Porokeratosis Remedies

Over the Counter
Posted by Bandy12 (San Antonio, Tx) on 08/10/2011

I have had this condition for some time. The doctor prescribed the usual medication, Carac cream. If that helps at all, it is very very slow. I have mostly the red irritated spots that contain lumps of keratin--some are linear and some are round with raised edges; those raised edges also contain keratin. The round ones with raised edges are the hardest to get rid of. The only solution that works well is to completely clean out the spots. The keratin is actually wedged in the pores and is difficult to get out. Unfortunately, I use my fingernails for lack of a better method. After the keratin and debris are out the spots will heal rather quickly by using an acne medication, 2% salicylic acid (over-the-counter).