Salivary Duct Stone Remedies

Posted by Tim (Medicine Hat) on 10/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

The submandibular gland has plugged on and off since being a teenager - painful. The gland was successfully removed at age 35, the stone was round and the size of the Canadian loonie. After surgery, I noticed that heart burn and stomach acid became more of an issue.

The saliva gland on my left side began plugging on and off causing some pain (in my 40's). Again was told to have surgery to remove the stone(s). I started taking magnesium gycinate 3 x daily (1 x before bed) each dose of 200mg to 400mg(mostly 400mg). The magnesium and massaging the gland daily has kept the gland open. If I slack off on taking magnesium the gland issues comes back, along with muscle aches. I also take 200mcg K2 daily with multi-vit & minerals. I do take some Iodine a couple months of the year - not regular. Going to research the iodine. Thanks for all the information on this issue.