Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Holistic Therapy & Folk Cures

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Martin (Kansas) on 02/06/2023
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I developed polymyalgia rheumatica in 2020. I live in a small town. My doctor had almost never seen this. He had three cases in one week. This got me thinking what was everyone doing differently. With covid, many people upped their vit d supplement. I had this for nine months. Luckily I had a vit d test in late November, it was a 78. I first developed this in the middle of july. I was getting a lot of sun then. I was taking a lot of other supplements too. I'm guessing that my vit d level was over 100 in July. Too much vit d can lead to absorbing too much calcium. After a while, all this calcium in our tissues causes our immune system to attack it. I did have gout with this, during this brief time, my shoulder pain went completely away. I did have a shoulder xray that showed some calcium deposit.

So I think as we sleep we dehydrate just a little and the tendons calcify, then our bodies attack this. I also read one article talking about interluekin 6 being high. I believe one of the reasons prednisone worked was by causing you to piss calcium out, the white cloud in the toilet, but the bottle says to take milk with it. I'm not telling you not to take milk, because there are long term side effects of long time steroid use. hip replacement, cataracts. It takes months to get rid of high vit d levels. I tried serrapeptase, it worked great, but after two days I had side effects. It eats scar tissue. I had had a hernia repair a year ago and have a bad knee with scar tissue inside apparently, they both started hurting after just two days use. I stopped it and the hernia fills fine now, but if you dont have any previous injuries or surgeries it might help you.

So what worked for me. No vit d, No multivitamins, limited sunlight, no eggs.

I took magnesium malate following label. Drink apple juice, malic acid in it. Eat bananas. I took a potassium pill a day. I also had a a half teaspoon of alfalfa. I took DHEA as it will help with making hormones that get downregulated with the prednisone as you wean off. I took chanca piedra for a while. I used some CBD in drops and in a oil rub for the shoulders, I also sometimes used a product called Lymphocare by Baar for massage, it has some peanut oil in it. I took epsom salt hot baths. Fasting helped clear some calcium but increased macrophages, so didn't help too much. Exercise if you can, start small, do shoulder exercises and walk. Get a vit d test to see if that could be the culprit. I believe some other supplements can increase calcium absorption also, I had been taking multiple. I also took fish oil up to three grams, it helped a little. I believe low dose naltrexone would work, but my doctor refused.

I always take a small amount of anything new to my body to see how I handle it first to avoid any emergency room visits, have not had any but have been close. Everyone is different and may be on medications that react badly to some supplements. I am a male and weigh 250 this would affect all dose sizes to others also.

Also, look up interleukin 6 reducing foods and follow those diets. I know your pain. You can get better. It will take time. Winter is your friend, less sunlight. Mine is completely gone today. It lasted 9 months. I may be wrong, but this is what may have worked for me. Even some probiotics can change some interleukins. My tendons got so stiff in my shoulders first, then my legs, and then my chest, where my chest popped frequently.

Replied by Linda

It is recommended in all my research to take vitamin K2 with D3 to prevent the calcium issue.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cherie P. (Tasmania, Australia) on 12/31/2017
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Hi All, After 3 months just not feeling right and very tired my shoulder got really sore which then traveled to my arms, neck and finally to my lower back and hips. I felt very tired, mild fevers, vision changes, teary and in pain especially on waking. I am a practicing Naturopath and have cured myself of fibromyalgia and thyroid disease so there was no way I was going to believe "there is no known cure" I went back through my diary and realised I had influenza 12 weeks before and did not have enough time to rest to get over it properly as I was running my clinic. What I believe has happened in the low grade flu virus has infiltrated the joints and blood vessels causing the immune system to fight back which causes inflammation as the weakened immune system tries to destroy the virus.

After devising my own treatment, In 4 days I feel 60% better...still some stiffness in the neck and pain in my shoulders and sleepiness around the middle of the day but generally much brighter, energetic and less sore. My vision seems to be returning to normal.

