Retinitis Pigmentosa Remedies

Posted by Ana (New York) on 12/10/2017 15 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I use turmeric, I tried some that was compounded with black pepper but I found it caused for me bruises and not the results I wanted. So I tried a related and more potent product more easily absorbed at 750mg-yes it has turmeric in it and is the basis of how and why it works but it is stronger in different ways, that works for me, it is to improve your cells and function, helps with anti-inflammatory properties. This has assisted my eyes with lifestyle changes too, paleo eating with support and tracking with Cronometer, rest and exercise with meditation and prayer daily. It does not go away overnight and you need to just start adding in things, it maybe easier as too much change can get tiresome and confusing.

Each person is unique, also plenty of fluids is crucial and good gut health so you can absorb nutrients, minimize drugs where you can, use only good sourced food based supplements that you need and remember food is best when you can digest well. Oral health tells a lot about ourselves as well as our eyes. For me with rescuing dogs and people, take the damage of a lifetime lets say 50 years of insult to the body so take 50 months of doing all the right things to get healthy as a guide line. So you will notice good change before that but don't stop there keep going and dont forget to always cleanse every 6 months. For me after 18 months I healed my cavities but still need to replace bad fillings.

My gut has begun to be manageable, my eye floaters are less and less eye pain, I have better stamina and less overall pain. My auto-immune numbers are cut in half and my skin is less sensitive to the sun and now I can tan healthfully of course, no sun bathing. My blood pressure is manageable as is stress. I hope something here helps you get a gage for your needs. Blessings and may God provide.