Natural Treatment for Pilonidal Cysts

| Modified on Oct 10, 2022
Oregano and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by jobieadobe (Ohio) on 12/21/2020
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I noticed Pilonidal Cysts aren't listed as an ailment. Could you please consider making pilonidal cysts their own category as they are a unique kind of cyst. They are cysts that appear right in the top of the butt cheeks and can create tunnels. This area is very hard to heal with the way the skin folds and comes together. Doctors have not come up with a good way to operate in this type of cyst and it can take months if not years to heal from surgery.

My wife was plagued by hers for years! Just when she started to consider surgery, I found a super simple remedy.

One teaspoon coconut oil with a few drops of oregano and tea tree oil.

All you have to do is rub a tiny bit of the oil into the "pits" of the cyst at night. The weeks before she had tons of pain, bloody puss and swelling and THE DAY AFTER applying these oils she had relief and the day after that it felt 99% better.

And several others have reported the same thing. We apply a small amount every night (making sure not to allow any to run into the anal area as oregano and tea tree will burn those areas).

I was told the oregano oil is the most important part and has to be high quality. So we bought the highest quality one we could find online. It's worth it as it lasts a long time and we're still on the first bottle.

Also I add a drop of oregano and tea tree to the mixture every week to keep it fresh. It's been a year or two and she hasn't had a single flare up!! You might want to wait till a flare up has subsided before trying this but as I said my wife was in a long flare up and we put this just in the pits and not in the cyst itself and it did wonders. The world needs to know about this!!!

EC: Thank you for the suggestion! New section created.

Oregano and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by Blessed Mom (San Diego) on 03/05/2022
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Thank you! This formula you came up with worked to help clear up my son's Pilonidal Cyst!

My 14 year old son reluctantly came to me letting me know he had terrible pain for a while then, (especially when sitting) at the top of his “plumbers crack” as we call it in my family. He is a bit overweight, sits too much and his clothing has been tight. I did some research online and quickly determined although he had no hole or bulge it was a Pilonidal Cyst. More research found there is no medical cure or help except for perhaps surgery although that is not ideal and long recovery time.

So I looked here on my go-to for all ailments, Earthclinic and so happy and delighted it was listed as an ailment! Reading through the cures yours sounded logical. Plus I had some good quality oregano oil (although a few years old), tea tree oil and coconut oil so off I mixed it up.

My son at 14 wasn't excited about it but it seemed better to him than surgery. So most every night for the last few weeks he's been applying this amazing formula. Also using an extra piece of cotton to protect his anus (it's never gotten down there and burned him there). He has reported he feels much less pain, so we are so thankful for your sharing of this cure. Reading through your cure (and how quickly it helped your wife) again perhaps we need to buy a better newer quality oregano oil so it can relieve his pain faster.

Blessings to you and your wife and all who suffer from Pilonidal Cysts. Try this, it works! What have you to lose except pain?

Posted by Ignacio (El Monte, California) on 01/09/2021
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Pilonidal Cyst :

Regarding the cysts on the butt checks. I got like a pimple on top of my butt checks, right inside the fold. I used DMSO straight. By next day the inflammation had gone down by 70%. 2nd day I put some more and it was gone. I used the 99.9% and a sandwich bag to cover my hand.

Oregano and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by Job (OH) on 10/08/2022

I'm so glad it's helped! We've applied it to her PC nearly every day for years now even though it's gone away just to ensure it never comes back! I add a fresh drop of oregano and tea tree to the mix every week or so just to keep it potent! It takes 2 seconds a day and is so much better than the terrible surgeries!

Witch Hazel, Castor Oil, Manuka
Posted by M (NY) on 06/30/2021
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I got a pilonidal cyst and saw blood on toilet paper and felt around and found what felt like a hole. After doing some research I bought witch hazel wipes which I used every time I went to the bathroom to make sure I was cleaned.

After every shower, I would soak a square cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and hold it there until the harsh stinging wasn't so bad. Then I would put a tiny amount of castor oil and place that between my buttocks until the next time I went to the bathroom or shower. I always had a pad with castor oil on it after cleaning. Sometimes I would sit on the heating pad. I was embarrassed and disgusted so I didn't tell anyone. Bright green pus would occasionally be on the castor oil cotton pad and sometimes hair but after two weeks it didn't sting anymore. I put the honey cream to close up the hole which it did. I think total healing time was close to a month so don't give up. It will go away

Green Clay Poultices
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 12/22/2020
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Pilonidal Cyst

Oh, so that's what it's called. When I saw that on a child, I treated it with small poultices of green clay until it drained and disappeared.

Oregano and Tea Tree Oils
Posted by T (Dallas, Texas) on 10/09/2022

I have never used this site to reply to someone so I hope my question is being directed to the right person. The gentleman that posted about the Pilonidal cysts…..I have tea tree oil from Walmart. While I believe I have great oregano oil, I am not so sure about my tea tree oil quality. Can you give any sort of insight on good tea tree oils? Thank you, Sir.