Polycythemia Vera Remedies

Cause of Polycythemia Vera
Posted by Digger (Ma) on 06/17/2018

Polycythemia vera:

I am a journalist who was on a big story, and uranium, silicate glass, and antimony were found in one burner of my gas stove. 9 months after exposure after I started passing silicate glass kidney stones. Uranium was also found in my hair and the urine of one member of our family. Less than 2 years later, my platelet count was super low, and hemoglobin creeping up. Iron also was elevated 6 years later. Am now dealing with a diagnosis of polycythemia vera.

My understanding is that it's often attributed to genetic mutations due to radiation exposure and is not usually hereditary. Also, ATSDR study in PA where there were increased incidents of polycythemia vera showed an increase in exposure to coal dust with uranium in it. Just thought I'd comment about my experiences. If you smell a rat in your personal situation, there may be one. Two known criminals went to jail in relation to my case.

Wishing all of you the best outcomes.