Poison Oak Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Quiet (Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Usa) on 05/15/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This worked for what was either weeping eczema--the kind that becomes high, itchy bumps that burst to weep and get a yellow crust--or impetigo (a.k.a. , "school rash"). The former is not contagious; the latter is very contagious. Take precautions accordingly. The same doctor diagnosed my first signs as the former, then five days later revised diagnosis to impetigo. I will spare you the details; following is the cure:

1--wash with gentle soap, before or with baking soda, using tepid water, not hot. (alkalizes, exfoliates. )
2--dab with 3% hydrogen peroxide (the kind you can gargle with, straight). Let that dry, or dab it dry.
3--cover with thin film of tea tree oil, or tea tree oil/vitamin E oil.
4--cover with thin film of organic extra virgin coconut oil.
[at this point, the itching should stop. ]
5--paint with very thin coat of 30% zinc with castor oil "butt paste. " (Find it in the baby aisle. )
6--I also took turmeric (spice rack) and black pepper in water--1 tsp turmeric with dash of pepper, three times daily.
7--Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

That's it. Do the topical application 2X daily, for rapid results. Once daily is not quite enough. *Continue treating effected areas for at least a week after you think you have it all under control, or it may return.*

Be sure to *use bleach* on on linens, and clothing, as well. If you are sensitive to bleach, as I am, run fabric through the rinse cycle a couple of extra times. Use a hot dryer when possible.

Doctor's *full spectrum* antibiotic, issued to me before even a lab test, DID NOT WORK for me. This is the first time I have ever experienced this malady, and I hope it will be the last. Wouldn't wish this on anyone.

*Thanks* to all who posted before me on www.earthclinic.com. Without you, I would not have known where to begin.

To your health, Kay
(female, 50, 120 pounds, blond, sensitive skin)