Cures for SIBO: Bacteria and Intestinal Function

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe, Supplements

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Posted by Bananabean (Austin, Tx) on 01/08/2014
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I have not posted here before but after curing an incredibly difficult ailment I'm trying to get the information out as I searched high and low when I was sick and trying to cure myself.

Western medicine does not have an answer for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and it is known as only treatable, not curable. I spent 7 years and thousands of dollars doing diagnostics and going through round after round of antibiotics. I'll spare you the details of everything I've tried because the list is huge. I was very sick, extremely underweight, broke and stuck at home with this condition.

Of all the things out there to take, this is what works both for temporary relief and what to take as the ailment is healing.

Grapefruit seed extract - 20-30 drops at least per day in water

Intestinal Formula # 2 from Dr. Schulz - I am not affiliated with this company - this was the first product strong enough for me to stop my antibiotics - at least 50 charcoal pills per day. When you feel an attack coming on start with 10 pills, increase if necessary. I was up to 100/day at one point

Ultimate Aloe Vera juice - NOT just any aloe vera juice. Most have a laxative effect which you do NOT want. I order mine from as it supports a non-profit. It must be this brand as they take the laxative effect out and it's only the inner leaf of the aloe plant

Isotonic Magnesium and Isotonic Calcium - I also order from - these two items are crucial for complete healing of the intestines - if you're in bad shape you need the isotonic version as it's instantly absorbed. I tried all sorts of other vitamins including magnesium and calcium.

Warm lemon water every day

As long as I stay on a little bit of the aloe juice now that I'm healed and stay away from sugar, my digestion is perfect. Thank you.

Replied by Jourdan

How long did it take for symptoms to go away?

Replied by Tyler
(Abbotsford bc)

Cashews may help. There's an acid compound that kills the h pylori bacteria that may contribute to issues. Try eating them in excess throughout the day for a while. Like 2 weeks. Go with the flow kinda thing! See what happens experiment.

Happy to hear your testimonial and shared tips!


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Posted by Deerparkann (Deer Park, Wa, USA) on 12/02/2012
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I've been fighting shingles and digestive problems for years. Think I have SIBO, but not diagnosed by a doctor. Found out that in Europe they are using Bromelain (an anti-inflamatory made from pineapple) and Papaya enzymes for shingles. I tried that and it has helped both the shingles and the digestive problems. Since SIBO is basically an infection, I also decided to apply heat to my stomach and was amazed at the relief it gave me. I'm careful not to have the heat too hot so I don't get burned. I used to have huge amounts of gas, but now am almost to normal abounts. Also if I eat something I know will bother me, the heat helps keep it to a minimum. Hope this helps someone else. This site has been a great help to me, so thank you to all who share.

Replied by Susan
(Seattle, WA)

Gas is my main symptom of sibo so I am going to try the heat suggestion, hope it works!

Replied by Krissy
(Rimrock AZ)

Hi there, just wanted to inquire about your post. I know high heat (fever) takes away the bloating.

Ileocecal Valve Massage

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Posted by Ln (Oregon) on 07/02/2020
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After being diagnosed and testing positive for SIBO, I was given a website with information on how to follow the FODMAP diet. I have always been careful with my diet, avoiding gluten and dairy and minimizing sugar.

However, I found following the FODMAP diet so restrictive that I began searching for other solutions. I came across websites and videos on how to massage your ileocecal valve to stop unwanted bacteria from flowing from the large intestines to the small intestines, which can create bloating, gas and other SIBO related issues.

I followed the demonstrations (easy to find with a google search) and I found relief within a couple of days. I performed the massage 3x a day as recommended, only for a few minutes. I also ended each massage with pressure moving the valve from my right hip towards my gut, encouraging the closed position.

For me, the valve was often very sore, and the massage helped lesson the pain over time. I was able to reduce all of my SIBO symptoms with this technique, and now when they flair up again, I go back to the massage for relief.

