Radiation Poisoning Remedies

SSKI (Potassium Iodide)

Posted by Donna (Usa) on 03/19/2011

If you've suffered radiation exposure from x-rays more than 2 years ago, is it too late to take SSKI?

Table Salt Baths for Radiation Insomnia

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/11/2007 509 posts
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Have you ever heard of radiation insomnia? * *I hadn't until my brother came home from Mayo Clinic with a trachea tube & Dobhoff tube for feeding after starting radiation which they said his cancer was sensitive to, worked to shrink it for the first few treatments - then started growing again. They then operated for this inoperable cancer in his head, mouth and throat (I am told that 10 doctors studied his chart, looked at him and all but the l0th one said they wouldn't touch him with a l0 foot pole). The 10th one said "I think I can get it". This was l982. He is still with us today. He told me that his worse problem after starting the radiation was he could not sleep, until one morning the phone rang about 1.am. He picked up the phone, plugged his trach, and in his raspy voice managed a "hello".

K-(our lst cousin -1removed who is both an RN and a psychic) said: "I know you can't talk but just listen. I just got through talking to Uncle E-, Aunt G, - and E-- (all deceased or I prefer "gone home" years 46, and 61) and Uncle E said if you would take salt baths you can sleep. I don't remember how many nights he was to repeat this, but it was multiples of 3 (6 or 9). He took his first bath that morning, using 1 cup of talble salt to the tub of hot water, splashing it up around his neck, being careful not to get it in his trachea tube and slept like a baby for the rest of the night and a good part of the morning. He continued to take them for the recommended nights. A few weeks later she called back with a message from our father again, telling him that he said to repeat the salt baths again (multiples of 3 again) and he could go back to work. He did the baths, did go back to work and didn't retire until a couple of years ago in his upper 70's. The doctors following him tells him that he is the only one on earth that they know of that has made it 5 years with his type of cancer. The doctor who operated on him told him he was his only success and he was reluctant to release the flap in his chest, planned for reconstruction of his neck, but he would if he insisted. ' I asked my brother if he told him that he was on megadose vitamins and minerals and he said he hadn't. I put him on 8grams Vit. C, l200 units Vit E, Vit B complex 400 mgm, Vit. B 12, magnesium 800 mg., Niacin 400 mgm. after finding him wrapped in a quilt & complaining of freezing on a lovely, warm May day. When I pulled the quilt back and looked at his arms they were purple splotched with poor circulation. A few weeks later he developed what I call "CNS twitching", when i asked how long he had been doing this, his wife motioned for me to follow her and said the doctors told her that indicated metastis to the brain and that he didn't have the chance of a snowball in hell of making it. My reply started with Bull, and followed I'll be back in a few. Went to the nearest pharmacy and requested the strongest Folic acid tablets he could sell me without a prescription. We added about l200 mcg. to the rest of the vitamins getting thrown into the blender with his formula and divided up into equal doses with his feedings during the day. A couple of days later his CNS twitches were gone.

Maybe our wise chemist, Ted can explain the rationale of why salt baths counteract radiation insomnia. I have yet to find any reference to radiation insomnia, much less why salt baths would counteract it in any medical literature. I must tell you that he also had a lot of people praying for him throughout also. Interestingly, you are now finding medical literature about how prayer, imaging, and belief in a supreme being (whether you call that supreme being God, Yahweh. Zen, Buddha, Allah, or "All That Is"). My preference is "Unconditional Love". I stopped believing in the catty, spiteful, revengeful God that organized religion teaches a long time ago...

EC: We asked Joyce about the CNS Twitching...

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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In this case (and probably in most cancer patients) I think it was probably a deficiency brought on by radiation, followed by surgery, and poor nutrition. What I call CNS twitching is involuntary twitching or jerking. Hospital nutrition is bad enough when you are able to eat but even worse when you can't, and he was in the Mayo Clinic for 8 weeks.

Vitamin C

Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 06/13/2016

I am for vitamin C for radiation exposure and here is why.

In 1999 there was a nuclear power plant accident in Japan. As a result the National Defense Medical College and Ground Self-Defense Force in Japan did a study on how to protect the Self-Defense Force when going into contaminated areas due to radiation. The study came up with vitamin C as the best defense against radiation exposure. When the tsunami hit the Fucushima Daiichi power plant and released radiation contamination on the population, Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa found this research and tried to put it out to the government of Japan and then to the media with no response. This was due to an information black out by the government to protect its self from embarrassment and blame.

Dr. Yanagisawa moved into the area on his own with the Japanese College of IV Therapy to help the population and workers as well as do his own research on vitamin C therapy applied to radiation exposure. The results was that vitamin C helps in most cases in reversing the effects of radiation exposure with very good results. You can see the story here.


Here Dr. Yanagisawa shows how a patient with stomach cancer due to radiation exposure was helped with IVs of vitamin C in a shorter video.


