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Posted by Art (California ) on 04/25/2018 1455 posts
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Sarcoidosis is a very difficult disease because the cause is unknown and consequently there is very little in the way of traditional help for people living with this disease. Doctors generally prescribe systemic and or topical steroids for this disease to try and control runaway inflammation associated with the disease process. There are some researchers who theorize that there may be some type of pathogen involved and others who believe it to be an autoimmune issue, but no conclusive evidence to prove cause and effect, leaving the patient in a type of health limbo.

Sarcoidosis can go after many areas of the body including, but not limited to the skin, lungs, heart, eyes, brain and other organs. In this sense it has some similarities to Lupus. Obviously when sarcoidosis goes after the major organs, it can be life threatening and though steroids can be helpful, you can not take them indefinitely because steroids themselves can create new health issues which can also be serious, so some type of alternative would be very useful for people living with sarcoidosis. Studies into sarcoidosis are very limited as anyone who has researched this disease is acutely aware of!

On that note, the following abstract of a study suggests just such an alternative that may be useful for sarcoidosis based on the study results!

Although this is not a huge study it does shine some light into an area of current day medicine that is very poorly lit or understood and it offers hope for a disease that has been pretty much hopeless for patients.

Melatonin is a favorite supplement of mine and it has a very good safety profile, as it should, since it is naturally produced by the body and the body has multiple melatonin receptors suggesting the bodies potential to utilize melatonin effectively. Melatonin is also readily available at the effective dosage used in the study. Melatonin has many health benefits well beyond the scope of this study making it quite useful in the area of health improvement. Melatonin is relatively inexpensive.

One very good thing about this study is that, at the dosage used in the study, it should be practical for you to show this very brief abstract to your doctor to get your doctor's approval and supervision for its use. Given the increased mortality rate associated with this disease, this could be life saving information for some people living with sarcoidosis!