My protocol:

1. Lauricidin (Monolaurin pellets) to kill all pathogens- Start low at 6 pellets 3 times a day and build up to 1 scoop three times a day. This could take weeks as the die off from the viral load can cause detox symptoms.

2. Fish Oils 10-12 grams a day as a powerful antiinflammatory

3. Essential Oil Mix to rub directly into the sore areas to kill the virus directly and releive inflammtion- THIS HAS BEEN AMAZING!

  • Oregano Oil 40 drops
  • Frankincense Oil 60 drops
  • Teatree Oil 40 drops
  • Peppermint Oil 40 drops
  • Ginger Oil 20 drops

Combine in a dropper bottle and rub 4 drops into each shoulder/neck/arm with some coconut oil three times a day. DONT MISS as this continual flow of antivirals will really help reduce the viral load.

4. Rest as much as possible and eat low inflammatory food: No sugar, wheat, dairy or industrial seed oils.

This protocol is working incredibly for me. I couldn't believe after my 8 year battle with fibromyalgia I was going to be faced with another chronic inflammatory disease. My 5 years of study taught me to look for a root cause. Every disease starts for a reason and I believe polymyalgia is post viral inflammation.

Replied by Alana
(Kent, England)

I too have polymyalgia and have read your blog with great interest. I wondered what you meant about the lauralin pellets causing detox symptoms. What symptoms would they be please?

Replied by Leslie
(Fountain, Co)

Painful PMR. Need more ideas. Do NOT want to live like this. Always active before. Taking prednisone.

Replied by Soazburrady


Sorry to hear of the PMR. It is, indeed, a difficult problem to handle without the steroids. I will try to make this as short as possible: woke up in December with pain in my left shoulder and upper arm. Shortly thereafter, both legs began to hurt - felt like shin splints. I couldn't remember any physical activity that could have been the cause. During the next few weeks, I intermittently had pain in my hips, both shoulders and trapezius muscle. I have worked in the medical "industry" all my life, and so it finally clicked that I had all the symptoms of PMR. I knew the indicated treatment was prednisone, but since I had been on prednisone for 35 years for intractable asthma (took me 2 years to wean myself off), I preferred an alternate solution. Intent on finding a non-steroidal treatment, I read every available bit of material - this site being my first go-to. Being fed up with the pain, and an impatient person to boot, I used my usual shotgun approach!

Now, it is about 5 months later, and I am almost pain free from my self diagnosed polymyalgia. You can try things one at a time if you wish, or go for my all in approach, but this was what worked for me: Colloidal silver 10 ppm 2 Tb 3x a day (there is evidence that PMR is brought on by residual virus), Olive Leaf extract (same reason), homeopathic arnica montana 30x 4 pellets 2x a day, homeopathic hypericum perf. 30x 4pellets 2x a day, rhus toxicodendrum 6x 4 pellets 2x a day, vitamin B 50, benfotiamine 300, Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg, and Turmeric, Bromelain, and Devils Claw throughout the day (when I thought of it). Additionally, heat feels really good, and when I needed a pain medication, aspirin worked the best.

Phew! I know, it is a lot. But, for me, much better than prednisone. Also, keep in mind, I did not have an official diagnosis. I know very little about homeopathic remedies, but did an enormous amount of reading, and came up with this combo. I apologize for the length of my post, but this particular problem is fairly complicated. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Replied by Alana
(Kent, Uk)

Hi.. I wondered if your multiple remedies have effected a permanent cure? I have now had PMR for a year and although it is much improved from supplements and acupuncture - the pain and stiffness still ebbs and flows.. Although I do think my sugar intake has a lot to do with it. Thanks for your post. Alana

Replied by Rebecca

Hi, I know this is probably a shot in the dark considering, how long it has being since you posted your protocol but I was wondering if you managed to completely cure yourself from PMR?
I think I may be suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica as well and your hypothesis sounded really plausible that it is caused by post viral inflammation.