Replied by Anon

Somewhere there was an article stating nightshade vegetables - like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers - can cause the ileocecal valve to malfunction.


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Posted by Paula (London) on 06/17/2022
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Just a temp and fun solution to help relieve the pressure from the gas build up in the gut. Jumping up and down for 5 minutes minimum. You'll likely hear some swishing and gurgles coming from the guts, but hopefully should help you feel tons better. I've felt bloated over the past few days and I can't eat much and also my digestion has sloooowweeed down - to the point where I finish eating at 3pm and when I go to bed at 10 it still doesn't feel like my stomach is comfortable enough to sleep! Anyway, it certainly isn't a long term solution to healing the issue at the root but hopefully will help some of you get temp relief. All the best.


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Posted by D (Small Town, Ia, Usa) on 07/16/2012
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Lactoferrin is a very safe but potent antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti-viral. It will not harm your beneficial bacteria, and as a matter of fact will strengthen your immune system while breaking down the biofilm and killing the bad mycoplasmas in your gut. Look at rotating it with EDTA, and colostrum, and other antimicrobials you prefer. Best wishes.

Replied by Bilja

Hello D,

I started taking lactoferrin 500mg in the morning, for my iron deficiency, losing hair, candida, etc. When treating SIBO, what would be suggested dosage? Any specifics on how to take, with/without meal? Thanks.

Lemons, Ginger, Cayenne

Posted by Kayla (La, Ca) on 03/21/2012

I was sure I had appendicitis inflammation. So since medical doc were clueless I consulted with the an GI Nautropathic doctor He ordered parasite check and SIBO. On the second visit to the ND I was told parasite check was negative and SIBO was positive and on the same day I was given a choice of antiobiotics or natural remedy. I picked the natural remedy. I have to share this part while I was waiting for the test results from the Naturapathic I was suffering sooooo much that I cut back on eating by 70% and just started fasting and drinking an anti-infection drink fresh organic lemons, ginger and cayenne diluted with alkalized water plus six garlic oil pills I did this 3 x a day to really hit the infection hard. I did this in addition to the anti infection drink I did this for ONLY THREE DAYS (I went to the herb store and the clerk ground up 100% pure fresh rosehips and I capped them do not buy rosehips with c ) Day 1- I took TEN 100% pure rosehips caps to see if I was going to have an allergic reaction since I had no reaction. I proceeded to DAY 2, I took 22 rose hips caps, Yes I said 22! DAY 3, I took 24 rosehips caps. You DO NOT take a high dose of Rosehips for more than two days! . The Rosehips were extraordinary it seemed to work and my suffering decreased by 90%. I want to give credit where credit which is Robert Von gave me the Rosehips and anti-infection drink method He is amazing. By the time I was diagnosed my suffering decreased by 97% . Anyhow it is good first to get a diagnosis and work from there. I have insurance the medical cost out of pocket is about $4000 plus no diagnosis and the Naturopathic method cost $350.00 including diagnosis and cure.

Replied by Holly
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Who's your natural doc in LA? I'm on antibiotics now for SIBO, but want to do an alternative if this doesn't work... which I'm reading is a high percentage. Thanks, Holly

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Holly, I believe Kayla was refering to Robert Von, the name associated with the "mini beet protocol". His site is or if that doesn't work, try googling "mini beet protocol". Miracle of the cleansing power and rejuvinative power of the beet but there is a way to consume it so check out what Robert Von says. Beet in quantity must be taken with apple to keep the use of beet in quantity over time from causing intestinal problems, and other ways to consume beets for best results.

Replied by Belinda Wurn, Pt
(Gainesville, Fl)

Dr. Mark Pimentel, MD is one of the experts in SIBO, and he is at UCLA, Cedars Sinai Hospital. He's the head of G-I Motility, and has writen a book on SIBO, and done many studies on it over the past 11 years. If you can see him- I would do it in a heartbeat! He is definitely in sync with the Naturopaths as far as treating SIBO with Rifaximin, Neomycin in methane-dominant, then herbals, a prokinetic and the Elemental Diet, if the FODMAPS or SCD don't work.

