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Posted by Angelina (Moncton, N.b., Canada) on 01/10/2011
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I was never officially diagnosed by a doctor with ringworm but I deduced on my own from checking my symptoms online and with friends. I had red itchy rounds blotches on my chest and arms. At first I used ACV and tea tree oil. That stableized things and kept it from spreading but it didn't seem to clear it up. Finally it was suggested to me to scrub with borax and a clean face cloth. Apparently the fungus likes to live underneath dry skin, and so scrubbing away the dead skin would take away the fungus' shelter. I saw results in a day and was so relieved. I continued this for a good few weeks although it was pretty much gone in a week. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't return. Borax is mild anyway. Always make sure the cloth you are using is clean to prevent putting the fungus back on your skin.

Replied by Nina
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Hi, this worked for a friend who had a dog infested with ringworms and also spread it on the people around him.

You would need:

1 bottle hydrogen peroxide ( 20 vol)

Borax ( 20 mule brand)

Spray bottle


Make a mixture:

1. Empty one bottle hydrogen peroxide. Add two times the amount of water. Put it all in a big container. ( this way you made 1% hydrogen peroxide, 1:2 ratio)

2. Using a teaspoon add borax to the solution, stir well. Do this one teaspoon at a time until the borax isn't dissolving anymore. ( super saturated solution)

3. Put the mixture into a spray bottle.

4. Spray it on the affected area after taking a bath. Air dry or blow dry n leave overnight. Do not wioe with towel.

5. Spray against the direction of hair growth to mske sure it gets into the skin and not just the surface.

6. Do this every night or every other night depending on skin's tolerance. If it gets too dry. Apply coconut oil after a few hours. Fungus have roots so make sure the treatment is continued two weeks after itching and ringworms are gone.

7. Don't forget to spray the house n sorroundings as well to kill fungal spores.

8. Wash clothes in borax and detergent.

9.itch is gone at second to third application .

10. Relax, drink some bourbon and know that it's the end of your suffering.

Posted by Smith (San Francisco, California, Usa) on 10/08/2009
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A year ago I came to this site to find a remedy for ringworm. I had gone through an number of over the counter products, which seemed to spread the fungus instead of stopping it. It had developed because of taking prescription medication with fluoride base. Yes I was poisoning myself with a doctor's help.

I tried Apple Cider Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and urine to no avail. By the time I found Borax at WalMart, the fungus had spread all over my hands and I had begun to worry that I would be spreading it everywhere on my body. Plus my hands were cracked and bleeding, blistering and peeling, and the itching was endless.

So I started on Ted's recommended dose of 1/8 tsp in a liter of water and drank it slowly over a few hours. This worked within the first few days so well that I didn't want to stop after a few days to take a break, but I did. Within a months time the ringworm had completely vanished and the only thing left was the tiny pits in my fingernails where the fungus had affected the growth of the new nail.

Once my nails were not pitted anymore I stopped taking the borax supplement.

EC: More about Borax here: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/borax.html

Replied by Bschmidt
(Millet, Alberta)

I thought I'd reply to this thread because when I was younger my sister brought home a kitten with ringworm. Right away I had one on my leg where the cat sat. It was about the size of a dime. So I took After Bite and applied it to the area. (After Bite contains ammonia. ) The ringworm spot puffed up and went back down before my eyes. A couple days later I looked and it was totally gone and never came back.

Calamine Lotion

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Posted by Kokila (Roslyn Heights, New York) on 06/10/2009
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I had a terrible case of A. Lymphedma in my legs and B. Ringworm there as well.
Cured both.

Here's how:
Lymphedema: got this during my pregnancy and continued for almost 2 years thereafter.
I believe from Adrenal and kidney depletion...pregnancy is hard on the glands...adrenals control fluids in the body...so do kidneys.
Anyway..tried everything: Lymphatic drainage massage MLD, acupuncture, herbs, compression stockings, you name it.
Here's what worked: a. Wheatgrass juice daily and fresh celery and spirulina and parsley juice.
b. Epsom salt baths (1/2 pound in the hot water with some bubble bath ,,,natural of course). Soaked 20 minutes a night before bed.
c. trampoline work.