I have read some scientific research articles that puts forward the theory that polymyalgia rheumatica is more of an inflammatory disease than an autoimmune one and the role of cellular infiltration around the joints remains a crucial question.

Anyhow, I hope you are completely cured and living a wonderful pain-free, disease free life.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Emma (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 08/07/2012

I had polymyalgia about 15 years ago and it has returned recently, but a much milder case. The first time I had it, it went undiagnosed. Dr. unable to diagnose. I don't want to go on steriods so I am trying to eat healthy (more veg & fruit) and take vitamin B, fish oils, magnesium, bromelain, tumeric, boswellia, etc. Wishing all of you success in beating this disease. I found it interesting to read what other sufferers had to say.

Replied by Pam
(Edmonton, Ab)

Hi Emma,

I have been an active person. I'm 62. For a couple years I have been noticing more and more stiffness - after sports activities, when inactive for awhile. Then I started to have pain in my upper arms especially at night - so rolling over and getting out of bed were difficult. I also noticed a moving itching rash developing. Then I got shots to go on a vacation. Throughout the vacation the itching, sore arms and stiffness and achiness got worse. Now I think I must have polymyalgia rheumatica. I don't want to take prednisone. I have always taken fish oils eaten organic so I will continue. But I do love coffee and wine and continue to eat wheat - so maybe that's where I will start. Increase oils and vitamins (and apple cider vinegar in AM, and decrease coffee and wine) How are you doing?

Replied by Pam
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Hi Emma, I sure would like to know how you are doing with PMR. have you been able to stay off Pred?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Diane (Downers Grove, IL USA) on 02/15/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Wow-I am so glad I found this site. It was given to me by a new dear friend. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago after going to 4-5 specialists. No one knew how to really treat it. Last year I saw a chiropracter and he put me on a PH balanced diet.
Sort of vegetarian but you could eat all the fish you liked, no breads, pasta or anything with grains. Vegetables, lots of salad with olive oil, fruits and fish. No sugar products all natural fruit drinks. Vitamin supplements a day: 3 omega3, 4 flax oil, 4 C, 2 E, 3 calcium, 3 MSN, 3 Mineral, 3 Glucosomine. I was on it for 6 months and while I had some relief I still was stiff every morning.

This year I started a new neurologist and went thru all the tests again: blood, MRI, EMG. She actually says I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Now I am taking Prednisone but am very concerned with side effects. I did get immediate relief but realize it will weaken my immune system. How frustrating!

Replied by Shary
(Centennial, Co)

If I have PMR at all, it's very mild. The doctor wanted to put me on a trial week of steroids but I declined in view of all the nasty side effects. Also, most of the time I don't need to take anything at all for my various aches and pains, so taking steroids would be like killing a mouse with a howitzer. I know this sounds sort of nuts, but what helps me the most is the healing code. It isn't black magic; it's similar to the EFT used by the psychiatric profession. It's an effective way to teach your brain how to dump negative thought patterns that promote anxiety and stress. Stress is a big contributor to an impaired immune system. Unless you find a way to eliminate it, all the ACV and baking soda in the world isn't going to help. Another thing you might want to look into is muscle imbalance. Your sore, stiff muscles might not be PMR at all. It might be a severe case of muscle imbalance, which can also cause inflammation but is correctable with appropriate exercises.

Reishi Extract, Licorice Tea

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Posted by Geo (Burnaby, Bc) on 03/10/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Reishi Extract for PMR

Reishi Extract combined with licorice root tea twice a day has quickly reduced 'muscle drag' and difficulty in arising. I should also mention that I have a high alkaline, vegan diet. No sugar, no stimulants, no alcohol. No doubt this helps set the stage for the notable improvement in my PMR, but apple cider vinegar and theracumin daily was not very helpful even with the same careful diet. I strongly recommend the Reishi tincture (Host Defense) plus licorice root to any PMR sufferers.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback

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Posted by Ali (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) on 10/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, 2 days on your lemon and soda after being diagnosed over 2 years ago and down to alternate days prednisolone 2.5 mg and 5 mg , any lower typical sites of pain return, being very quiet about it but today halved dose to 1.25 today and my soda and lemon, so far hardly any stiffness! I'm praying this is it and I will be able to get off the wonderful winner drug predisolone which I couldn't have done without but want to now say bye bye to!! TRY IT!

