Sebaceous Hyperplasia Remedies

| Modified on Feb 10, 2023

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a fairly common and frustrating skin condition that can be treated effectively using natural methods. Essential oils as well as natural facial tonics diminish the appearance of the growths commonly associated with the condition. Regular cleansing of the skin with these treatments also prevents recurrence.

What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

A non-cancerous overgrowth of the normal oil glands in the skin, sebaceous hyperplasia manifests as skin-colored or yellowish growths that have a central opening or pore. The condition is typically painless and does not itch but is a noticeable growth on the skin. The cause of the condition is considered hereditary.

Natural Treatments for Enlarged Oil Glands

The overgrowth of the oil glands can be effectively treated using a variety of natural means. Essential oils, including peppermint and lemon, are appropriate skin treatments that alleviate the condition. Likewise, apple cider vinegar can also be used to eradicate sebaceous hyperplasia and other skin conditions.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is an effective antibacterial agent as well as an anti-inflammatory. A highly concentrated compound, peppermint oil penetrates the skin and works to loosen the underlying oil associated with gland overgrowth. As it removes the excess oil, it also reduces the appearance of enlarged glands by minimizing inflammation.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil serves as a potent antiseptic, astringent and moisturizer. Applied to an affected area, lemon oil naturally cleanses the skin eliminating any underlying infection as well as balancing the natural oil in the skin to limit overproduction. It also functions to soothe inflammation and stimulate lymphatic flow, assisting in treatment of sebaceous hyperplasia.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also an effective tonic for treating the condition. The acidity of the vinegar penetrates the skin and naturally dissolves cysts or bumps associated with the condition. Apple cider vinegar also balances the pH of the skin minimizing overgrowth of the oil glands.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a benign overgrowth of the oil glands in the skin. While the ailment is considered mainly cosmetic, it can be a frustrating and even embarrassing condition for affected individuals. Natural remedies offer effective treatment for the condition with minimal recovery time.

ACV, Essential Oils, Electric Pen

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Posted by Amz (FL) on 05/08/2021

I'm using all the oils layered straight no mixer and ACV and layering them. I read to use a carrier oil but I didn't. My skin is very tough though. I read it can burn the skin but it didn't burn mine it's just very smelly. I use them before I shower and leave them on as long as I have time.

I'm also using one of the cheap electric pens from amazon to zap them every couple of weeks without going overboard. I just gently let the electricity hit them a couple of zaps and let a scab form it takes me about 5 days to heal. Don't pick off the scab it can scar. You can find youtube video's on this topic or go to an esthetician.

The pen was about $12 and people use them on skin tag and mole removal as well. I haven't tried that function but they are called mole remover pens on amazon. I'm only using the pen on larger SH with a fine tip. I stay very surface level. It does have a bad burnt flesh smell while you're doing it. Use caution and start slow and gentle, everyone's skin is different.

Replied by Eng Teik

HI thanks for your feedback. Can you let me know which pen product did you get and the fine tip you are using? If you can provide the link that would be helpful. thank you. AL

Laser Treatment

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Posted by Denise74 (Richmond, Va - Usa) on 08/10/2012

I have had my sebaceous hyperplasia treated with amazing results using the smoothbeam laser. I found a great and talented doc that is know for his laser expertise here in Richmond, VA. So I would recommend finding someone really good with the Smoothbeam laser. They used a substance "ALA" first, before the laser itself, and the ALA enhances the laser treatment. My doctor told me that there is a 60% success rate with it. Well, it's worked great for me. The laser basically destroys the oil gland. Hope that helps! Just got my second treatment yesterday. I couldn't be happier. I literally had dozens of those things on my face. Thank God for lasers!!!

Replied by Jack
(Tx, US)

How much did the process cost?

Replied by Nancy
(New York, Ny)

Hi!!! Saw your message!!! Can you you tell me if treatment left scarring???

Replied by Steven Rivera

I had the laser treatment and every single one they treated came back. The laser didn't work on me.

Replied by Carol

Didnt work for me either. Nor did cautery or dessication. I am sooooooo depressed over these ugly things.

Replied by Brad

Wondering if the sun is really bad for them.

Replied by Francine

I went to Jean Kingston, Radiance Skin care in Prescott, AZ. She uses a small lead like electrical pencil (believe vascu touch). The SH turned to scabs (total - 10 days down time). Am left with 3-4 tenacious ones, but that's it. Have been dealing with SH for about 15 years now. Use tretitinion every night and was advised that products with glycolic help. -exfoliating cleanser from Amazon, mineral make up). Best of luck...they are a nuisance!