Guess what? I'm cured...the massage therapist said I'd never cure it...that there is no cure. Oh yeah?
I sure hated those compression stockings. UGLY!

Now for the ringworm: AGAIN! Tried everything!!! Spent lots of money on creams, etc. tried herbs, etc. NOTHING! WORKED! The itching was driving me crazy ...plus ugly oozing sores on my legs. In desperation I tried: YES! Calamine lotion. IT WORKS FOLKS!
In a few hours I found relief and now it's gone. Try it. The lotion cost me $1.99

Best of luck.

Calamine Lotion
Posted by maya (chicago, illinois) on 07/30/2007
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I have had body ringworms for almost 6 months now. I tried everything from tea tree oil to otc stuff and nothing seems to be working. I even tried ordering things from the internet and that didn't work either. I have been applying calomin lotion to the infected areas 3x a day and it seems to be working. The only side effect is a light pink ring, but it's better than the ringworm itself.


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Posted by Brittany (Glendale, Az) on 11/13/2016
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Oh my goodness gracious. I suffered from ringworm for a month and a half. I tried anything and everything that I could think of to get rid of it. I tried antifungal creams, tea tree oil, coconut oil, antifungal prescription pills, chlorine dioxide with DMSO, and nothing seemed to help. It had spread to almost my entire body. I was contemplating on quitting my job. Then I read this review on the earthclinic website about Dettol antiseptic liquid. I was able to purchase it at my local international market, called Lee Lee's market. It was in the India section. I diluted it with half water and put it on once a day with cotton balls. After that, I rubbed borax on it, let it dry, and sprayed it with antifungal spray. After the skin dried out, after a few days, it started peeling off and I stopped putting the antifungal powder spray on it. After two weeks of using dettol and borax, it was gone. Every few days, I use dettol and borax to make sure it doesn't come back. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever posted about Dettol. You seriously saved my life. I was about to go crazy.

Posted by Tineacured (India) on 09/04/2014
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Tinea can get stubborn depending on the fungal strain and the site of infection.

Had a Tinea for 12 years. Had tried all possible solutions/ointments/natural remedies, some of them at full strength and also the liver damaging oral anti-fungals. Want to share the simplest remedy that healed me.

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant contains the active ingredient CHLOROXYLENOL 4.8 % w/v and this is also called PCMX which is recommended at 1 % for hand sanitation.
So, about 1% or 1/5th dilution should help if applied thrice a day. Higher concentrations 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/2 is more effective but stings a lot and dries the infection faster and use your judgement while applying in the sensitive areas.

The first application makes the skin dark and dries the outer infected layers and this will fall off within 3-7 days. This can be hastened by the use of salicylic acid soap or ointment that sheds the old skin.
Then target the next layer.

Continue daily or bi-weekly application of the diluted Dettol Antiseptic solution even after cure to ensure continued protection. This is very easy.

Sceptics can google "Gordochom Topical Antifungal" to know how this works.

Among those affected by chloroxylenol are candida albicans, aspergillus niger, aspergillus flavus, trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes, penicillum luteum and epidermophyton floccosum.

One MUST discuss with the health care practitioner before attempting any treatment.

Replied by Diamond
(St Ann, Jamaica)
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Clear Nail Polish really works miracle for ringworm, saw some testimonies and tried it and I was surprised. It really work.

Clear Nail Polish

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Posted by Corinna_bella (Sydney, Australia) on 01/09/2010
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This is not the most natural remedy but it certainly works.

Use a cottontip to wipe ringworm with nailpolish remover (or apple cider vinegar works if you are chemical concious but nail polish remover works best) and then cover the area with clear nail polish (use one of the eco friendly brands if you are concerned about the chemicals)

Reapply the clear nailpolish every couple of hours and it will disappear in 2-3 days.

I tried everything and this worked a dream. Aparently the nailpolish suffocates the bacteria

Replied by Tiff
(San Jose, Califonia)
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I'm going to be very clear. Clear nail polish is the only thing that works! I have had ring worm on and off for the past 12 years, and I've tried everything you can name from perscriptions, over the counter creams, home remedies, bleach, anything you can name. I just recently saw that people were recomending clear nail polish, and the next day it started to fade away, faster then anything I have tried before. Don't let ringworm be in your way!

