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Natural Ringworm Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar, L-Lysine
Posted by pamela (cedar park, texas) on 01/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

this is what i had happen with ringworm problems, i got it after i moved to texas from california, there were tons of new things here that was not where i use to live, humidity,' and probably other things i did not see write from the start, i had a big flea problem after the first month, got rid of them, on the pets, then i had tons of strange marks on my arms they finely left, because we have no health insurance, and i believe in all natural cures, i came to your site and a few other to see what would work and cheep , so i tried apple cider vingar, fungi med capsules, and fungrx they all fail, then i decide to try ted's fish store cure of copper sulfate , i thought surely this would work, well it did not work, at all it cause them to spreed all over the place and burn, itch and hurt allot, i could not sleep, or go anywhere for weeks, because of the pain, so i decided this was not going not work, at all, so i started over again, i purchased some apple cider vinegar extract capsules, they were 200 mg each, i took 6 a day, four times a day, them started using along with this L-Lysine tablets, i took 1000 mg, of this, three times a day, along with the vinagar tablets, and i am finely on the way of getting rid of this, its been close to 4 months now, and i am so pleased i figure out on my own how to finely get rid of this hard to cure problem, how they work is this way, vingar and L-Lysine are both acid, its goes into your blood stream ,and will make anything die that is a virus, i take the L-Lysine when ever i feel a cold sore, coming on a friend of mine told me this would work, and for the past 20 years i have used it, and in two days its gone, but you need to take it right away, to get it gone, asap, it did not dawn on me that this would work, until i saw it look like i was now getting shingles, on top of this rinworm, this climate is hard to adjust to, at a older age, thats why i am having so many problems with these things here. hope this helps these products are very cheap, the apple cider vinagar tablets are only around 4.99 for a bottle of 240 capsules the L-Lysine at 500 to 1000 mg are around between 5 to 10 dollars for 100 tablets.