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Natural Remedies for Psoriatic Arthritis

on Jun 19, 2023| Modified on Apr 04, 2024
Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by PADDY K. (Meath) on 06/19/2023 6 posts

Hi to all the good people on this website. I really admire the help you give to others I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 15 yrs ago. I have been through all the medical make believe which cost a fortune until I got to pension age. The only thing that worked and gave me relief was the draining of the fluid from both my swollen knees I have decided to give them a miss after the last torture treatment I dont know if he did not know what he was doing or he put me through the torture for his own satisfaction so I am open to all suggestions on here. I have tried apple cider vinegar diluted. I am just finished my first 500ml bottle. I don't feel any difference yet. Should I continue or change to some other remedies? If there is anyone here that went through what I am going through, I would be delighted to hear your remedies.

Thanks, paddy.k.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Art (California) on 06/19/2023 2218 posts


I have used borax to keep my severe psoriatic arthritis in remission for way past a decade now. Not everyone can tolerate borax, but most people can. My PA was severe and the difference has been night and day for me.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Art (California) on 06/20/2023 2218 posts


I use the borax so my information may not be very helpful for you if you are going to use Boric Acid in place of Borax, but here it is.

I use 1/4 measuring teaspoon that is level full. Dissolve this in a one liter bottle of drinking water and drink throughout the day. This tends to act as a slow release of the borax, which in some people who are sensitive to borax can prevent stomach upset. I drink one of these bottles each weekday and take Saturday and Sunday off to allow any excess borax to be eliminated from my system.

For women, it is the same, but with half the dose or 1/8th level full measuring spoon. Note that measuring spoon sets can vary in size from country to country and even from manufacturer to manufacturer in the same country and that is why I gave you dosing in mg, to avoid that issue altogether.

As far as rubbing it on the skin to treat arthritis, I did not find that method as effective as drinking it and it gets old after doing it for a period of time.

You should also be aware that while it worked excellently to put my PA in remission, it did absolutely zero for my psoriasis. For the psoriasis, I found other effective remedies and I have written about some of those, but not all, on EC.

Generally benefits can start to appear in the first month of use and reach the peak benefit around 3 months, when no further benefit would be expected.

Some people do not tolerate borax and you should be aware of that going in.

Borax and boric acid are likely to weigh out differently because borax appears to to be a courser material than boric acid. In any case you are likely to use a smaller dose of boric acid than borax.

It will be more accurate to use a digital "milligram scale" to weigh your boric acid and find an appropriate sized spoon or similar utensil to easily measure it each time instead of having to break out your digital scale each time you make a drink.

It's been way over a decade since I started borax so my memory may not be 100% accurate, but it seems like I achieved full remission in about 2 1/2 months. Much pain relief before that bench mark though. My PA was severe and affected most major joints in my body and was super painful.

Well, I hope that answers your questions. If not, just post your questions and I will answer them or somebody else will.


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Posted by PADDY K. (Meath) on 06/20/2023 6 posts

hi Art thanks for the reply could you tell me what sort of a mixture did you use? I'm completely in the dark about that I read somewhere people use it as a paste to rub on the skin. I'm not worried about the flakey bits of skin I have, it's more the swelling of my knees and the pain in both and the sudden darts of pain in my back every where else is ok thanks again paddy k.

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Posted by Scott Miller (Delray Beach) on 07/23/2023

There are tens of postings online that give scientific proof that borax is poison. I tried to post them here, but they did not appear. I asked a very specific question about using borax instead of an exclusionary diet and would like to hear your answer.

Two quick, important stories on this topic of P-arthritis. Sometime around '82, I was staying at the Tsell Harim Hotel in Ein Bokek with my gf. The rooms were like bungalows, opening right to the outside/beach/water. Next to us was this wonderful, elderly couple from NY. He was wheelchair bound, completely crippled from psoriatic arthritis. His knees were 3x the size of normal and his hands were disfigured. I had P on my scalp only. At that time, the Dead Sea had been receding steadily b/c of mismanagement. The stairs going down to the water had a steep 2-3' drop and then you had to walk to the sea instead of the concrete stairs bringing you right into the Dead Sea water, like it was once upon a time. The little old lady asked me if I could help her husband down to the water. He was completely incapacitated. I pushed him to the steps and then lifted him easily down to the water. He was old, light and I was in my prime. I put him in the salty sea. He was in the water ALL DAY from morning 'till the sun set. His wife brought him food and water. He didn't leave the water all day. Later they asked for help getting back and I obliged. We saw them in the dining hall and they thanked me.

Long story short, I did this for a couple more days, at which point I noticed they stopped asking me for help. The wheelchair was no longer inside the room. They placed it outside, folded against the wall. Odd. I knocked on the door and asked if they were okay. The old man was standing and said thanks but I can get down there by myself now. My mouth was wide open. This is the first time I saw a miracle in real life. He was able to go back and forth by himself. I have no idea how long his remission lasted, we did not stay in touch, but she gave me a recipe for homemade cheesecake to remember them.