Replied by Silas
(Bend, Or)


By 100% fresh rose hips, you mean freshly cut, sifted and then dried, right? If not, how does one encapsulate a fresh (from the ground) Rose hips? Thanks.

Low Carb Diet and Peppermint Oil

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Posted by Steve (Halifax, Nova Scotia) on 02/13/2022
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About three years ago I had food poisoning. As a result, I experienced a prolonged period of IBS-C. This condition persisted for about five months. I thought I was beginning to heal when I began to develop IBS-D. I tried many approaches, eliminating things from my lifestyle that might cause the diarrhea, such as alcohol, coffee and spicy food. However the condition only got worse. Then I tried antibiotics and about a year ago I tried the FODMAP diet. Again, the condition only got worse.

Then I found medical centers providing information on SIBO. The causes, symptoms and treatments. 35 days ago I started a low carbohydrate diet (<30 grams per day)and 10 days ago I started taking peppermint oil capsules. As of 5 days ago, I have been IBS-D symptom free.

The combination of restricting carbohydrates and the peppermint oil capsules have provided me the first consistent relief from the IBS-D in three years.

I am sharing this so others suffering from this serious condition might be encouraged to keep researching and to be willing to try treatments that have a sound medical foundation and have case studies that show success.

I was becoming depressed about not finding a solution. My local medical advisers actually gave me the wrong advice that aggravated my condition. So, sites like this provide case studies and real examples of people healing themselves.



Multiple Remedies

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Posted by KT (Dc) on 08/30/2015
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Sibo: I have a history of food allergies and sensitivities. After a visit to a naturopath about 3 years ago she mentioned overgrowth of bacteria in the intestine. I couldn't afford to keep going, but kept that in the back of my mind. Recently I had a bought with constipation, anxiety, sleeplessness, severe pain in my lower left abdomen, bloating, belching, etc that lasted for a week. I realize I've been bloated for months and just thought I had put on weight

Finally I got some relief. Here's how:

1. Took about 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda in water for temporary relief.

2.Reduced my food intake to less than 1/2 the norm. Cut out all sugar foods except fruit, and a few potato chips (like 1 small bag in a week) Consisted of the following: 1 bottle of water soon upon waking, serving of fresh low-sugar fruit about 30 minutes later. IF I was hungry, 1/2 plate of Green leafy veggies(kale) and 1/3 piece of fish(cod) for lunch and again for dinner only if I was hungry.

3. Complied 100% with my food sensitivities for 5 days(if you haven't had a blood test for this, it is a MUST)

4. Drank on average 4 bottles of water a day, some non-caffeinated herbal tea

5. Made sure I had enough time to get at least 8 hours of sleep, asleep before midnight

6. Took 1 clove of chopped fresh garlic with water (like a pill) everyday. I've heard some people with acid reflux have issue with garlic so obviously omit this if you have to. I also started taking turmeric as it is antibacterial, antiviral, antiinflammatory

7. When I was finally able to have bowel movements, I did so in the squatting position (on american toilets that really consists of using a stool you can order on amazon, or hoisting your legs/feet onto the seat. Takes practice/getting used to). This allows your colon to be emptied more completely.

Within 7 days, my stomach was flatter than it has been in a LONG time, inflammation in other parts of my body that I've had for years, went away! Eczema has begun to clear.

Hope this is helpful

Replied by Alina
(Miami, Florida)

Has this kept working for you?