Replied by Silvertone
(Mountain View, Ca)

Lemon and soda? Can you explain?

EC: Here is Ted's protocol:

One whole fresh lemon juice you just squeezed yourself, then mix add some water, to about 1/2 glass of water at least. Then keep adding baking soda 1/4 teaspoon each time, until it the lemon juice tastes like water. Then drink this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. This will effectively alkalize the body, increase the immunity by more oxygen, raise the antioxidant level of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of -140 millivolts, so the body can recover.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback
Posted by Edna (Mississauga, Ontario) on 07/12/2009

Hi Ted, I read your reply for PMR.I have just beem diagnosed with it.I just want to know that that is it fine taking soda, if someone is having B.P. and secondly is it 1/4 tsp twice a day or should the same water be taken in 2 parts. Would apprecition your reply. thanks.

Turmeric, Ginger

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Posted by Marguerite (Plymouth , Devon, Uk) on 04/17/2013

I have suffered from polymyalga reumatica for nearly 2 years with no sign of it clearing up. I found this website today and saw the feedback on turmeric and ginger so I thought I'd give it a try.

I was just about to order capsules on line when I thought of my spices for my favourite Moroccan food. I have just finished my first warm milk with the turmeric and ginger added and was quite surprised that it was pleasant to drink. I will keep you posted on how I feel and if I notice any difference in the next few weeks.

Replied by Joannie
(Abbotsford, Bc, Canada)

Did the Turmeric and Ginger Tea help? J.

Replied by Eleanor E.

I have PMR and am taking 7mg of Prednisone daily. I also drink ginger tea in the afternoons (a pint) and think it is helping. I tried several recipes before I found one that was acceptable.

Steep one quart of water, juice of one lemon, and 1/4 cup of finely grated ginger (grate with a zester) for 20 minutes. Strain and add 1/4 cup raw honey, pour over ice and drink with a straw.

Replied by Chrissj
(Bloomfield Hills, Mi)
4 out of 5 stars

I am drinking my ginger tea as I type this...I also take a tumeric capsule (with the pepper added) and 2 tsp ACV in water every morning. Just before bed, I drink magnesium tea to help relax the muscles. This is in addition to my other supplements (D, C, B-12, iodine, ). Of course, being diagnosed with PMR in 2014, I also still need to take prednisone. I am now down to 2mg daily, which my rheumatologist says is very low...yay! I am being weaned very slowly off of it, having started in the spring of 2014 (when I diagnosed myself via the internet). First, I just tried a dose pack and the symptoms (sore arms, hips, legs, back etc) came right back after going away for a short time. In October 2014 I had my first Dr app't and yes, that PMR diagnosis was correct and I was started on 20mg of prednisone daily. It was scary taking that drug as I know all the awful side effects. However, it got rid of most of the pain and the doctor began slowly tapering my dose. I was positive I would be off it in less than a year...haha. Every time I tried to go too low, the symptoms would come right back and I'd have to increase the pred. again. How did I get this condition is what I want to know. My niece is in a rheum fellowship and she sent me a long paper on how it could be a virus or bacterial infection and it may have connections to a vaccine (aha...flu shots, which I will NEVER have again!! ). They say there could also be a genetic connection; however, I know of no one in my family that's ever heard of it, let alone had it. My fingers are also swollen with arthritic joints and I don't know if that's part of it. My dr just calls it osteoarthritis. Getting up in the morning is difficult and I need a full two hours of walking around to be able to move semi-normally. If I stay in one position too long (i.e. out to eat with friends), I have difficulty walking when I get out of the chair. But, the good news is, although it's been three years now, it IS slowly getting better. I am thankful to only be on 2mg of pred. now and hope I can taper off even more. I try to do light aerobics in the AM and try to get 10,000 steps on the fitbit....all that helps. Lifting anything but very light weights brings on more pain so I don't do much of that. In short, it's been a longer journey than I originally anticipated. In fact, I feel it may have started in 2013 (I did have a flu shot that year), when I fainted due to anemia....also a symptom of PMR. Hang in there, people, and do what your dr advises...but also, be your own medical advocate and research into treatments that help (tumeric, ginger, ACV, exercise, magnesium tea before bed).