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Mary (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on 04/10/2011

I have been using Lugols iodine for a week on sebaceous hyperplasia. Placing drops with dropper directly on this bumps on my face. It burns a little after a few applications. Skin looks a bit burnt at some of the treated lesions. It clears up right away and they really have gone down to a small size. I am cleaning my face with lemon and ACV. It seem to be the only thing that works after trying with several treatments including acutane twice. Hope this works, God Bless.

Replied by Mary
(Argentina, Buenos Aires)

I am using lugols iodine 2% face painting on my sebaceous hyperplasia and acne for several weeks now, my skin looks soooo much better. No side effects. My husband and son like the positive effects on my face. I am getting friends compliments. I hope to help with my updates.

Replied by Michael
(Mendoza, Argentina)

Mary, Would you or anyone reading this be able to tell me where in Argentina (specifically Mendoza) I may obtain Lugol's Iodine? Thank you, Michael

Replied by Elyna

Where in Mexico can you obtain this iodine? can you order on Internet?

As you all know, they are frustrating and ugh looking! Always covering my forehead with 'bangs' and tired of years of this! One dermatologist told me they were genetic...however I looked back 3 generations of pics. on both sides of thing in common they had: NONE of this, beautiful skin at my go figure :)

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Posted by Diana (Atlanta) on 03/20/2017

I have a mild case of sebaceous hyperplasia, which in recent months has gotten a little worse. It's primarily been on the sides if my cheeks and forehead and recently the bumps got larger. I have about 50 of them. I've been panicked over what to do and scheduled an appt for the smooth beam laser. I'm supposed to go and have the laser done tomorrow. However, on Saturday I read a post on this site on peppermint oil and decided to try it. I dabbed it on all of the spots...a slight burning sensation for a few minutes but tolerable. I've been putting it on twice a day and diluted it a little with water and added apple cider vinegar (another amazing skin product for inflammation). Well, I am blown away!! By Sunday morning they reduced by half and now 48 hours later many are barely visible. My ski. Is!! I am so excited!! I'm thinking I'll cancel my laser appt. I have a few stubborn larger bumps but think I'll wait a week to see how they respond. This is an amazing discovery!! I even had several compliments today on how beautiful my skin looks today.

Replied by Donna

Diana, do you add the peppermint oil to the ACV with water a third of each? I mixed half peppermint oil with half ACV and it burns, especially when I then wipe off with a warm wash cloth. Do you leave your solution on over night?

Replied by Stephanie
(Deptford, Nj)

Did you mix the oil and acv? What ratio did you use?

Replied by Elisa

I just bought the peppermint essential oil but im afraid cus this isn't suppose to be applied to skin it says on the little box its to make ur home smell good and make u relaxed but is it safe? With essential oils do they really need to be diluted in water?

I have these clear colored white bumps on my chin and I know they are spacious hyperplasia. I had them since senior year of high school. Now I have more on my chin since these years have passed and I don't want to go to a dermo cause I know they charge a lot of money before a dermo prescribed me a cream for them and I also have acne he said it will make them flatten. Nope it didnt work so I'm tired of going and I dont want to do surgery cus of scars can occur after. Please help im afraid how to use this essential oil on my skin.

Replied by Laura
(La Verne, CA)

Not sure when you posted, but interested in learning more if this has continued to help you. What about the larger ones you indicated you have.

Replied by Ruby


I just read a post on your page about sebaceous hyperplasia. Can I apply any essential peppermint oil and do I apply it directly to sebaceous hyperplasia bumps or do I have to dilute it?


Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Victoria (Farnham, U.k. ) on 10/17/2015

Peppermint Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

I have been using this for 2 days following reviews on this site and can already see a difference, this seems to be Hereditary as my mum has them and I'm 35 and have a few, tried freezing but this does seem to keeping my fingers crossed!

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Neal (San Jose) on 07/31/2015

I have been using Peppermint oil for 3 days I only have one bump, that I have had for a long time. Tried Liquid Nitrogen which didn't work. I have seen a noticeable difference and am so happy about it. My bump is on the bridge of my nose. I put a drop on a Q tip twice a day and the redness has gone away and the bump has decreased. I would think after another week or two, problem will be solved

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Ellen (Australia) on 11/10/2014

I have Sebaceous Hyperplasia and have been testing 1/2 face w/peppermint oil for about 5 days. I use a cotton swab and place a little dab on each bump. The treated half is noticeably improved. Some bumps have totally gone and others are smaller. It does burn the eyes, so be careful. It is working for me.

Replied by Lisa
(Atlanta, Ga)

I have Sebaceous Hyperplasia really bad all over my face and neck and have tried all of the dermatologist ways for treating. I bought Peppermint Oil to try but it says not to use it on the skin. Did you dilute it or use it from the bottle? I don't want to burn my face on top of it! Thanks!

