Herbal Solutions for SIBO: Effective Natural Treatment

Posted by Patti (Newport Beach, Ca) on 11/11/2012

Wanted to share a remedy that works for my SIBO. I took 2 rounds of antibiotics and the bloating and symptoms kept coming back. Then I began drinking turmeric/ ginger/ lemon and black pepper tea every night. This cured my SIBO. Turmeric is an antibacterial that works great.

Make the tea by boiling water and adding it to shredded turmeric, shredded ginger, slice of lemon and sprinkle of black pepper. The black pepper magnifies the potency of the turmeric. Let all this sit and stew for about 10 min. I scoop out the bottom shredded stuff after drinking the tea. The tea tastes good!! Works amazing!!

I tried lots of remedies listed on the site but found this to be the best. Turmeric is great for a whole list of things. Research it and you will be amazed!!

Hope this helps someone. I drink the tea every night and it removes any bloating and keeps the SIBO from coming back.