Replied by Yohan

Did you make full recovery and beat SIBO through your own remedies posted above alone? I'm interested since I've been having symptoms for 7 months. I really just want to recover and eat the foods I want to eat without intolerance, pain and all the bad stuff. Also, thanks for the post. I hope you are doing very well now because it has been a few years.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kevin (Ma) on 07/26/2013

SIBO - Fight: I'm so amazed by so many people in the same struggle. I've been dealing with this for at least 7 years now. Drs never found a thing. I've found out about berberine (Goldenseal) and Enteric Peppermint Oil. Gonna go hard on those two while also doing a periodic salt water flush. Adding to it fresh tumeric tea everynight with ginger and lemon. Gonna do this for as long as I can and going to add food grade hydrogen peroxide when it arrives in the mail any day now. When all of that is done, I'm gonna do a cleanse with paragone! Either I will be healthy and feeling better or dead and without the gas, bloating and irritation. If I don't report back in 3 months somone call the EMTs, the morgue or the Pastor!!!

Replied by Ed2010

hi Kevin from Ma - Multiple options are available for SIBO cure:

  1. Oil pulling - really flushes out bacterial load in the intestines.
  2. Take Ted's Alkalizing formula to alkalize your body. Alkalizing the body starts your body. it inhibit bacterial growth.
  3. You can take 1 tsp of Colloidal Silver in empty stomach and don't take anything for half hour. Colloidal Silver is one of the best Anti bioti and Antiviral.
  4. Similarly you can Lugols Iodine 5% solutions. Take 5 drops every day for 2 weeks and give rest for 1 week.

When you are taking any anti bacterial or anti viral supplements, make sure to take some detoxing foods such as Dandelion Tea, Fiberous food and water. And simultaneously, you have to replenish your gut bacteria. The best choices are:

  • Milk Kefir
  • Miso Soup
  • Saurkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Water Kefir
  • Kombucha Tea

Sometimes sibo can be tackled just by taking fermented foods.

Pls read full Hemmorhoids post, you can read more info about curing UC, which is the same treatment for SIBO.

Good Health

Replied by Kevin

It's me again. Got some meds from the Dr., Neomycin. On day 3 coupled with violent D! OMG! Gonna go on a liquid diet until I finish it and then hit the food grade peroxide as hard as I can. Listen everybody, don't give up! Try hard and take risks! This thing is evil!!!

Replied by Happy
(Up The Creek In Wv, Usa)

in response to - Kevin from Ma:......... Listen everybody, don't give up! Try hard and take risks! This thing is evil!!! "

KEVIN - Find then cause, then, stop the cause, then the symptoms will go away.

What is the cause of SIBO ?

Something that kills off your natural native gut bacteria. After that happens, a non-native species of bacteria moves in, and occupes the desert there in your poisoned gut. Then they say you have SIBO.

One cause is BT toxin. A 2nd cause is round-up herbicide. both kill off your native gut bacteria.

Where do these come from?


These things have both BT toxin and round-up herbicide in the tissues of the vegetable, seed, or fruit.

You eat FRANKENSTEIN FOOD and it poisons you. Kills the natural, native , gut bacteria off. Your gut is then open to invasion by non-native un-healthy bacteria from the environment, from nature. You now have SIBO. Congratulations. write a letter to the FDA & MONSANTO to thank them for your SIBO.

When animals are fed these FRANKENSTEIN FOODS in tests, they get sick and die. Just like humans do. That's why these GMO foods have never been " officially" tested on humans for safety. They have secretly been tested, and they failed the tests. They are not safe to eat. They create their own poisons, and then get sprayed with round-up herbicide, to keep the weeds down. They are GMO spliced to withstand being sprayed with lots of ROUND-UP HERBICIDE. which also kills of your native gut bacteria.

This should be a motivation for you to only buy and eat organic grown foods for the next 10 years.