Replied by Cathy

Peppermint oil has to be mixed with an oil or it will burn the skin, use coconut oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Laura C. (Phoenix, Az) on 04/16/2012

Having recently been diagnosed with sebaceous hyperplasia, I knew the options to treat it were limited and not a guarantee. (Have been in the medical field 25 years) I did some research on my own and found a suggestion for "mint juice". Instead of juicing fresh mint leaves I bought a Peppermint essential oil made from mint leaves. I put it on the few bumps at full strength and then diluted a drop with water and applied it to my entire face am/pm. WOW!!!!!!! It's only been two days and the bumps are HALF their original size! I also put it on a small spider vein on my cheek and noticed a significant reduction in its appearance. (Will try it on the small spider vein on my upper thigh)

Be sure to keep it away from your eyes! Wash your hands thoroughly after applying. You can then use moisturizer or night cream as usual. Hope this helps others!

Replied by Jodi
(London, UK)

I used peppermint oil last night on all the spots and holy crap! If it didn't work. I was amazed! It woke up my entire face and my eyes watered a bit (I have a lot of spots at my temples), but after having lots of lam probe (needle) sessions, this was the cheapest and easiest remedy! I suspect that they will diminish over time by continually using this oil. Thank you!!!!

Replied by Tony

How often should I use the peppermint pure essential oil? It has a pretty stong smell!! I went to the dermatologist about the lumps on my nose and the test came back as Sebaceous Hyerplasia; they gave me retrieve cream and it didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.

Replied by Tpaadil
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I was diagnosed with Sebaceous Hyperplasia last week. The news that it will be a recurring problem was, to say the least, an unwelcome surprise. My question is : How long should one keep the mint oil on the affected area? Does the oil have any adverse affects such as dry skin or anything of that nature? Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Francie

Hello, thank you for the wonderful information. I am going to try the peppermint oil and see if it helps. Very excited to remove these awful bumps.

I do have another question; how is everyone treating the rest of their oily skin. Mine has gotten so bad that I can't wear cover up because my face gets red and extremely oily. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Replied by Kathy

Hi everyone... My skin's has always been extremely dry my entire life and I never had acne... I was stunned that the derm told me that I have sebaceous hyperplasia... I came across this forum amongst many and have tried apple cider vinegar and lavender... The lavender was a booboo (even tho it helped) but then I quickly researched and found that it was OK... I just used the peppermint oil today for the first time and we shall see... As others say it is very strong and my eyes watered for about an hour... GL to all...

Replied by Cheryl

I just turned 50 and it sucks! I have just found out that I have Sebaceous Hyperplasia. I also have fordyce spots on my lips.I have always used expensive products on my face so the sh spots are quite small. I believe this disorder showed up because of menopause. I will try the peppermint oil with skincare regime and see if the little spots will go away (I have always been known for my beautiful skin). I am taking this really hard! The doctor also asked me if I had high cholesterol (yes) so I think I will change my diet as well.

Replied by Kcw

I've had these annoying bumps for as long as I can remember. I've had electric needle treatment (forget the name) by a beautician some years ago as she said it was milia. Wrong! I now know it's sebaceous hyperplasia - I recognise the pics I researched.

Ive been using Essential Oils for years so was intrigued to read here re using Peppermint Oil, so I used it last night. Good god it certainly made my eyes water!! My face 'glowed' for about 45 mins then settled. Woke this morning and I'm certain my bumps already look less, plus one particular annoying one has reduced considerably!! Impressed!

Will continue with this and report back. I have read the bumps will return so treatment does need to be ongoing.

By the way ... Frankinsence and Lavendar is fabulous for ageing skin. Used it for the last year and a friend even asked if I'd had 'something done' to my face ... tee-hee :-)


How do you use the Frankincense and Lavender? I would love to try it as I use oils all the time and I'm always looking for new ideas. Looking for something natural that will tighten my skin and help with the wrinkles and bags (dark circles) around my eyes... don't want to buy expensive "chemical" creams and moisturizers.

Thanks :)

Replied by Drea

If you tried peppermint oil on the fordyce spots on your lips, would love to see if it reduced the FS spots as well. Would be extremely helpful! :)

Replied by Heather T

How long did you use the peppermint oil for? I've been using it for 12 days and think the sebaceous hyperplasia areas have gone down. Some were bigger than others, so still there. Some are gone!

Replied by Carol

You can try two drops of organic frankincense ( boswellia carterii) and three drops of organic lavender ( lavendula angustifolia) in one ounce of organic coconut oil for your face. I hope this helps.

