but they are temporary fixes and like many other the muscle relaxers helped some but mostly just made me tired & I am a mother of 4 children so I have to be fully functioning... I find warm heat and stretching helpful and when I can afford regular chiropractic visits they are also very, very helpful..there are days when I can't drive because the pulling or stiffness is so strong... Has anyone out there heard about brain stimulation for ST? I am going to visit the stclinic. Also, has anyone heard if inversion tables help?

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