Replied by KT

Hi Happy from UTC, Wv--Wanted to advise you that "organic" doesn't always mean safe. I'm in the process of trying to heal myself too. I've received several email of posts I wanted to "watch" for helpful advice and offer advice for things I have learned. Some of my posts include the fact that ALL of our food has been genetically modified in one way or another and has become harder to digest. We are all on our own and have to discover, by the process of elimination, what we can eat.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

A field test was recently conducted in a researcher's back yard next to the woods with a holder of an ear of dried non-GMO corn and a separate GMO corn on the cob. The little squirrels instinctively ate very little GMO corn as apposed to all the NGMO as evidenced by photographs.

Replied by KT

Maybe the NGMO corn was not as contaminated as the labeled GMO corn. When squirrels are hungry enough they will eat things that are not good for them. My daughter and I raised two abandoned squirrels here by the directions of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. One hung around for four years until he got eaten and the other one had babies every six weeks for eight years until she either died or got eaten.

The fact remains that all of our food has been tainted in one way or another. 1 John 5:19

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Kt, The thing with the squirrels rejecting the labeled GMO corn reminds me of an observation my son has made. He has some pigs and we give them table scraps and stuff. They even eat the egg shells from our chickens. However, if we ever have any eggs from the store, they absolutely refuse to eat those egg shells. And pigs will eat anything. Scary!

At the same time, I do agree with you Kt, that none of our food is perfect here!

It is a difficult balance... I want to feed my family as healthy as I can without stressing about food or becoming afraid of it. Fear is certainly not good for health. "A merry heart does good, like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones."

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Hi Mama to Many, wondering if the refrigeration changed the smell of the eggs to the pigs. Eggs coming from the same environment would have a familiar smell. Just guessing. What is happening to our food has been going on for well over fifty years. I don't understand whether you are in agreement with what I said to Timh or if you agree with him that GMO-free food is available.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Hi Kt, To be honest, I really don't know if GMO food is available or not. I haven't studied it much. I was agreeing with you that none of our food could be perfect. For example, I can grow veggies in my garden and buy organic seeds and not use chemicals on them and I know I am getting a better product that what I am getting at the store. At the same time, I have only lived in my current house for a year. Who knows what has been sprayed on my property in the past? To be organic, I think it has to have no chemicals for 5 years. But can I be sure they don't linger longer than that in my soil?

Last year we bought a bunch of apples that were IPM (Integrated Pest Management) from a food co-op. They were delicious. When I ran out and bought some at the store (not organic or anything) they tasted terrible after what I got used to. A friend's daughter, less than 2 years old, eats the skin of an apple when her mother buys organic apples but not if they are not. The little girl has no idea but they must taste different to her. So, I know there are differences in the food available...

So, I go for the best quality I can, within my budget and try not to worry about it beyond that. All organic is not in my budget, for sure.... we are feeding 11 people on 1 income.

Hope that made sense! Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Hi Mama, I wanted you to be aware that I am not stressed about or afraid of the food. I have become very aware of what is happening to our food supply and just trying to be careful. We cannot afford organic anything. II Cor. 2:11

Replied by KT

Hi Mama to Many, genetically modified organisms have infiltrated our entire food supply. Go to the library and ask for a video about GMO's. GMO grasses and grains are not only being fed to the animals we eat but are fed to the critters we get milk and eggs from. I don't think I can give you the name on this site. I've had some posts removed because I said something wrong. The fact is that our food is being engineered to last longer so it is harder to digest. I posted what I knew on WebMD but got locked out of the site because I posted truth. The medical profession does not want to make people well because then no one would have a need to see a doctor to get Rx for ailments. I had to beg WebMD to be reinstated but the post is gone. I just read and don't post anymore there.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying to never go to the doctor. What I'm saying is that a lot of what we think is safe to eat could very well be causing the ailments diagnosed only to be given meds to fix a problem that ends up causing another problem for more meds. I could not afford suggested "natural" things mentioned here to treat different ailments if I needed them. The "naturals" can be just as much of a problem. I barely have enough for food because of having to pay so much for hospitalization out of my SSD retirement. I'm trying to use food as a preventative medicine. My husband is not gainfully employed and eats more fast food poison or goes without eating because he is on the road so much. I think I'd rather give you more details through email.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Patti (Newport Beach, Ca) on 11/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Wanted to share a remedy that works for my SIBO. I took 2 rounds of antibiotics and the bloating and symptoms kept coming back. Then I began drinking tumeric/ ginger/ lemon and black pepper tea every night. This cured my SIBO. Tumeric is an antibacterial that works great.

