Salivary Duct Stone Remedies

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Jakcar (Sacramento, Ca) on 09/09/2017
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Last night while eating a vinegar & salted potato chip, I had a sudden, sharp, radiating pain under my tongue on the left side. Within minutes the glands under my jaw were swollen and a big knot was visible under my chin. WTH? I had no idea what this was. This morning the swelling was still present and I notices that the salivary duct right under the front of my tongue was swollen, felt rigid - like a toothpick was in there, and there was a round white tip present.

I hit the internet and learned that I might have a salivary gland stone. Called for an appointment to see the Dr. on Monday. Each time I attempted to eat, the swelling got worse…then subsided. This evening I decided to search for home remedies for saliva stones and landed on this article. I read the two posts mentioning distilled vinegar, soaked a cotton swab, and applied it to the white spot on my salivary gland. As I moved the swab around, I noticed after a couple of minutes that the white spot got a little bigger, but it wasn't dislodging. I used tweezers designed for splinters and very carefully applied light pressure to the base of the gland and worked my way up. After a minute or two of this, a long white substance resembling a grain of white basmati rice began to work its way out. I was stunned.

Although hard while blocking my gland, the substance was more the consistency of cooked rice, and after I rubbed it I could tell there was a gritty residue. The vinegar must of dissolved the calcium enough to allow it to dislodge.

So, after a spending a day in discomfort, dreading the possibility of surgery or weeks of pain and obvious facial swelling, 3 minutes with a cotton swab and distilled white vinegar appears to have solved my problem. I still have residual swelling under my jaw and I'm hoping this will subside overnight.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experience with this odd condition. I'd never heard of it before, and I am so thankful to have found a way to resolve this on my own. I'm cautiously optimistic that this was the fix and I won't need to visit the Dr on Monday. WooHoo!

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Kofo (Nigeria ) on 05/16/2017
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I read the post from Immi_geez (Royal Tunbridge Wells, Uk) on 07/26/2016 on the use of distilled Vinegar for salivary gland stone and it worked awesome for me too. My symptoms were exactly like the one in the post. Thanks everyone.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Immi_geez (Royal Tunbridge Wells, Uk) on 07/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars


Here is my experience with the Salivary stones, hope it would help others.

Back in March (2016) I started noticing inflammation under my tongue particularly after the meals. After a few more weeks a started noticing a white pointy thing under my tongue on the right side. I went to see my GP(local doctor) who prescribed me an antibiotic course, which I completed but of no use. I went back in again to see my GP and he referred me to an ENT specialist.

The ENT specialist inspected me in the beginning of May and as the stone has come all the way up and wasn't coming out, he suggested a surgery (rather a minor procdure) to pluck out the stone. He did mention he might have to make a small cut to the duct to take it out but he wouldn't prefer it, rather as a last resort.

I didn't hear anything back from him for good 5-6 weeks. And then I got a letter from hospital saying they would like me to come in on 28th of July for the surgery. It was around 2nd week of July that my stone started causing me severe pain upon eating food. Usually my breakfasts were worse, lunch and dinners weren't too bad. I think some foods triggered more pain than others, it was a horrible feeling not being able to enjoy food. About a week ago from today when I was all set for the surgery I read up on internet where different people had suggested different things they have tried for their pain relief. So I decided to give one of them a go.

At Lunch time I was eating noodles and when the duct had swollen up I applied Distilled Vinegar through a cotton bud on my swollen duct. Luckily I am one of those who like vinegar. After few more sips of my noodles I applied the vinegar again and the magic happened. The stone just came out, I had tears in my eyes as I had suffered from such long time and yet the remedy was so simple.

Now I have cancelled my surgery and I can eat pain free now. I did have another small stone that came out itself after couple more days. My salivary gland still swells up little bit when I eat but there is no pain.

I hope this helps you and thanks for reading. All the best to everyone.