Natural Remedies for Snoring

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rojoseph (Tucson, Az) on 10/30/2010
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I always find it interesting how everyone is always trying to treat the symptoms of what is causing snoring instead of what is causing it. I firmly believe that if a person's body is not getting enough or absorbing enough oxygen (oxygen deficient)when they are awake (due to their lifestyle/diet), they will snore. Their bodies become oxygen deficient due to a variety of reasons. When we sleep, our body is doing all kinds of stuff to try to get us balanced again. If you are oxygen deficient, your body is working very hard to get in all the oxygen it can the only way it can while you are asleep... Through breathing. So your brain is sending a message for you (while you are asleep) to breath in really hard to take in as much air as possible. Keep in mind all of your muscles are in the relaxed state, including those in your throat. When you are awake you can take in deep deep breathes without snoring. You can't do this while you are asleep and not snore! Try this exercise... Relax all the muscles in your throat (like how they are when you are asleep)and breath in really hard (nose or mouth). You made a snoring sound right? See what I am saying now?

If you are snoring, one of the main reasons (aside from any physical defects in your throat/nasal), I believe it may be because you are oxygen deficient probably due to number of reasons. These reasons especially include diet. A lot of foods (like those containing a lot of processed flour, sugar, etc... ) deplete the body's oxygen stores as the body is required to use more oxygen dealing with those types of foods than what they bring in. A diet that is high in oxygen rich foods will help significantly to reduce snoring. Another factor we become oxygen deficient is not taking in enough oxygen due to shallow breathing. Our breathing needs to be deeper throughout the day so we are taking in more oxygen. For whatever reason, stress also seems to contribute to making our bodies oxygen deficient. Physical activity is a must not only as a stress reducer, but for other obvious health reasons. In addition to the aforementioned, doing the H2O2 therapy (many examples here on EC), may also help your bodies become more rich in oxygen and in turn reduce or cure your snoring. Try these ideas out.... I don't snore anymore and my wife no longer pushes me while I'm asleep!!!!