Replied by Mkm
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Seriously have been suffering with this spreading for months. Now, two days after finding this post and using clear nail polish it's showing dramatic results! At this rate it will be gone within a couple more days. Who would've thought?

Replied by Sarah
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Does top coat clear nail polish work? That's all I have.

Clear Nail Polish
Posted by Ashley (Las Vegas, California) on 12/22/2008
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ringworm - use clear nail polish and it will be gone in a couple days.

Clear Nail Polish
Posted by Anquetta (Tupelo, MS) on 09/04/2008
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My son had ringworm and the best thing thatworks is clear nail polish. Clean the area with peroxide and put two coats (small) on the area and in about 3 days the ringworm will be gone.. trust me .. IT REALLY WORKS.

Replied by Blessed
(Tulsa, Ok)

RINGWORM: How large an area can be painted with Clear Nail Polish?

I was misdiagnosed, but then realized what I had contacted Ringworm - and used tea tree oil initially, but found that better relief with apple cider vinegar. The problem is that is rubbing the apple cider vinegar, the Ringworm has spread to large portions of my body. I hope that I have not gotten a staph infection, as some sections are really red. I started placing some clear nail polish on the areas, but needed to know how much can be applied? Thank you and God Bless!

Replied by Lele
(Riverside, Ca)

This was an interesting remedy that actually worked... Faster than using ACV or Tea Tree Oil alone. I would clean the area using either of the above items mentioned and then apply a thick layer of clear nail polish. There was a huge difference by morning. It only took a few days for it to disappear, but I do recommend doing this a week longer to keep it from coming back. This method is also great to keep other areas from becoming affected.

Also, you may use a liquid bandage. They work the same way and even better if you find one that won't sting!

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Windinthetrees (Fort Collins, Colorado) on 09/21/2012
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I cured a nasty case of ringworm with unrefined raw organic coconut oil. I first had tried tea tree oil, straight, a few times a day. Looked like this might work but it then irritated the skin so bad it ended up spreading it. I also had tried Grapefruit seed extract and this made it itch more. I was getting a bit desperate and I heard about coconut oil somewhere else on the web. I tried it and within just a few days the improvement was significant and it got better and better and then was gone!! I keep applying coconut oil to the area for another month to make sure it would not come back. I also took oil of oregano internally to help my basic body condition. After all the irritation from the tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract the coconut oil was so soothing and it worked so well that I though I would share this. I am surprised there are no other reports on this website for this cure!!

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Cured (Missouri ) on 07/05/2016
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I suffered for 2 full years with ringworm infections and I tried many of the remedies on this site and found some temporary relief from itching but they never went really away. I hope I can help someone. What gave me full relief and healing was this:

- Quit having regular sugar, replaced with stevia in my drinks and meals

- Diminish intake of flour

- Bought me a good fruit extractor (Nutribullet) and had about 16 ozs of vegetable juice twice a day morning and before going to bed. (carrots, whole lime/lemon, celery, ginger, water) . I did try it sometimes with beets and spinach but they had those ingredients for the most part.

- For the itching I used " Blue Star " ointment.

After about 2-3 weeks I started seeing great results until they completely dissapeared.

For maintenance I kept the juices only once a day, every night right before going to bed.

DMSO, Oregano Oil

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 06/08/2016
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HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,, my Tractor Driver has been hanging around me too long. She's getting bettern me at solving problems. She had a ringworm on her ankle and treated it with both walnut tincture and tee tree oil with little success. She read on EC to use oregano.... only she added DMSO and all went into a dropper bottle. She cured her problem PDQ. A week or so ago, I also got a ringworm on my foot and being a good husband followed her lead. Now my ringworm is almost dried up.

Working at the farm in the dew and heat, we stay wet from head to toe and working with mushroom compost doesn't help. Anyways, I think DMSO enhances the properties of essential oils, etc. Her next project is to use Frankincense and DMSO to address a skin tag that her bra is keeping irritated. Her Dermatologist said to leave it alone. That does not make sense. I had her read the archives on EC about this and turned her loose. We'll see what she comes up with.


Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear ORH,

I think you are the only gardener on this site. I was just wondering have you ever used hydrogen peroxide on your plants and vegs if so what results have you had, I tried it on a potted begonia about a month ago and I am pleased with the results. It's winter here and the begonia looks brighter and seems to look healthier, I know that's it early days but I will leave it for a while and see what happens.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U SUSEEQ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm not an expert in this area but use hydrogen peroxide in my water bed. The reason rain water is better for your plants is that it contains H2O2 it acquires by falling through Ozone in the atmosphere. I also use an aerator in my water bed where I start most of my plants and then transfer them to a pot or directly to the garden. You can over do H2O2.

Our Bill Munro healed himself and then began using H2O2 in his garden. He wrote up his trails on the internet.


Wish you well. ======ORH========

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear ORH, thank you for that. I poured a weakened solution on my begonia, cant wait for spring to see how it fares.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I'm a gardener with a couple of raised beds and a sweet potato patch out behind the shed. My problem is bandicoots, a protected species. Nothing much growing now in winter here.

Epsom Salts

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Posted by Deby (Tampa, Florida) on 05/05/2012
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When my son was little I found one spot of ringworm on his backside under his diaper (I never understood how it got there). I tried an over the counter treatment diligently that was basically some type of burning acid. It was quite painful and actually spread the spots. I could not bear to apply the treatment any longer and took him to a doctor that happened to be Cuban and obviously was used to home treatments. He told me off-handedly to just give him a bath in epsom salts. After the first bath, the ringworm was 75% cleared. One more bath was all it took to completely dry out the spots. I was very thankful for such a simple and easy solution.

False Ringworm

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Posted by Alex (Latin America) on 12/14/2020
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You have seen my posts all over the Ringworm topic. For years I tried everything: Bleach, baking soda, nail polish, garlic, coconut oil, soap, undecilenic acid + zinc, miconazole nitrate, borax, hydrogen peroxide, ashes, iodine, salt, turmeric, petroleum jelly, vinegar, and several creams prescribed by doctors.

But now I'm pleased to inform you that after years of suffering, I finally figured out what the problem was.

Several events lead me to the answer: It was not ringworm, it was an allergy.

Many years ago, I bought some menstrual pads (Equate, Night Time) and immediately after putting them on, I felt like my genitals were on fire. I was sure the pad was contaminated and that whatever fungi present had also spread to my right hand.

Ever since, I can no longer wear menstrual pads, creams, oils, or soap around the genital area. I can't even use regular toilet paper or I have a flare up. Sunlight also affects me, even if I don't get sun in my hands, the eczema appears on each of the same places.

As soon as the allergy strikes, my hand gets a rash too. A rash in circles, just like ringworm.

Throughout the years I went to see many doctors, including an allergist, and nobody was able to diagnose the problem.

What helps is muscle relaxation of any kind, supposedly reducing stress helps but I guess I've never been relaxed enough for that. I hope this information is useful to somebody. Best of luck to everyone who is suffering from this.

False Ringworm
Posted by Linda (Yucaipa, California) on 09/09/2012

False Ringworm. My husband has been battling with what the doctors thought was ringworm. Tried all the home and doctor remedies but none worked for more then a day or so if at all and then it started to spread and some of the sores became infected. It started on his arms moved to the torso then his legs. Turns out there is a Eczema that looks just like ringworm. It's called "Nummular Dermatitis". There are pictures and discriptions on the web. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Emily
(Boston, Ma)

I went through such a horrible experience with what I thought was ringworm, that I wanted to share my story in hopes to save people from what I went through:

My first spot appeared in August 2012 on my stomach, at first I thought it was a bad insect bite that just wasn't subsiding, but it slowly grew and started to look like ringworm. I had had ringworm earlier in my life from playing with barn kittens, and showed to the spot to my parents, who confirmed it was ringworm. I went to a CVS and purchased some lotrimin, as directed by the internet. a month in the lotrimin did nothing, new spots were apearing, on my upper thigh, back, but and 1 behind the knee.

When the over the counter meds weren't working, I finally decided to go to a doctor, who after a quick visual inspection confirmed it was ringworm, sent me off with a topical and oral fluconizole because it was so wide spread. No results after three weeks, so I went to another physician.