Replied by Cathy
(Yorktown, Va)
2 posts

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I found you guys!!!! I have been suffering with this sebaceous hyperplasia on my face, chest, and a few on my arms for over a year or so and it has been getting worse and worse to the point I have been a hermit. I can't even remember the last time I went out to dinner with my husband and he has been so sweet and does all the errands because I have been horrified over my face and just do not want to be seen. I had to self diagnosis finally within this past week. I was told at first it cystic acne. Then I was on 3 months of treatment with an antibiotic and it did nothing for me. I went to someone else who, after two appointments, told me he had no clue and told me to go somewhere else. My PCP wonders why I am so upset about this. I have been so stressed over this. I am going to try everything you all have mentioned and will report back. Laser treatment will be my last option. Oh thank you all for being here. I have felt so alone with this. Thank you so much.


Peppermint or Lemon Essential Oil

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Posted by Sandra H. (Richmond, Va) on 05/05/2018

Peppermint Essential Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia:

I use straight peppermint essential oil with no adverse effects. I use a qtip to put the oil directly on the lesions. I am also using lemon essential oil the same way. The lemon oil stings a little when it first applied. Otherwise no adverse effects.

Peppermint or Lemon Essential Oil
Posted by Sandra H. (Richmond, Va) on 05/05/2018

Peppermint Essential Oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia:

I use straight peppermint essential oil with no adverse effects. I use a qtip to put the oil directly on the lesions. I am also using lemon essential oil the same way. The lemon oil stings a little when it first applied. Otherwise no adverse effects.

Squeezing Technique

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Posted by Kathleen (Chicago, Illinois) on 12/30/2009

Re: sebaceous hyperplasia/facial oil bumps.. I just removed a very large one from just below the back of my mother's neck on her upper back. I just squeezed. A tip is NOT to use your fingernails, but the sides of your thumbs to minimize breaking the skin and give yourself more leverage. It took three sessions over three days. One characteristic is that the sebum has a strong vinegar smell. I think that is because it is oil that has been there for a long time.

The second tip is to squeeze at the very outer edges, again for maximum leverage.

Finally, you might want to use something like Neosporin to prevent an infection after each session.

Replied by Kathleen
(Chicago, Illinois)

P.S. It has been my experience that they reoccur, so, I check once or twice a year. When they are very large, they have been developing for years.

Replied by Lori
(Washington, US)

I was just told I have this as well. where can I find the things to treat it, at a grocery store?

Replied by Kari

Unfortunately for me none of the above worked, so I will have to look into laser treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Jan (New Mexico) on 12/22/2014

I have had Sebaceous Hyperplasia for over 15 years. The doctor told me I had to have them removed in the office, but that insurance wouldn't pay for it because it was deemed a "cosmetic" procedure.

For the last three months (due to "cranky" skin), I use tea tree oil - very diluted with water - after I wash my face. I follow up with coconut oil for moisturizer. The unexpected side effect? My sebaceous hyperplasia is gone.

Replied by Ladonna

I have sebaceous hyperplagia, this is Very distressing for me. Will tea tree oil help? And how do I use it? Does it need to be diluted. Please help!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Ladonna,

I would try the tea tree essential oil diluted in some extra virgin coconut oil topically once or twice a day. 1-3 drops of tea tree essential oil per teaspoon of coconut oil.

~Mama to Many~

Test for Heavy Metals

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Posted by Laurac (Phoenix, Az) on 02/11/2015

I posted in the past (4/2012) regarding sebaceous hyperplasia. Since then I discovered from a conversation with one of the nation's leading Naturopathic Physicians, that the CAUSE of sebaceous hyperplasia is from toxic levels of some substance in your body that is trying to come out through your skin. For me, it is high levels of mercury and lead ~mercury from dental fillings and lead from lead paint as a child.

If you don't eliminate the CAUSE the hyperplasia will return. An allopathic physician doesn't deal with this, so make an appt. with a naturopath. Hopes this helps!

Replied by Kro1
(Portland, Or)

It's curious that you say it's caused by metal toxicity or a build or of something, as I have recently been doing a detox with food-grade diatomaceous earth. A happy side effect (that I wasn't expecting) is that my sebeacious hyperplasia is shrinking fast. I had been using peppermint and lemon essential oils for about 3 months, and still am, and that regimine reduced them by about half, but now I am finding after 6 weeks of using food grade D.E. cleanse that they are even smaller. D.E. is said to absorb and remove metal build-up from the body so I will keep with my program.


Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is working to improve my skin, too. This includes a noticeable reduction in sebaceous hyperplasia.

Replied by Joan
(Augusta, Ga)

What is a D.E. cleanse?

EC: DE = Diatomaceous Earth