Make the tea by boiling water and adding it to shredded tumeric, shredded ginger, slice of lemon and sprinkle of black pepper. The black pepper maginifys the potency of the tumeric. Let all this sit and stew for about 10 min. I scoop out the bottom shredded stuff after drinking the tea. The tea tastes good!! Works amazing!!

I tried lots of remedies listed on the site but found this to be the best. Tumeric is great for a whole list of things. Research it and you will be amazed!!

Hope this helps someone. I drink the tea every night and it removes any bloating and keeps the SIBO from coming back.

Replied by Juanita
(Irvine, Ca)

Hello Patti from Newport Beach Ca.. I have been told I have SIBO. I have taken the breathe test and it came back positive. I saw your remedy on this site and was wondering the exact formula. How much tumeric, shredded ginger? Look forward to you hearing from you. Thanks Juanita

Replied by Kathy
(The Usa)

I would like the amounts too. I would take a heaping 1/4 tsp of turmeric and ginger in some warm water and didn't know this was a reported remedy. I just just took it to reduce inflammation. I was unaware of the information about the pepper so I'm going to add that.

Replied by KT

Still looking for a reply on the ratio from Patti.

Replied by Sj
(Eugene, Oregon)
Replied by KT

Thank you, Sj from Eugene, OR: The article is very good. I copied the recipe but, for me, I had already reduced the ginger to about half the amount of turmeric used. That seemed to help lower my "hot spells".

Replied by Silvestrova
(San Diego, CA)

How long did it take to feel results from drinking the turmeric/ginger/black pepper tea?

Replied by KT

Re: Sibo Remedies: Dear Silvestrova, I'm sorry I cannot recall how long it took for results to be noted. I haven't been consistent. I think taking the BSM and ACV with the mother contributed.

Avoiding hidden sources of MSG and GMO's is nearly impossible. I have learned reducing portions and going longer between meals is beneficial.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by V (La, Ca) on 06/29/2012

I had every test imaginable ... colonscopy, endoscopy, barium swallow with follow through which almost sent me into cardiac arrest! So not worth it! I took the hydrogen breath test and my ND said, it was positive for SIBO. The SIBO had also caused a bumpy facial rash.

I tried many things- this is what cured me: I took peppermint oil complex pills (Mentharil) every six hours, start with one and see how you react then move up to two . First thing in the morning and at night I would drink organic cilantro juice, made in the blender. Please drink a small glass at first because cilantro is a chelating agent too much too fast can cause you too react. During the day I would drink freshly grated ginger tea go easy on the ginger juice too much will cause a headache. Ginger does not let the bacteria to stick to the small intestines so it can be washed out of the body. I also drink water with 100% natural sea salt which is anaerobic. No sugar, dairy, or grains.

My main meal was a dal like soup with 15-20 cloves of garlic, 1/2 an onions and 1 T turmeric and couple slices of ginger, 1 C coconut milk. I would let this dal like soup boil until the lentils turned into thick sauce. And I would eat this every day, it is medicinal soup.

Replied by Sue
(Wisc., USA)

To V from La, Ca, how long did you follow this remedy and do you have a recipe for the dal soup? I am going to try to follow this plan. Thanks


Posted by Grady (Bolivia) on 08/07/2014

Kresser has lots of good info on probiotics, prebiotics, SIBO, and gut health on his site.

