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Posted by Aly (Somewhere, Us) on 01/06/2012
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I have to disagree with the diet method as a cure for ringworm.

Miconazole Nitrate 2% is the medicine needed for ringworm that treated it. No diet changes necessary. I have had ringworm 4 times in less than a year. I kept my pop, coffee, fruit, vegetables (yes, even potatos), meats, and occassionally junk food. Mine still healed using ketaconazole (sp?) from the doctor. My friend eats healthier than me (less pop and junk food), had ringworm, no diet changes, got medicine, and it healed. I've had other friends have ringworm and done nothing to their diets just medicine and it still healed. We all have a lot of varying diets also. (None of us knew about this site yet or was interested in natural cures) So I really don't believe a diet change done it.

Jas, 7 years? Is it reoccuring? Once you get it once then you have to be ringworm free (no outbreaks, not even a spot) for 18 months before you're completely cured from it. I was told this by a doctor but I'm not sure how right she is. This may be why. If you try another remedy on here say jock itch cream, after you put it on cover it with gauze so it doesn't rub off on something/someone else and is can get into the infected area. When you're awake you can take it off but absolutely no touching it, even if it is itching. Do this about 2 times a day and you should see improvement. Also sunlight! The very natural cure to ringworm! But sunlight alone can take longer.