Salivary Duct Stones - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Salivary Duct Stones. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Ashley (Ga) on 04/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I used to get salivary duct stones about once every year due to dryness caused from Sjogren's Syndrome. They usually lasted about 2 weeks. Interestingly, I started taking high dose iodine (Potassium Iodide/Iodine 100mg per day, not mcg) and stopped getting them. This past year, I quit the iodine, and 12 months later, not surprisingly, I got a new duct stone. It was bad. In the parotid. Every time I tried to eat, it would swell up so huge that I could feel it in my eyes, mouth and ears, not to mention in my nerves on my face. It was so painful that I was crying, probably the worst one I have ever had.

I immediately started taking the iodine again-- this time 200 mg iodine/iodide per day (that's milligrams not micrograms). You have to take it with selenium 200mcg (this balances the use of iodine in the thyroid-- see books by Dr Abrahams and Brownstein), and you have to take this high of a dose because you will get bad herxheimer/detox reactions if you take a lower dose.

At lower doses, iodine is a potent oxidizer that kills and destroys pathogens in the body. This causes your adrenals to work in over drive to squelch the inflammation and can lead to detox feelings, adrenal fatigue etc. But when you take a super high dose of iodine, your body, knowing it is sufficient in iodine dose for its needs, starts to make an antioxidant lipid called delta iodolactone, which is 300x more potent that Vitamin C. This lipid squelches the inflammation created by the oxidation created by iodine, and takes the stress off of the adrenals, and eliminates the detox/herx problems caused at lower doses of iodine, such as 12.5mg or 25mg (I couldn't take those lower doses, detox made me sick, but I can easily take 100mg with no problem)

So for the salivary duct stone, I took 200mg of iodine/iodide and 200mcg selenium, and on the second day, I suddenly tasted blood in my mouth because the stone had passed. I knew iodine worked because I had not gotten stones for several years while taking it, but didn't know it could work so fast at higher doses.

Iodine is not only a natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral but it is also a mucolytic that dissolves stones in the salivary glands and the gallbladder. Iodine saturates glands; it is a missing nutrient and necessary for glandular health.

Happy healing, y'all.

Distilled Vinegar

Posted by Immi_geez (Royal Tunbridge Wells, Uk) on 07/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars


Here is my experience with the Salivary stones, hope it would help others.

Back in March (2016) I started noticing inflammation under my tongue particularly after the meals. After a few more weeks a started noticing a white pointy thing under my tongue on the right side. I went to see my GP(local doctor) who prescribed me an antibiotic course, which I completed but of no use. I went back in again to see my GP and he referred me to an ENT specialist.

The ENT specialist inspected me in the beginning of May and as the stone has come all the way up and wasn't coming out, he suggested a surgery (rather a minor procdure) to pluck out the stone. He did mention he might have to make a small cut to the duct to take it out but he wouldn't prefer it, rather as a last resort.

I didn't hear anything back from him for good 5-6 weeks. And then I got a letter from hospital saying they would like me to come in on 28th of July for the surgery. It was around 2nd week of July that my stone started causing me severe pain upon eating food. Usually my breakfasts were worse, lunch and dinners weren't too bad. I think some foods triggered more pain than others, it was a horrible feeling not being able to enjoy food. About a week ago from today when I was all set for the surgery I read up on internet where different people had suggested different things they have tried for their pain relief. So I decided to give one of them a go.

At Lunch time I was eating noodles and when the duct had swollen up I applied Distilled Vinegar through a cotton bud on my swollen duct. Luckily I am one of those who like vinegar. After few more sips of my noodles I applied the vinegar again and the magic happened. The stone just came out, I had tears in my eyes as I had suffered from such long time and yet the remedy was so simple.

Now I have cancelled my surgery and I can eat pain free now. I did have another small stone that came out itself after couple more days. My salivary gland still swells up little bit when I eat but there is no pain.

I hope this helps you and thanks for reading. All the best to everyone.


Lemon or Orange Essential Oil

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 05/09/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Over the weekend I was having pain under my tongue and the glands were swelling under the jaw bone on the same side of my face. At first I thought it was a canker sore, and was applying baking soda to the sore spot and massaging the swollen gland with castor oil.

Then I realized that the little gland under my tongue had a very white "thing" in it, in addition to the redness and swelling. It did not look like pus and it did not look like a canker sore. I had heard of salivary duct stones and after some research realized that was probably what it was.

Of course, the first place to check for remedies was Earth Clinic. I had orange and lemon essential oils on hand, which were two oils with positive results. I used a q-tip to apply straight orange essential oil to the swollen salivary duct, right where the "stone" was. I did this every few hours. It wasn't seeming to cause any change so I switched to lemon essential oil. I applied it before bed and again when I got up in the morning. A couple of hours later, I applied the lemon oil again, while I was massaging the gland with the q-tip, out popped the little stone! It was perhaps just 1 mm, like a large grain of sand. But hard as a rock. For as small as it was it was causing an awful lot of trouble!

It was not long before the gland in my neck felt better and the swelling was almost completely gone.

For the record, the lemon essential oil was not a high end oil. It was a "Now" oil and it wasn't organic. (I usually try to get organic essential oils, but I keep this around for cleaning and don't bother with organic for that usually.) I was using it straight but a very small amount (much less than a drop) on a q-tip each time. It did not irritate my mouth at all or even taste strong.

I was tickled that this simple remedy helped so quickly.

~Mama to Many~