Poison Oak Remedies

Hot Water
Posted by Jean-o-mac (Texas) on 06/06/2019

I actually didn't know what to do when I came in contact with poison oak. I had it on my forearm and thought it was an insect bite like chigger or something.

This sounds insane, but I took a wash cloth and dipped it in water that is 155 degrees and then slapped it over the area and did my crazy lady dance until the burning stopped. It took out the itch and within a day or 2 it has started to scab over and dry up. I have had no more itching since the HOT steam bath. Here is what I did….I dipped the cloth in water 155 degree (120 will work find) then I left the wash cloth on until it cooled down. Then I immediately did it a second time! After it cooled down I hit it a third time and waited again until it cooled down. This works great for insect bites like chiggars, mosquitos, tick bites, bee/wasp stings…anything that stings or itches. HOT HOT water.

NOTE: It does not work on brown recluse or black widow spider bites.