Other antioxidants that were used to treat were;

  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin E

You can find an PDF article on the internet if you do a search for:

  • Effect of Vitamin C and antioxidative
  • nutrition on radiation induced
  • gene expression in
  • Fukushima nuclear plant workers

Dr. Yanagisawa message to the public was to take vitamin C in case of exposure.

Replied by Robert

Very good post & correct. The problem for residents in radiated areas is the constant exposure. With Chernobyl, Russia used pectin which removed about 50% of the radiation. ALA(alpha lipoic acid) was also used amongst other items. Brown seaweeds are also useful with high polysaccarides, iodine, etc. Cessium is problematic having a longer half life & stored in the bones. Strontium, carefully dosed, will remove this.

Replied by Timh
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Leonard Horowitz recommends hot baths with several cups of Baking Soda in extreme cases. The bioflavinoid Rutin and the herb Sarsaparilla are also recommended.

In my chronic acidosis condition I have found the need to totally eliminate cheese from the diet and minimize dairy in general, as well as supplement Calcium and Strontium (Citrate). Suspecting little efficacy with the oral Strontium, I added a bulk powdered Strontium Carbonate (about a spoon) to a hot bath (with some other minerals) and experienced a die-off or herx reaction for several hrs latter of acute immune suppression, weakness or fatigue, and extreme nervous or anxiety condition.

Replied by Wydo

Radiation damage can be measured by serum levels of free DNA. Vitamin C can help repair damaged DNA. This is good to know that vitamin C works at the root level. I'm not sure how pectin or baking soda works on radiation damage but I would think it would be at a different level. If you know, please post it in here. I don't see a problem using a multi level approach to prevent damage.


PS, did you watch the videos? There is very good information there.

Water Purification

Posted by Juju (Montague, Michigan, Muskegon) on 04/02/2011

Hi everyone,

As the concern for pure water increases while the radiation continues to spill from Japan it is a good idea to think of ways to purify our water.

Will a diatamaceous earth filter do that? I've read that 8 inches of clay sand works as a filter for radioactive elements. Is this true? I wonder if our local pool suppliers would have something that can be used.

Hope we can find some solutions together. Julia


Posted by Nonukes (Hyogo, Japan) on 09/16/2014

Following reports of radiation in milk in North America, I discontinued making the Budwig sulfured protein/flax oil cream, which I had been using for several years for cancer prevention and general health. Finally, I decided I would like to find a way to continue it. I read somewhere that zeolite can remove hot particles from milk, but there were no instructions. Using conjecture and hunches, I have concocted the following:

Since there is almost no cottage cheese in Japan and the substitute, according to a super market employee, is something extracted from beef, I had been making yogurt cheese for my Budwig cream. For the mixture to be maximally effective, as I understand it there must be the correct ratio of sulfur, protein, and flax oil, achieved with quark in Germany and with cottage cheese in the U. S. Yogurt cheese might be approximately the same. For my revised method I now heat a liter (quart) of milk from a farm in Western Japan that claims its cows are pastured, which means they eat grass grown in soil watered by rain carrying gamma particles, but they are not fed with animal feed containing mercury, pesticides, and probably gamma particles. But I digress. I heat the milk just to the boiling point, although it is pasteurized, in case there is something that might compete with the yogurt culture. I let it cool to ideal temperature and stir in ? tsp. zeolite and ? cup yogurt. When it has set, I spoon off the yogurt and throw away the green layer at the bottom of the pot. I hang up the yogurt in a cloth to strain off the whey and then whisk the yogurt cheese with a little organic soy milk (also fairly high in sulfur), and a little organic fruit-sweetened jam. Alternately, I mix the yogurt cheese with a little ACV, mustard, and Himalayan salt for mayonnaise and a base for salad dressing. (Does anyone know the condition of the water on the coast of Normandy where sea salt is harvested? I can't find any information.)

If any gamma particles adsorbed by the zeolite remain in the yogurt cheese/flax oil cream, I assume they will remain attached to the zeolite and end up in the sewer system. I'm safe, am I not? Would someone knowledgeable about the Budwig protocol and about zeolite please comment (someone not selling clay). Have I overlooked something? I suspect that I have; otherwise wouldn't someone be marketing milk and cheese purified with zeolite? Is ? tsp. zeolite in a quart of milk enough? How long do I need to stir it? (How long does it take for the zeolite to attract any hot particles that might be there?) Would calcium bentonite clay be just as effective? It is less expensive than zeolite.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment someone can provide.

Replied by Timh
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Nonukes: For general radiation prevention, you can consider adding Fruit Pectin & the citrus bioflavonoid Rutin to your food. Maybe take some Zeolite orally occasionally. Also be sure to maintain good body mineral levels of particularly Calcium & Magnesium.

Replied by Nonukes
(Hyogo, Japan)

Thanks. I'll look into pectin and rutin. I am taking zeolite a few times per week. But it's good to try to avoid ingesting radioactive particles, if possible. I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure that my method actually removes radiation from milk. It seems that it should.

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