Rosacea Connection

Posted by Chaitu (New York) on 07/11/2011

First of all, am sorry if I am not supposed to post the below in earth clinic -

I am not sure, if any of you are considering alternatives. I came across an intersting link between Small intestinal Bacterial (SIBO) linked to rosacea. Doctors seem to be treating this and not just skin (I felt, though am not sure). Here is an interesting except I found.

My experience with rifaximin as an attempted treatment for papulopustular rosacea:

After I discovered the information about the allegedly uplifting results others had seen with this drug in despair of the disfiguring consequences we are all too familiar with I spent my last money on a trip to Barcelona, Spain, where rifaximin is produced and sold under the brand name Spiraxin available for purchase in any pharmacy without prescription from a doctor. I actually took 1200 mg/day for two weeks, not just ten days. When taking my first dose, my rosacea was worse than ever, pretty much. Well, long story short, aften five days I noticed improvement, on day ten I was CLEAR! Since then (three weeks post-treatment), my skin has been so much better, with only the occasional little pustule or papule if I eat unhealthy as a little reminder to struggle with I now have cleaner skin than most people my age (I`m 19):) SIBO was obviously my problem, and fortunately the bacteria reacted positively to the drug thank you, life! How long it will take before I experience complete remission is unknown, but I'm at least hoping for a few months rifaximin does not trigger resistant bacterial colonies in your gut and can be used repeatedly with approximately the same effect over and over again. Just remember to take probiotic supplement between courses. I`ll keep you updated whenever something remarkable happens, enjoying a renewed self-esteem and life quality in the meantime.

So, for others, try it; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I love and empathize with you all, stay strong and don`t give up no matter how troubling rosacea can be to how we judge ourselves. We are beautiful xanthochroids regardless."

This is directly related to SIBO controlling and kind of new invention. This means rosacea is internal digestive system trigger and not just at shallow level (skin). The bad bacteria is causing rosacea inside stomach and controlling this, slowly improving your digestive (good) bacteria sends rosacea into remission.

Sea Salt

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Posted by Kayla (Pacific Nw, Or) on 05/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer from SIBO. I woke up at 3 am with burning and pressure under my rib cage, I was doubled over I was sure we have to go to the ER. I realized that maybe the SIBO bacteria must increased overnight. Anyhow, I read Ted's remedies regarding sea salt. Wow is sea salt soooo powerful I took one lemon squeeze the juice into a glass, plus a 1 teaspoon of sea salt ( Ted's quote "Bacteria dies One teaspoon - two teaspoon of sea salt in 1 glass of water, ONE SINGLE dose stopped the urinary tract infection. " ) but since my SIBO symptoms were extreme and I thought I would try sea salt in glass of water I drank it down my symptoms disapperared within an hour I could not believe it!!! The effects of sea salt certainly verified that the discomfort is indeed from bacteria that is causing the SIBO.

I also take 1/2 cup organic 100% natural cranberry juice, ( No sugar added, the kind you buy in the health store or New Seasons kind of store) plus the juice from one squeezed organic lemon plus 1 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar the kind you buy in the health and mix all three into 8 oz of water and drink three times a day. This might help some of you that are suffering it sure has helped me.

Replied by maria
12 posts

which side did you have the pressure under rib cage. Did the salt work for you?

Sea Salt, Lemon and Cranberry Juice

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Posted by Gallee (Grimsby, England) on 09/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Sibo- Had problems with excess belching and feeling ill after eating for years. First tried digestive enzymes with betaine Hcl.

This worked for about a year then slowly got worse. Couldn't drink water unless I added lemon juice. Cut out sugar and cut down carbs. Massive improvement. But still the odd episode of gas and feeling ill. Read about someone using combination of sea salt, lemon juice and cranberry juice. Not too bad to drink slowly and appears to be working. Only one day so far. Will try glass of this each night for a week and see how it goes. Fingers crossed. Every time I went to doctors they prescribed antacids which made it worse.

Replied by maria
(london canada)

How did the salt work for you?

Replied by Sal

How did this wind up working out?

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