This doctor took scrapings to do a KOH test, and a live culture. Perscribed me oral lamisil (TERRIBLE for your liver) and another stronger anti fungal topical. 3 weeks later, the spots grew larger, continued to flake and occasionally itch. Both tests came back negative.

I decided to take the matters to a learned dermatologist- a supposed expert on skin conditions. Once again, diagnosed as ringworm, with a positive KOH test ON SITE. I was distraught- ready to try ANYTHING. She prescribed me "the strongest topical antifungal there is, there is no way this won't work- naftin cream"

Naturally I went on EC and read positive reviews for nail polish, bleach and ACV. I even started going to an accupuncturist. Bleach and ACV did nothing... I used 1:3, 1:1 or straight bleach on one spot behind my knee (it actually worked! ), but it was really painful, and I was afraid to use iton the larger, more sensitive areas affected.

Two weeks later I was back in her office, in tears, they had only gotten worse, the strongest cream in the world had not worked, I was ready to take a bleach bath. The doctor was puzzled and I ended up getting a biopsy. 7 days later the results were in - ECZEMA.

She prescribed me a strong steroid cream. the spots were 90% better OVERNIGHT, and 100%, with the exception of some minor skin discoloration in 1 week.

Prior to seeing all three doctors, I informed them that my mother has eczema, and if there was anyway this was some type of eczema, they all dismissed me.

I went through 3.5 months of absolute hell thinking I had incurable ringworm. I couldn't focus on anything buy ringworm, I tried naturasil, and neem products (all of which I was refunded for :) ). and spend hundreds of dollars on other remedys, creams etc etc.

If after a month, your "ringworm" isn't responding to anything, ask your doctor to "try" a steroid cream. They are often hesitant to perscribe them, because if it was actually ringworm, it makes it even worse.

Good Luck!

Replied by Southern Belle

omg I feel ya, I had this blister big one, size tip of pinky about 1/8th of an inch deep, itched like crazy! Went to dr oooh for months, same thing over and over athletes foot, well, finally my mom took me to my aunts office a dr's office yeaaah!, well by this time I had blisters on both feet and it moved up to my hands, he said now tell me if this hurts and I'll stop but I need to scrape these for a culture ....ooooo I was in awwwhh, asking please don't stop! He laughed we waited in the office and he came back within minutes and said I've never seen fungus grow this fast it was white and spreading up the sides of the vile! In minutes!!! Diagnosis? well fungal infection that started due to living on a yaht and carpets get wet, dry, wet, damp, dry etc!

It took me 3 days shy of 1 year to get rid of it and to this day 30yrs later I still get these tiny blisters on the sides of my fingers, what was horrible is that these blisters where coming from inside out you could see them bubbling out of the little hole's eeww like beach clams!, and I now am allergic to all antibiotics except septra, I didn't care I took the last bottle of antifungal pills, that was their last attempt, what happened to add to it I had an allergic reaction to the infection which caused another, add-on which I had a severe allergic reaction on top of it was 3 high of reactions, my feet turned black! And I now have a ring worm ...which is a fungal infection and am terrified that it's turning into the same thing.

and to add to curiosity, my son's fiance is pregnant and the resulting hormones caused valley fever to surface, they induced coma, it went from one lung to another, in days I made her go to hospital, I knew she had pneumonia, when she said her chest hurt, she's been from one hospital then flown by chopper to stanford, last few days is first time, she's eaten, walked few steps at a time but it's a deadly disease most go unnoticed but she was litterally dying and its got a 60% death rate in AZ. in previous studies 1 year there was approx 2,200 cases, in the following year 22,000+ cases!

so I'm wondering if there is any relation tho is said not to cross or jump but the ringworm I got omg I've never seen chit like that but her kids have had it a few times, and think possibly I got it from their house. I actually was freaked out for days thinking it was an actual bug under my skin, theres my phobia BUGS! I've had bleach bath's doc said don't use this cream for more than 5 more days! So I didn't and the bottoms of my feet look like wax paper and then that itch if I had a black'n decker i'd be on high speed with one! Lol, but now ...omg this on top of everything else ...just ducky! I am in love with this site I've been reading for hours!

bleach and I'm making list of other remedies! Thanks!!

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