Spasmodic Torticollis (Cervical Dystonia) Remedies

Castor Oil
Posted by Nicole (Virginia, US) on 02/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have on and off torticollis from neck trauma from 14 years ago. It comes and goes every few months. Not sure what brings on the spasms but when they start it's hard to get rid of...makes daily functioning difficult...and takes many weeks to get range of motion back and pain to diminish. I've tried chiropractic adjustments, massage, moist heat, Tylenol for inflammation, elect. stimulation, ultrasound. All help to a degree but nothing earth shattering. But I've recently been reading about castor oil packs and when the symptoms returned this month, I tried it...with great success!!

After the 1st night with the pack, 80% improvement. 2nd night...95% improvement. I never made it to the 3rd treatment (3 are advised) but over the next 2 days, everything left seemed to resolve on its own and I was back to normal again. I was completely and utterly amazed.

I used the standard method for applying a castor oil pack...but left it on my neck overnight as I slept, instead of an hour during the day. I didn't sleep that I'd wake up often to reset the heat. And it got a little messy (extra towels and old clothes are necessary) since I shifted a little during sleep.

The 2nd night I added extra packs to other areas besides my upper neck, that were feeling pain or my scapula/spine area.

During the day...if there was any pain or spasm coming about... I'd dig my fingers into that area, press down very hard and massage it for a minute or two. It sort of disarmed the spasm, forcing the muscle to relax again.

I'm so so thankful for castor oil packs. I'm now using it on my hernia (after 1st night it's gone down by half).