Acidic pH Remedies

Baking Soda for Blood pH
Posted by Rigger (Northeast, Maryland) on 04/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Blood PH Balance: For those with a toxic system, use half a T-spoon of baking soda in 2 ounces of water each morning before leaving the bathroom, and same every evening before leaving the bathroom for bed. THIS WILL bring your blood PH back up to 7.35/7.45 where it needs to be and your blood stream with natural t/killer cells will work properly. This will even destroy dormant cancer cells in the body because cancer cannot survive in this environment. Proper PH balance IS a must have in every human wanting to survive the food producers making the deadly products they are today. I'm a Naturopath and don't believe in prescription from doctors. I don't use doctors services either. Become a Naturopath and survive.