Sometime in the late 90s when I was a GC in PA/NJ, a couple of joints on my right hand were so painful, I asked my wife if I could get those disfigured fingers amputated just below the unbearable pain. She looked at me like I was insane, but I was completely serious. I could not sleep, couldn't move them, it was like they were in a crushing vice 24/7. On and off, bad and worse. Finally, I did the protocol and until now have not had a relapse. I DO CHEAT from time to time. It's hard to imagine life without bread, papaya, watermelon, a bowl of fettuccini alfredo every once in a while. But the pain is not worth it.

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Posted by Art (California) on 07/26/2023 2218 posts


I haven't updated that information in a long time. Can you tell me what type of psoriasis you have and how much coverage you have? Are you mild, moderate or severe in terms of coverage or what % of coverage you have?


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Posted by Art (California) on 06/25/2023 2218 posts


It wouldn't hurt to try the 1/8th teaspoon dose first, to see if it will work. I have no data for dose based on weight. The doses Ted recommended were pretty straight forward at 1/8th teaspoon and 1/4th teaspoon.


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Posted by N (Atlanta, ga) on 07/27/2023

The elimination diet is not for everyone and can be dangerous for some people. That said borax works so well for folk and there is no downside.

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Posted by Summer (EarthClinic Is Awesome) on 07/25/2023

Borax kills fungi such as candida. It has many other benefits. One of them is allowing a person to enjoy their favorite foods without getting psoriasis. Read up on it more. :)

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Posted by Carol (Michigan) on 09/04/2023

Scott, please share anything you can about relieving symptoms of PA. ACV did not work for me. Thanks!

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Posted by Stella (Warsaw) on 06/20/2023

Read about low dosage naltrexone.

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Posted by Teresa (co) on 07/26/2023

hi Art,

where would I find your Psoriasis help? thank you

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Posted by Tom 70 (Auckland, New Zealand.) on 06/21/2023

1/4 teaspoon (a tad) of borax weighs 1,150 mg, with 11.3% (130 mg) elemental boron. Is this dosage too high on long term daily basis?

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Posted by Tom 70 (Auckland, New Zealand.) on 06/24/2023

Thanks, Art. Do you think we should dose borax according to body weight? I am asking because I am of small build, just a little bit over 100 lbs.

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Posted by Scott M. (Delray Beach) on 07/22/2023

Paddy, hi. Can you tell us what you eat every day/week/month. What are the foods in your diet. Specifically, I'd like to know if you eat any of the following:

sugar in any form

wheat in any form

dairy in any form

fruits (this is sugar)

Nothing, and I mean nothing.....that you put on your skin topically will 'cure' you as long as you're putting the wrong things INTO your body via your mouth. You absolutely must exclude all triggers. Bleach, borax, etc., in my most humble opinion, are all poison. I have researched them all extensively. My conclusion is that they only give a temporary type of relief without addressing the root cause/s of psoriasis. I have my protocol down to a science. I know what to eat if I want to bring it on, as well as what to avoid (there are always surprises here and there) eating so as not to bring on a flare-up.

Tell me what you eat (approx) daily/weekly/monthly, over and over.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Scott Miller (Delray Beach) on 07/23/2023

I disagree with your statement that borax is safe for humans to ingest. My psoriasis, which is the proven root and beginnings of p-arthritis, has been in remission since '05 without borax. So my question is, why would I continue to eat/drink triggers for p and p-a instead of eliminating those foods from my everyday diet? It's like a diabetic continuing to eat bread, rice, carbs, alcohol, etc., but because he takes Ozempic once a week, he believes that he can continue to eat himself to death. In the end, he gets sicker. Why not eliminate these triggers from our lives instead of ingesting questionable concoctions?

I don't understand the logic of treating any of the ailments listed here with anything if we can completely avoid them in the first place by cutting out what's creating them. Eighteen years of sharing this protocol of elimination with successful results shows that getting rid of these two terrible conditions is possible with the correct diet.

Have you ever tried any elimination/candida/yeast infection diet to rid yourself of psoriatic arthritis. It would be worth the 90 days of trial to see how it affects you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sunday (MANITOBA) on 08/11/2023


Can you share your diet for eliminating p-a? I have tried ACV but it seems not to work. I experience pains when I fold my little finger.

Thank you.


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Posted by Scott Miller (Delray Beach) on 07/23/2023

The topic is psoriatic arthritis and remedies. That is the topic.

I did a post with 5 links about borax being poison and they were not posted. Searching 'is borax poison if ingested' will bring up lots of posts about the toxicity of borax. So if the person that did not publish those links I posted wants to put them up along with my answer, you can see them. It's not my decision to exclude them, it's whomever is approving answers here. We are at a Mexican standoff and you refuse to answer what I asked you originally about this exclusionary dietary protocol. This is all part of the same answer. Why ingest something that can be toxic when you can just stop eating the triggers themselves? To me, it makes no sense.

zero proof? here it is: toxicity:

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Posted by Tim (Minnesota) on 07/26/2023 8 posts

In his writings 500 years ago Paracelsus clearly identifies fundamental principles which also correspond to long established common sense: The dose, host, timing and combinations make a poison or a cure. Another important parallel principle goes by the name hormesis. Borate is phytotoxic at excessive dose, ie, kills plants including fungi. Consequently borate at sufficient dose will kill a ruminant.

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Posted by Carz (Michigan) on 04/04/2024

I'm interested in trying the dietary exclusion route. Other than dairy and wheat, what other foods should I exclude? Thanks for your assistance!