Hi, Chriss!

Yours is the first PMR writeup that mentions hand problems. I had very disabling PMR about 5 weeks ago and am on 20mg pred per day, and it is really gotten me back to "normal." My hands both were very painful, swollen, stiff, and weak. Couldn[t even bend the fingers on my right hand in the a.m.'s. Now it's time to start weaning for the pred! Hope your recovery continues and you are fully back to normal.

By the way, I grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan. On Green Lake, then we moved to Upper Long Lake. You may be familiar with these!!

Replied by Rsw


My Mother got PMR after taking statin drugs. One doctor on a reputable site says when her patients say they have been diagnosed with PMR, she immediately asks if they ever have/are taking a statin drug. I am happy to hear you are doing well with your protocol.

Replied by chrissj
(bloomfield hills, MI)

Marty, (and also Rsw! )...after my rheumatologist listing my PMR case as 'resolved' in 2019, I feel that maybe it is back. I'm going to make an appointment next week because I can't stand this stiffness and pain! It started up again with a stiff neck and shoulders, November 2021, after I started on statins (per the cardiologist as I have high cholesterol and a stent). Surprise, surprise. I had also just had the booster for Covid in September. I plan to tell the rheumatologist all of this(no longer taking statins and I'm not going to get any more boosters! ). Dealing with the stiff neck, shoulder, hip and leg pains and back pain and thinking it was all just arthritis. I've been through Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatments (upper cervical) and to a neurologist. Nothing has really helped. NSAIDS sort of take the edge off and I do take Arnica pellets each day. Hope you (and Rsw's mother) are better. I'm hoping for some kind of relief from this also. I do remember asking my rheumatologist if it could return and he said, 'yes'. So, we will see.


Hi Chriss,

Just looking over these posts because I suddenly started having a hard time walking, carrying packages, getting out of bed or going down the stairs in my house. At first I thought I had over done the gardening, or housework and injured myself. It got worse and worse from May 1 until late July, when I finally found a doctor and was prescribed five days of 40mg prednisone after having very high CRP and ESR. It worked well for a couple of days after I stopped it, and then the pain came back again. Finally, after anothe month, my doctor prescribed 10 mg prednisone, which did nothing, so I upped it to 15mg, which relieved most of the pain. I now also have very bad osteoporosis, and my doctor told me this week if I trip or fall, I will certainly also break a bone. I have taken yoga for decades, walk, and have been physically active, so this was a surprise. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in November, so it has been a long summer. I lost my appetite because of the constant pain, and lost 20 lbs., but the prednisone seems to be helping my appetite. I have found I can eat a peach in the morning so I can take the prednisone. My doctor told me to stop drinking tea because the caffeine depletes calcium. Coming from a family with an English Mother, and tea was consumed many times a day, this was a challenge, but caffeine free is OK, I would imagine, and I am drinking that.

My Mother also had this, but I thought I had just overdone the gardening and cleaning, and didn't connect it to my Mother, which was decades ago. I am finally improving. I was told if I didn't take statins, I could end up in the hospital with a heart attack (both of my parents had heart attacks, Father also had a stroke, and cerebral strokes have taken many of my relatives at young ages, so I took them for eight years). That may be the link to the PMR, and my Mother also took statins. I will be glad to be rid of this, and also hoping my eyes are OK from Giant Cell Arteritis at the November appt. It's been a long summer! Take care.

