Sleep Paralysis Remedies

| Modified on Jan 21, 2018
Posted by Amelia (San Jacinto, California) on 02/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to tell my family's experience with the dreaded Sleep Paralysis. This really happened.

I have never experienced Sleep Paralysis but my son and my husband has and it must be terrifying since my adult son started sleeping with earphones and music on for weeks. It started in our home like this:

In our neighborhood all of sudden we seemed to have a rash of deaths. About 7 neighbors in our little town passed away. 2 from heart attacks, 1 from cancer, one young man was drinking and riding his motorcycle and was hit by a truck just down the street from us and he died. And about 3 neighbors died due to old age. These deaths seemed to happen all of a sudden! One night about this time my son had an episode of sleep paralysis. He said it seemed like the sound of a locomotive was in his room and then something would try to get in bed with him. My son said at first he thought one of us got in bed with him as he could feel the mattress slump. We did not. He had about 4 episodes like this and was afraid to go to sleep. About the same time my husband was asleep one night and said it seemed like a "being" stood over him and tried to suck out the life from his body! He said it was terrifying and my husband had to fight to stop this from happening. Neither my husband or my son could move as this happened. I was the only person in the house it didn't happen to. And I'm the only person in the house that prays before I go to bed. My husband now prays before he goes to bed and it hasn't happened to him. My son doesn't believe in God so he refuses to pray. He did have a couple episodes but they stopped. So far neither one has had another episode. If you are experiencing this try praying before going to bed and see if it helps. My husband actually thought the being was the Grim Reaper.