Retinitis Pigmentosa Remedies

| Modified on Dec 10, 2017
Posted by Mehmet (Ukraine) on 12/21/2014


My 30-year-old wife was diagnosed as Retinitis Pigmentosa and she has been using Vitamin A supplement of 15.000 UI daily already. I would like her to try these as well, as her eyes deteriorate.

What is the amount of daily intake for each of those elements; Q10, A.L.A., and DMSO? In the market here, there are supplements with various amounts with big differences between them.

Your kind response will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 12/22/2014 2075 posts

M: Recommended doses are almost always labeled on the container, so fallow those recommends. As for the DMSO, try reading info here:

as there are many variables.

There are other nutrients recommended for eye health; here is a list: Bilberry & Eyebright herbs, Grapeseed extract, Taurine, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. At least 25 mg Zinc daily will bond w/ the Vit-A to provide protection for the eyes.

Posted by Mehmet (Bodrum) on 12/27/2014

Dear Timh,

Thank you for the response. You say, the recommended doses are labeled on the container. I don't buy those supplements here at stores. The main question I wanted to ask was:

How much Q10 should a 30-year-old female rp patient get daily?

The same question goes for A.L.A. Hope that clarifies.

Kind Regards, Mehmet

Posted by Timh (KY) on 12/28/2014 2075 posts

M: OK, I would start w/ 50mg 2 times daily for both ALA & CoQ10, after finishing the first bottle, up to 100 mg each 2x day, and again up to 300mg. To get the most out of your CoQ10 also supplement Vit-E & Selenium as these work together. The for-mentioned supplements will increase your body natural Glutathione levels. 3 mg Melatonin before retiring will also boost Glutathione antioxidant.

Posted by Mehmet (Turkey) on 01/16/2015

Dear Timh,

Thank you for the response.

She gets ALA (same will go for CoQ10) twice a day, 50mg each time for the first bottle (supposedly 30 days). Thus, 100mg per day for each element.

She gets ALA (same will go for CoQ10) twice a day, 100mg each time for the second bottle (supposedly 30 days). Thus, 200mg per day for each element.

She gets ALA (same will go for CoQ10) twice a day, 300mg each time for the second bottle (supposedly 30 days). Thus, 600mg per day for each element.

Is my understanding right? If so, after the third bottle, does she continue taking them the same amount as third bottle?

How much Vitamin E and Selenium should she intake per day in mg ?

Finally, regarding 3mg Melatonin, is that the daily amount for intake? What does retiring mean here, do you mean until getting old?

Kind regards, Mehmet

Posted by Jean (Oaklanad, Ca. Usa) on 03/19/2017

Hello and thanks for your information.

3 months ago I was diagnosed with vascular retina detatchement on my left eye and last night the same symptoms are developing on my right eye.

Will the suppliments listed above, (TimH to Mehmet), help my situation as well, and, is there anyother suggestions that you may have?

I'm 64 years old and am not ready to give up on getting my sight back.

Thank you so very much,


Posted by Endevor (Phoenix, Az) on 10/07/2014

I recently found several articles on the benefit of consuming curcumin, a component of turmeric, on the retina, specifically it slows down rods degeneration. Has anyone used turmeric, for how long, in what daily dosage and what results, if any, followed. T

Are there any side effects of ingesting Turmeric? What other proven natural alternative cures are there that can slow down this eye disease?

Thank you for taking the time to respond.