(New York)

Greetings RSW of OH, You can kick this pain out!

My mother use to say, "Never trust a woman who will tell her age because if she tells her age, she'll tell anything." But when I found out they give out discounts and some free stuff after age sixty-five I started telling everything that it is safe and helpful to share; after all, who knows how many more years I will have to share them. Therefore, my secret recipes are not a secret anymore; so here are a few of my back to health recipes.

When I first realized I had a serious case of stiffness (instead just standing up out of a chair, my achy body had to push up out of the chair), I was in my early sixties. What worked a wonder was 50,000 IU's of D3 daily for about a week, then down to 10,000 IU's of D3 daily.

After I began to take the high dose Vitamin d3, in the morning I would get up with an instantaneous stretch like I used to have when I was young. Be sure to take a K2 vitamin along with your Vitamin D3. I simply use Life Extension's "Super K" it has the Ks in a good amount.

About a year later, I noticed another change in me, I just did not feel like doing anything, and then I learned about "Pregnenolone" and "Dhea." When I took them, I had the Mind to Accomplish something. I take them at a low dose because I did not ask my doctor. I switch brands sometimes, I have found they all work for me as I keep them around 25mg. Younger women may only need 5mgs check with your doctor. What you can do if you find it to strong is only take them once or twice a week. Charity had mentioned that, that was a great Idea.

When I was praying about healing for my gums, I was also researching. One of the suggestions that some people from YouTube and Amazon said helped their gums to recover was CoQ10, many of them also said that that their doctor prescribed CoQ10 for them to take alongside their Statins, so maybe you have already tried CoQ10.

When I tried CoQ10 for my gums, it was a healing miracle; I got the ability to walk with stamina again. I had been riding from bus stop to bus stop. I did not want to do any walking or standing. The CoQ10 also stopped the muscle pain that was in fold at the back of my knee. The soreness pain is not there anymore. Anyway, as I studied about CoQ10, one doctor said he did not see good results using CoQ10 unless his patients used at least 400mgs a day. So start low, but don't be disappointed if there is no improvement, you may just need to take an extra dose.

I have tried several brands, whichever brand I buy, I get the gel caps they work better for me. See if your doctor will work with you to achieve less pain using CoQ10. Your system may take more or less than someone else's. According to the following article, they have tested with at least as much as 1200 mgs of CoQ10 depending on what the infirmity was. Also, please pay attention to your blood pressure. CoQ10 brings my top number down every time, except If eat crackers, you get it.


In your leisure, please check out the above PubMed study. If you do not have the time to read it all, jump down to the part about 2/3s down the page that says "Inflammation".

I do pray that this will help you kick that painful ailment out.



Thank you, His Jewel, New York, for your suggestions to alleviate inflammation. I have taken some of those supplements over the years before I got this PMR, but have not taken the COQ10 for a while now. I may need to try that again. Yesterday, while home alone, I squatted down to pat my cat in the morning, and I, too, felt there was too much of something behind my knees and painful (my husband thinks maybe Bakers cysts(?), and I immediately fell over and smacked my head against the kitchen wall, so I won't be doing that again for a while. I can bend over and pick things up from the floor now, and pat my cat, but I have to watch to not compress my knees too much and just bend at the waist. I have been thinking of adding one drop of 1% USP Methylene Blue, to a glass of water because I feel my thinking is slower, but as yet have not taken the plunge. I did buy the brand on Amazon recommended by Dr. Mercola, but just not sure how things may react with the prednisone.

I keep thinking I need to embrace this, but find I am usually thinking of fighting it instead. Still, all things considered, I am doing much better than I was just a few months ago, and for that I am grateful. I will look into your other suggestions, as well, and I so appreciate your sharing your knowledge and your time to help me. I have always enjoyed your posts on Earth Clinic. Thank you so much for taking the time to post the links and responding. I will look into what you have suggested. Thank you!

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