Salivary Glands and Saliva Issues

| Modified on Feb 17, 2023
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Excessive saliva and inadequate supplies of saliva in the mouth (dry mouth) can be equally problematic health issues. Luckily, natural remedies exist to help either increase or decrease your saliva production.

The mouth's salivary glands are necessary to produce the saliva that initiates chemical digestion, consolidates food so that it is easier to swallow, and to clean the mouth of food and bacteria after eating. Yet the salivary glands can become blocked, swollen, and painful due to infection. Some genetic conditions also result in excessive salivation and drooling or inadequate salivation - with negative effects on digestive health in both cases.

Home Remedies: Chewing gum and adding sea salt to your diet could help moderate or control excess saliva. Starting your meal with a bitter or sour food will also stimulate your digestive system, in the case of dry mouth due to inadequate saliva production.

Dry Brushing

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Posted by Christine (North Carolina) on 07/27/2015

I have been experiencing pain in one of my salivary glands. I saw a doctor who felt it wasn't an issue, but said sometimes the gland can become painful. I had gotten rid of the pain once before by dry brushing the area with a soft bristled brush. He said to try that again, brushing with a soft child's brush from the gland towards the chin. I have been doing that daily for a minute each day and the pain was gone after 3 days. Initially I noticed a little increase in the pain right after the brushing, but the reduction in pain was apparent from the first day. The first time the pain appeared I also did oil pulling, which seemed to help. I would still see a doctor to be sure there isn't a mass or a more serious issue, but dry brushing really cleared up my pain in a jiffy.

Excessive Saliva Remedies

Posted by Jeanne (Tampa, Florida ) on 02/17/2023

I have excessive saliva what can I use to dry it up?